Hualin Service Team: Held the fifth regular meeting of 2020-2021

On November 14, 2020, the fifth regular meeting of Hualin Service Club of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Jinwan, Blue Mountain, Fenggang Town, Dongguan City. Shenzhen lion supervisors, shenyang servi华林证券股吧cemeetingyou是什么意思 former captain dao-ming wang, shenyang servimeeting腾讯会议ce captain xue-fei li, a first deputy captain Huang Weijun, second deputy captain LuoZhenQiang, gen capfifth怎么读tain Zhang Hongxiang, former captain Chenregular什么意思 Xuan bin, Chen ya, Li Jichfiftheng, secretary hua-jie sun, financial Xu Jintao, captain Zhong Guiping juan-liregular wan华林证券g team members, or other people were present at thmeetinge meeting. Sun Mingxi花陵a, executive Chairman of the Community Service Committee, Ma Feng, deputy head of the lecture group, Qiu Hengying, executive chairman of the Information Technoregularlogy Committee andmeeting翻译 lecturer of the lecture group, and Chen Kaiwen, lecturer of the lecture Group attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chen Xiaoxuan and presided over华凌空调 by Li Xuefei.


Captain Lteamworki Xuefei introduced the guests and Captain Zhang Hongmeetingyou是什么意思xianservice的名词g gave a welcome speech. Lecturer Qiu Hengmeeting是什么中文意思ying explained lions club cultu华林证券股吧re to the participating lions.

Then, Captain Li Xuefei summarized the servregular什么意思icheld怎么读的e activities of hualin Service Team from October to November, and made arrangements for the upcoming directional treasure hunt competition and red Action. She stressed that the purmeeting是什么意思pose and significance of the treasure hunt should be explained to special pemeeting是什么中文意思ople and other service teams should be invited to jointly organize the treasure hunt.

President Sun mteams手机版ingxia explained the content and form of the community service activities to the participants and called on the seteamprorvregularice team华凌空调质量怎么样 to make full use of resources aheldbacknd actively caserviceablerry out joint services to benefit more community residents.

After the meeting, we celebrate the birthday of the liregularizationon friend.


By Xuefei Li

Photo/Huang Weijun

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