Learning excellent and good example - Lion Enterprise learning exchange into Huada Group

In this winter season when bougainvillea was in full bloom in Pengcheng, in order toenterprise的中文意思 let lion friends have more opportlearningmallunities to learn from excellent enterprises, on January 25, 2021, shenzhen Lions Club 2020-2good的比较级021 lion enterprise service committee organized lion friends into Huada Group. Lion friends will learn about the corpolion是什么意思rate culture, gene华诞 culture and the nationalearning chocolatel geneintonation bank of Chinaexample读音 through visits, seminars anlionkkd exchang画大饼什么意思es.

President of shenzhen lion, zhi-qiang lu, a former President of tian wangenterprise形容词, chairmainto是什么意思n of Zhang Zheqin, chairman of the first zone and secolions英语怎么读nd zone Wei Xin new, third, li li, chairman of the zone, the fifth section, &schwarz, and the fourth division President li xiaofeng, chairman of the 18th partition soup Xue Yong, lion friends care committee chairman sheng hundred degrees, lion enterprise services committee chairman xue-gang li, A total of 75 participants including the executive chairmen, Mr Keung Kwok-wai, Mr Wong Kin-kang, Ms Ma Juan, Ms Wei Qialionozhu, the executiveexcellent和perfect的区别 cinto怎么读hairmen of the Community Service Cointo1小跟班mmittee, Ms Sun Ming-xia, and representatives of the lion Friendexcellent英语s from various service teams partigood的比较级cipated in the event.

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At 11:00 a.m., lions came to shenzhen Lions club oexcellent什么意思ffice to sign in and get the corresponding badge and raffle tickets. After a short lunch, we took a bus to the Headquarterexample注册s of Yantian Huada Group.

M画大饼什么意思r. Shen Hongguang, general mexcellent中文翻译anager of Guangdong Province of Huada Group, warmly received shiygoodleplay商店ou and showed shiyou around huada Group headquarters and office area. The desk of Wang Jian, president of BDA Group, and Lu Jun, executive director and chief operating officer of BDA group, are simply arranged, demonstrating a low-key and pragmatic corporate spirit and corporate culture. The lion friends are deeply impressed,good the heart of admiration from the birth.

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Afterwards, President Shen led the group to visit bDA Gene Museum, where they leagoodbyerned about the development of gexcellent是什么意思英语ene research, the genlearningmallxjtlue testing equipment and the Fireeye laboratory.

After visiting华大基因股吧 the headquarters of BTU, lion friends took a bus to Dapeng New Area to visit the National Gene Balearningnk, which was hosted by BTU. Shenlearning怎么读 always explained the story of the big mammoth at the entrance of the exhibition hall for the liolearning是什么意思n friends, predicted that after a few yearlearning是什么意思s, througenterprise和company的区别h genetic technology, the use of thousands of yelionelars of residual bodies in the active cells resurrected mammoth, listen to the lion friends all amazed. Then化道诸天, lion friends came to the exhibitionexchange邮箱 hall, first watched theenterprise是什么版本 national gene bank promotional video. The pride was born when they visited one of onenterprise形容词ly four gene banks in the world. Mrexchange什么意思. Shen inlion翻译troduced the glorious history, development history and future prospects of BGI, as well as the founder and braexample翻译nd of bGI in detail. During the event, Lu Zhiqiang, Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen and Tian Wangxing, former Chairman of CCpit Xiamen presented a flag to THE BADA Gro滑蛋虾仁up and pr滑蛋虾仁esented commemorative MEDALS to the presidents of 14 regions to thank the BADA Group for its great sexample复数upport to thinto怎么读e event.

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Finally, lion friends came to the multi-functional conference halexcellent 什么意思中文l foenterprise支架r discussion and corporate culture sharing. Chairman Li Xuegang presided over the meeting.into1成员 He introduced the guests and delivered a speech of thanks.

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Lu Jun, executive Director and CHIEF opeexcellent中文翻译rating officer of BDA sexample读音hared his pinto1小跟班ersonal working experience and introdulearningced the working environment of BDA Group. He talked about the leading role of scientific and technological innovation and provided some healthy guidance for theenterprise怎么读 on-site lion friends. Therexamplese was a round of applause.

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Lu Zhiqiang, Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen thanked the leaders of Huada Grexample邮箱怎么注册oup for accompaexchange短语nying him duringoodg the whole visit. He briefly introducedexcellent中文翻译 the history of lions Club shenzhen, encouraged lions friends to learngoodbye more about the excellent cexample怎么读英语orporate culture of HUada Group, and hoped that Lions Club Shenzhen and Huada Group could strengthen communication alionnd cooperation in various fields, improve life and health, so that more peoplion翻译le centerprise支架ould benefit from it.

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Lion friends raised their hands to ask questions and participated in the interaction. Leaders of HUada Group explained to lion friends one by one.

As timeenterprise went by, everyone finished the afternoon exchange symposium with laughter and went to participate in the New Year party carexample读音efully organized by the Lion Enterpriselearning和studying的区别 Service Committee. Sun Mingxia presided ovinto怎么读er the pahuadarty, lion friends singing and dancing, hlearning chocolateappy lucky draw, full.

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I would like to tha华大基因nk huada Group for preparing the exquisite gift fexcellent翻译or the lion friends. I would also like to thank the lion friends for their dedication and colearning怎么读ntribution to the activity.华大基因 I would also like to thank thegood的比较级 reception staff of Huada Group for their hard woexcellent中文翻译rk.


[Text] Shen Shi News Agency Chen Xinhong

[Photo] Chen Xiinto1小跟班nhong, Shenshi News Agency

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Compositi滑蛋虾仁on 】 Qiu & NBSP;    enterprise翻译 peng

[Issued] Shehuadanzhen Lions Club Offhuadaice

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