Shenzhen Lions Club lion system development project tender notice

Based on the principle of fairness, fairness and openness, and in accordance with relevant regulations, we are now conducting public bidding for the lion System development project of Shenzhen Lionsshenzhen Club. We welcomnotice用法e potential bidders who meet the requiremeprojectionnts to participate in the bidding. The relevalions英语怎么读nt matters are hereby announced asnotice作文 follows:

I. Basic information ofclubmed the projproject是什么意思ect

Project Name: Lion Cooperation System development project of Shenzhen Lions Club

Developmenlion复数t requirements:

Nproject怎么设置无休息日ame of the underlyinsystem怎么读g

The number of

Brief technical requirements

(Service demand)


1. Consultender在爱情中什么意思ting and design serviceslion of Shenshi Interconnectiolions翻译n system

1 item

See the bidding document for details.

Design standard

1 item

See the bidding dlionsocument for details.

To develop the

Contract performance perprojectioniod :(see the tender documents for details)

(1) The bidder must have the ability to independently bear civil liability; Bidders must be registered in the People’s Rnotice翻译epublic of Chinclubmed官网预订a (refer to the registration atender是什么意思ccording to the requirements of the rnoticedelevant provisions of the state), has the independent legal personality, with a registered capital of not less than 2 million yuan, the scope of business shall include business license software development and technical services and other related content (fclub是什么意思oreign canotice过去式pital enterprise shall have the same conditions, such as registered capital for foreign currency, The supplier shall be converted into RMB at the exchange rate of the People’s Bank of China on the deadline of submission of the bid.tenderness网名啥意思

(2) Within thdevelopments翻译rdevelopment怎么读ee years before the bidder participates in the biddindevelopment造句简单带翻译gclub是什么意思 of the project (if the bidder has been established for less than three years, it can be cou深圳nted from the date of establproject是什么意思ishment), the bidderdevelopment shallclubman have no criminal record of bribery and no major illegal record in business activities; When participating in the bidding activities of this project, there is no case that the relevant departments are prohibited from participating in official procurement activities and withinlionel the vdevelopment翻译alidity periprojectdollod; Whennotice用法 participating in the biddinnoticeg activities of this project, there is no case that the relevant departments are inclions读音luded in the lis深圳大学t of persons subj深圳大学ect to enforcement for trust-breaking and parties involved in major tax violatclub是什么酒ion cases (the “Letter of Sincerity commitment” shall be provided, ansystem32可以删除吗d the format of the letter of sincerity commitment can be found in the “Format and Attachment of Bidding Document” of the bidding document);

(3), head of the unit for the same person ortender在爱情中什么意思 there is a direct holdings, management relations of different suppliers, shall not parclubmed官网预订ticipate in bidding activities under the sameclub翻译 contract (by the supplier to make a statement in the “good faith commitment”, provide the “good faith commitment”, the good faith commitment format as shown in the tender document “the format of the bid documents and attachments”).

The bidder shall providesystem a full set of registration and qualification documents (development造句简单带翻译including copies otenderloinf bsystem怎么读usiness license, tax registratdevelopmention certificate, organization code certifilion复数cate or a combinat深圳大学ion of the three certificanotice同义词tes, as well as the authorization documents of legal representative or official auproject怎么设置无休息日thorized representative,system32可以删除吗 etc.). Bidders must have good businlions的音标ess reputation and sound financial accounting system (provide copies of 201club是什么意思9 andproject怎么设置无休息日 202lions0 filion的音标nancial statements);

(5) the bidder shall for small-ssystemcale VAT taxpayer or a general VAT taxpayer, tax registration certificate copy must be stamptenderness网名啥意思ed with “small-scale taxpayers of value added tax” or “generclub怎么读al VAT taxpayer” chapter ornotice翻译 provide theclubs tax authoritclubmedies issue a VAT small-scale taxpayer or a general VAT taxpayer proof), can be issued by the tax rate shall be 3% of the technology to develop special inclubmanvoices for value-added tax;

(6) Have the qualificatiolioneln and ability of system development;

(7) Consortium bids are not accepted for this project.

Iii. Registratioclubman是什么牌子车n Qualification Documents todevelopment怎么读 be submtender是什么意思itted:

1. Copy of business license (noticedwith official seal)

2, explain the enterprise has the relevant executive ability of the document.

Iv. Obtaining bidding documents

Time: January 7, 2022, submit the qualification, receive the bidding documentdevelopments翻译s, and send tclub用英语怎么说he electronic version of the bidding documents. 9.30am to 11.30am and 14.30pm to 17pm daily (Beijing Time, except statutory holidays)

Venue: 1308, Buildingtender D, Huaqing Galion的音标rden, Luoshcluba Jinger Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen (Shenzhen Lions Club)

Method: & have spent Electronicclub是什么酒 copy

V. Deadline for submission of bid documents and time for bid opening:

10:30 PM, January 18, 2021 (Beijing Time)

Venue: 1308, Buildisystem是什么程序ng D, Huaqing Gadevelopment是可数名词吗rdtenderness网名啥意思en, Luosha Jinger Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen (Shenzhen Lions Clublions是什么意思)

Vi. Time limit for announcement

4 workiprojectorng days from the date of this announcement.

Vii. Other supplementary matters

Qu深证指数estions answered: Any questions about the bidding documents submitted in writtennoticed form before 17:00, January 10,tenderness 2021 (including the technic深圳风险等级al indiproject是什么意思cators or parametersnoticeable oftender中文翻译 the bidding documents that are considered to be exclusive or discriminatory) will not be accepted after the deadline.

2. No bid bond is requirtender中文翻译ed for this project.

3. Inbox for submitting relevant documents: szlions_pub@development翻译163.tenderloincom

Viii. For enquiries about the tender, please contact:

1lions翻译. Tenderee information

Address: Room 1308, Building D, Huaqing Garden, Luosha Jinger Road, Luohu Distrsystem翻译ict, Shenzhen

2. Project contact information深圳大学

Project conprojecttact: Su Zhuangbin

Technical contacts:lions英语怎么读 Jian Wenxiong, Xie Yongli

Telep深圳hone: 0755-25688257



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