Integration of industry and education, school-enterprise cooperation to create “Deep technician model”

“Source: Nanfang Daily”

On the vindicate wall, teachers and students enthusiastically send messages, will put the enthusiasm of the Party into writing, with a pieindustryce of stickers gathered ischoolnto the shaeducationalpe of “100” — in July this year, Shenzhindustry什么意思中文翻译en Technician College launched the “deep technician vindicate to the party” acticreate的名词vity, with sincere heart and infinite lenterprise翻译ove for the party to offer sincere confession.

Party building boschoolok bar, new era lecture hacooperationll and other party building activity positions, musitechniciansc Party class, preaching report, “different” Party classcooperation什么意思中文翻译, reading sharing, field study…… At the centenary of the establishment of the Party, Shenzhen Technician Institute set off a party history study and education upsurge. The secreintegration数学含义tary of the Party Committee of the school and otherdeepl在线翻译官网 groups of outstanding Party members came to the platforenterprise形容词m, so that the fine tradition of parindustry怎么读ty history study and education incooperation翻译 shenzhen campus is furthercreate的各种形式 inherited and carried forward. Every lecture, every course and every touching story are like seeds that take root and sprout in the hearts of teachintegration英文解释ers and students.

Never forget the way we came before. Looking back over the history of one hundred years, it is the revieeducation是什么意思英语w and perception of the originaenterprise是什么版本l aspiration of the Communists. Luo Deochao, secretary of the Party Committee of Shenzhen Technician Colschoolworklege, said that the history of the Communist Party of China is a mirror.technicians Looking back at the development course of the school for 36 years, it is also a vivid epitome of the reform and opening up practice led by the Communist Party of Chinaindustry什么意思. Under the guidance of the party’s glorious tradition and fine style of work, the teachers and students of Shenzhen Technician College are menterprise是什么版本aking firm faith and pooling strength to contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Article: Guo Yue intervschooldaysiewed unit for the picturetechnician翻译

Guschoolingard the “red root vein”

We will promote in-depth study and education of Party history

“The smallcreate和invent的区别 red ship that carried the hopes of the Chschooldaysinese nacreatedtion 100 years ago has now bcreate翻译ecome a giant ship carrying the hopes of over 1.4 billion Chinese people.” On March 19, a novel form, special to the practice of beginner’s mind mission, written story of spring “as the theme of the party history studyschoolboysecrets education music party class, technician institute conferschool音标ence center in shenzhen, in history of song, songenterprise和company的区别 in Syria’s history,” spadeeplrkling red startechnician怎么读英语 “, the oblique long march “, “story of spriintegration怎么读nenterprise支架g” and other such classics, Back home the party was set up in one hundred to create a new home, new homenterprise形容词e construction, promotintechniciansg reform and opeeducation怎么读ning up the glorintegration英文解释ious historenterprise形容词y and great achievements, thedeepsleep2 hdeepl下载eavy history come alive, teachers and students holcooperation是什么意思啊d little red flag, beginner’s mind in the sound of poetry of history comprehension, firm belief in thecooperation英语怎么读 struggle in one hundred, determined to forge ahead in the beaschool怎么读r as a new era.

“Retrace the Long March road” outdoor expansion, “Red Scroll, Aschoolbag Hindustry可数吗undred Ydeeplears of Tribute” hand-copied newspaper ccooperationompetition, “A Hundred Years of Party Building, Singing the Motherland” chorus performance…… The “different Party class”education的形容词 of The Sino-German Institute of Intelltechnician是什么意思中文igent Manufacturing of Shenzhen Technician College through mobile classroom, customized experience, with red culture to cultivate the beginner’s mission of the majority of young students, touching the “different”. This party class acintegration英文解释cumulative total nearly 1technician怎么读英语000 person-tiindustry和factory的区别me participates, the party history study education actual effect further enrichis and expands.

2021 is the 100th anniveenterprise怎么读rsary of the foundinindustry babyg of the Communist Pschoolworkarty of China, the first year of implementing the “14th Five-year Plan” and starting the new journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country. It is also the starting yearschool翻译 of tcreate怎么读音he leapfrog development of Shenzhen Technician Insindustry怎么读titute. In the campus, “just a hundred years of style –enterprise是什么版本school翻译 ‘100 days to see a hundred years’ Scooperationhenzhen Technician College Party history study education photo exhibiintegrationtion”, “deep technicians to teducational是什么意思he Party vindicate” activitiindustry可数吗es, peenterprise可数吗rmeated with a strong party-loving and patriotic atmosphere.

“Tcooperation和corporation的区别o carreducation怎么读英语y out the party history study educatcreatedion,cooperation怎么读 an important political task, is the current school is a required course for school all party members and cadres, we adhere to the overall consideration at the same time, also pay attention to classified guidance, to leartechnician怎么读n the history of the party education into the wholeeducational是什么意思 procooperation英语怎么读cess khalid ents, promote party history learning education teachers and students, campus deeply, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.” Shenzhen technician institute party does director Shen Zuxia said. In Shenzhen technicicooperation和corporation的区别an institute, the hiindustry什么意思中文story of the party has been throughout the student work and educational activities in the school.

What was the historical background of the Long March? Windustry babyhat is the long March spirit? How to navigate the Long March in the new era? On the afternoon of Juschoolworkly 9, The Party seindustry怎么读cretary of Shenzhen Technician College, Luo Dehao, gave a special party lesson for the party memberschool怎么读s and cadres of the schoschool音标ol with the title of “Carrying forward the Spirideeplyt of the Long March and walking the Long March of the New Era”. He called on all theeducation可数吗 party members and cadres in the new road,deepnostalgia to the great long march spirit into the blood and soul, always put the service contract to educate, the whole process of education, comprehensive and sercooperation是什么意思英语ve students grow up in the highetechnician是什么职位st position in the heart, to do a good job in people’s satisfaction of mechanic education, and remarks the broad masses of young students, the school tradition red gene with actual action.

Ceaselessly red gene, Shenzhen technician institute of party history learning educatcointegrationion is more than this. The Pschoology官网登录arty committeecooperation是什么意思英语 ofdeepl下载 the Udeepenniversity took the lead in organizing the heindustry什么意思ads of all deparschool怎么读tments and party general Branch seccooperationretaries to study the martyrs and remember the hisintegration的中文tory in the Communitenterprise形容词y Party and Masschoolworks Service Censchoolter of North Railway Station andeducation的形容词 the Rescue Memorial hall of Domestindustry什么意思中文ienterprise和company的区别c Cultural Celebrities. The party branches have organized to shenzhen Party history Museum, Lianeducation是什么意思huadeepestshan Park, Honghuaschoology官网登录 Ling Martyrs’ cemetery, Shangtang Techdeepl在线翻译官网nology VR Party history Museum, Dongjiang Tide red culture museum and other pltechniciansaces 12 times, more than 300 people participate in the party cadres, the sctechniciansene of party history leeducation可数吗arning and educattechniciansion and actual results to further expand and deepen.

After tcreateprocesshetechnician是什么意思中文 music party class, shenzhen institute of technicians with the teachers and students hapenterprisepy education way to cadeeplrry out the partcooperation是什么意思英语y history learning, successively for class chorus competition, shenzhen singer contest of gala, scene demonstration, commend theme bintegrationooks, classic film dubbing game, read the red letter, art exhibition, ttechnician怎么读he history of the party sand table game activities such as moindustry什么意思re than 20 times, the history of the party knowledge competition, Politics and art, and in the knowledge and interest, the entire outstandinenterprise是什么意思g red education theme in onintegration的中文e hundred, moved to the teachers and students wdeepnostalgiailtechnician翻译l continue learning classroom, make party members and cadres and the masses from the “red”schoolwork nutrition bcreateprocessetwdeepesteen teachers andeepestd students, good red roots, stimulate red energy, refined the campus culture of the red mark.

It is worth mentioning that, in order tcooperation翻译o further promote the study of party history education in the campus go deep goenterprise solid, Shenzhen Technician College give full play to the important role of the Intdeeplyernet in the study of party history education publicity, innovation communication means, realize the combination of online and offline learning, launched “one hundred days to see a hundred years – just one hundred years of elegance” brand activities.

Through the integrcreate翻译aticreate翻译on ofindustry和factory的区别 media channels, the school promoted the studycreatewindow card of “100 days to see 100 years of Pindustry什么意思arty history” onintegration怎么读 the official new media platfcooperation翻译orm of the school, which set off the upsurge of teachers and stcooperation翻译udents to study Party hisdeepltory, and inserted “new media wings” for the study and education of Party history. Elaborateducation翻译ely designed the pocket book “Just a Hundred Years of Style” Party history Study and Education Readetechnician怎么读r, promotedcooperation和collaboration区别 the development of Party hisschoolworktory study and education idereintegrationological and political courses, promoted the formation of rich connotation, diversified forms, wide coverage of “big ideological and political courses”, built a bridge between Party history study and ideoschoolbaglogical and political education; Open “just a huindustry可数吗ndred years of style — ‘a hundred days to see a hundred years’ Shenzhen Technician College Party history edschoolingutechnician是什么职位cation photeducation是什么意思o exhieducation可数吗bition”, panorintegration翻译amic dindustry什么意思中文翻译isplay of the communist Party of China’s passionate progress in the hundred years, has btechnician翻译ecome the school of all parties to organize the theme of the Party day activities, active members and youth league members to carry out the second classroom hit the centerprise和company的区别ard.

The teachersdeepen and students of Shenzhetechniciansn Technician Institute also wrote, directed and performed the theme performance of “Party history into the campus”, through melodramas, songs and dances, sketches and other forms of art, vivid inttechnicianserpretation of the hundred-yintegration英文解释ear glorious history of the Communist Party of China, ceasing the red blood, forgischoology官网登录ng ahead of steducation是什么意思rength, by the mdeepnostalgiaajority of teachers and stschooldaysudintegrationents warmly welcome and the full recognitiintegrationon of superior leaders.

Sow “red seeds”

Innovcooperation翻译ating ideological and Political Courses and Practicdeepsleep2ing “Cultivating Talschoolworkents for the Country”

Pour out she vindicate,industry什么意思 dance moschoolingves, ideal faith gathtechnicianser in the heart, arouse the masseenterprise的中文意思s of teachers and students in high morale, strengtindustry的复数hened the teachers and students to follow the party forever, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation’s confideindustrynce and determination, this is shenzhen technicianreintegration institute school organization youth dance troupe carefully rehearsed dance “greetings to party”, also the school communcooperation是什么意思英语ity ideological education results.

Party construction leads, foenterpriser the development of students into a bright background. Scooperation什么意思中文翻译eptember this year, shenzhen institute of technician for the entire school student organization to open the domestic coeducation可数吗mmuntechnician翻译ist party history courses such as history of reform and opening up, thdeepene depth of shenzhcreateprocessen special zone and explore our education resourctechnician怎么读英语e advantages, use of shenzhen special zone reform pioneer, shenzhen elite talent, shenzhindustry babyen PengCheng craindustry怎么读ftsmen skills, the school the winning playerintegration of the advanced deeds, In moral education, politics, voeducation的形容词cational professional pilot courses and “Ideological aindustry的复数nd moral cultivation and Legal Basis” and other courses to strengthen the “four history” education and socialist core vschoolbagalues education.

Party lecture “” I am a communist party member, me, on July 14, making theschool怎么读m the theme of the competition in tschooldayshe college for marxism, selected the striver inheritance carries forward the jinggangshan spiritcooperation什么意思中文翻译, be new era”, such as # 10 contains theoretical height, depth and temperature history professional weducational翻译onderful party class, XuanJiangTuan enter ischoolbagnto various secondarcooperation怎么读y college to carry out the party history study education fully pcooperation什么意思中文repared.

Zhang Dongfeng, dean of marxism School of Shenzhen Technician Uncreatewindowiversity, said that the school actively built a curriculum system of “core courses of ideolenterprise支架ogical and political theory + elective courses + counseling reports and lectures”. Since April, I have organienterprise是什么意思zed and completed the formulation of curriculum outline, curriculum application, teaching plan, courseware and teaching plans for the “four Histordeeplyy” electivcreateprocesse courses of ideological and political science, such as “A Brief History of The Communist Party of China” and “History of Reform and Opening up”. In thschooldayse autumn semester of 2021, relevant courses will be offered to all students. During the summeintegration英文解释r vacation, 7 ideological and political teachers were selected to participate in the “Trainicooperation可数吗ng course for Ideological and politicaeducation翻译l Workers in technical Colleges” held by chengdu Technician College Union, to further improve the professional ability and comprehensive quality of teachers in the School of Marxism.

Not only that, Shenzhen Technician colleindustry的复数ge alenterprise和company的区别so adhere to the teaching and educaenterprise和company的区别tion, moral educatdeepestion and service to help people iindustry babynto one, with the party and the league to build, stimulate the party andindustry可数吗 the league organization education new vitality. New teaching methods, such as on-site experience teaching and panoramic teachingcooperation英语怎么读, are adopted to explore red resources and find the right Angle of education, so as to make theenterprise是什么版本 sdeepnostalgiatudy and education of Party history “live” and the experience of Party history “strong”.

Coming-of-age cerecreate的名词mony, Leducationearn Lei Fengyue in March, Respect teachers on Teachers’ Day, pair conscreate是什么意思truction, volunteer service… A speschoolingcial moral education activities, to create “party membdeepl在线翻译官网ers look up to the advanced, lcreateeague members look up to the party membcooperationers” scrambling forenterprise的中文意思 excellence atmosphere; “Alumni forum”, “Entering alumni enterprises” and other activities to guide streintegrationudents to actively forge ahead with the education of people around them; The online and offlintegration英文解释ine edschool翻译ucation menterprise可数吗odel of Pindustry的复数arty class and league clcooperation翻译ass promotes the integration ocooperation是什么意思啊f traditional advantages of ideological and politideepsleep2cal work with information technology to enhance tenterprise是什么意思英语he sense of The Times and appeal.

It is worth mentioning that the Ideological and Political Teactechnicianhing and Research Office has created a brand course popular with students called “Ideological and Political Class on Cloud”. With the theme of “Life Thinking and Responsibility in the face of the epidemic”, the ideological and political “Cloudintegration Class” has beedeepl在线翻译官网n opened online for more thacooperation英语怎么读n 2,800 students to carry out the special teaching of “Unite as One to Fight the Epidemic” in the new semester.

Shenzhen Technician college gives full play to the demonstrative role of leading cadres of party members, and promotes the formation of a vivid situation of “extensively speaking” “standardized speaking” “comparing to speaking” “open speaking” in party lessons. The scintegration翻译hool also established shenzhen Technician College Parcooperation和corporation的区别ty Committee lecturers grtechnician是什么意思中文oup, launched a senterprise是什么意思英语eries of high-quality preaching courses, in-depth campus and surrounding communities to cacooperation是什么意思英语rry out extensive preaching acenterprisetivitcreate怎么读音ies, party class thschoolemes both the hicooperation是什么意思啊story of the Communist Party of China, the spirit of the Long March, the founding histordeepl翻译y of the new Country, scientific Developcooperationment concept, etc. There are also current national issues, such as the development of the Guangdcooperation和collaboration区别ong-Hong Konschoolworkg-Maenterprise形容词cao Greater Bay Area, the construction of Shenzhen as a pilot demonstration zone of sociintegration的中文alischooldayssm with Domestic characteristics, and the fight adeepl翻译gainst COVID-19. “In the teacher’s story, we are more determined to dodeepl翻译 the party’s assistant and reserve faith, establish a correct outlook on life, cherish the current peace and happiness of life.” “Saiddeepest a party studtechnician怎么读英语ent.

School-enterprise cooperation to pursue outstanding development

Shou zhengcooperation什么意思中文翻译 innovation bravely stand at the forefront of The Times

“Combining the soft steel of silk and precioustechnician是什么意思中文 metal, this proenterprise的中文意思duct uses 3D printing tecschoolbaghnology to achieve denterprise是什么意思英语etails anddeepl翻译 structure that cannot be achieved by traditional hand.” A representative of Shenzhen Technical Institute introduces procreateprocessduct design ideas to judges at the “Shenzhen Lions Cup Maker Intelligence — Innovation and Entrepreneurdeepnostalgiasheducational翻译ip inter-school inviintegration的中文tational competition” in Shenzhen, Dec. 9, 2007.

On the saintegration的中文me day, the strategic cooperadeepl在线翻译官网tion launching ceremony between Shenzhen Tecintegration翻译hnical Institute and Shenzhen Liondeepins Clucreate和invent的区别b was held simultancreateeously. The 20 lions club members appointed on senterprise是什么版本ite will serve as mentors and provide professionalenterprise是什么意思 guidance for the teachers and stcooperation怎么读udents of SHENZHEN Institute of Technologists to carry out innovation and entrepreneurshiindustry和factory的区别p practice activities, which is the highlight of the school-enterprise cooperation of Shenzhen Institute of Technologisschoolts this year.

Teaching and educating people is the basic content of education workeducation怎么读, and the guidance of Party cindustry翻译onstruction should also be based on the improvement of education quality. Accordideepl翻译ng to the report to the 19th CPC Nationaleducational是什么意思 Congress, vocational educatieducation怎么读on and training systcreate是什么意思ems should be improved, and industrycooperation翻译-education integrationcreated anddeepl翻译 school-enterprise cooperation should be deepedeepl在线翻译官网ned. Pay special attcooperationention to party construction and promote teaching, improve teaching to strengthen party construction. In recent years, under the solid guidance of party construeducation是什么意思ction, shenzhen technician institute educational achievements are also very gratifyiintegration啥意思ng.

Since its establishment 36 years ago, the school has trained 230,000 technical talents for Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Our students participated in the 43rd, 44th aschool翻译nd 45th World Skills Competittechnicianion on behalf oindustry形容词f our country and wenterprise和company的区别on 2enterprise和company的区别 silver MEenterprise怎么读DALS, 2technician是什么意思中文 bronze MEDALS and 2 winning prizes. In December 2020, I participated in the first National Vocational Skills Competition and won 4 gold MEDALS and 1 silver medal. In Nocooperation可数吗vember 2017, in the 13th International Genetic Engineering Machine Competition (IGEM) held in Boston, USA, the team of students from school of Applied Bioenterprise的中文意思logy competed with nearly 300 teadeeplyms from famous universities around the world, becoming the only technical college team to participate in this global academic competition and won the gold medeepl翻译dal.

Over the years, Shenzhen Technician College insists on the integration of industcooperation什么意思中文rcreate的名词和形容词y and education, always regindustry和factory的区别ards school-enterprise cooperation as the basic school running system, aschoolbagnd expindustry和factory的区别lores the “deep technician model” of school-enterprise cooperatideeplon education with domestic characteristics and Shenzhen characteristcooperation什么意思中文翻译ics.

At present, the school haschoolings deeenterprise是什么意思英语p cooperation wicreateprocessth leading enterprises such as Huawei, Tencent, Amazon and so oenterprise是什么意思n. A total of 343 cooperative enterprises have been signed, includingdeepl下载 15 fortune 500 enterprises and 17 leading enterprises in the industry. The “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Collegecooperation什么意思中文翻译” has been established to promote the conseducation的形容词truction of student maker space, and focdeepl下载uses on creating a student innovateducational是什么意思ion and entrepreneurship education platform integrating talent trcooperation怎么读aining, crcooperation是什么意思英语eative exchange, technicooperation翻译cal support, project incindustry和factory的区别ubschooldaysation, entrepreneurship guidance atechnician是什么职位nd finenterprise可数吗ancial support. Ittechnician是什么职位 has been assessed as the Entrepreneurship Ienterprise是什么意思英语ncubator base of Shenzhen by Shenztechnician怎么读hen Science and Teeducation翻译chnology Innovintegration啥意思ation Commission.

School-enterprise cooperation has greatlydeepl在线翻译官网 promoted the cultivation of high-quality talents and the emplenterprise是什么意思英语oyment of graduates. In the past five years, theintegration翻译 university has cultivated nearly 15,000 full-tienterprise和company的区别me graduates, with the initial employment rate reaching over 98% and the employer satisfaction rate reaching over 97%. Mycos survey data show that the emplocreate怎么读音yenterprisement rate of shenzhen Technician College graduates in 2020 is 98.8% with a monthly income of 5378 yuan, significantly higher than the average employment rate of nationcreate的名词和形容词al vocational colleges in the same period of 90.90% with a monthly income of 4253 yuan, and the employment rate of Highecreate的名词r vocational colleges in Guangdong Province is 92.40% with a monthly inccooperation翻译ome of 4484 yuan.

Luo Dechao said that during the period of “difference”, shenzhen, shenzhen tecreate是什么意思chnician institute will focus on strategic emerging industry the urgent demand for technical skills talents, deepen teaching fusion, university-enterprise codeepoperation, cooperation with the head companies such as huawei, jingdong, Siemens build college characteristic ideepsleep2ndusintegrationtry, expand the scale of personneleducation是什么意思 training, improve the training quality, explore the “dual” education mode with thintegration数学含义e characteristic oeducationalf shencreateprocesszhen, To estabeducation怎么读英语lish a domestic first-class, internationally renowneindustry什么意思d advanced demonstration technician college, to provide morecreate的名词 powerfuindustry可数吗l talent support and intellectual support for the developmdeepenent of “Dual district”.

Skills fair show style

Celebrate the success of the elite

Skill is the foundation of carecooperation是什么意思英语er, culture is the foundation of people. In the 36 years of educational practice, Shenzhen Technician College has established two annual festival activities: skills Festival and arts and sports Festival. From October to December this year, thetechnician怎么读 17th Annual Skills Festival was held.

Focus on the constrintegration英文解释uction of “dual districts”, hoenterprise是什么意思英语ld skills pageant, promote reform and innovation, show skills, praise the centenary of the party. With the theme of “Skilled Youth Strong Nation”, the festival set a stage, promoted learning, promoted teaching and trained soldiers with the festival. Various activities were colorful and achieved fruitful results, presenting a gift of special significance to the centennial birthday of thecooperation什么意思中文 Party.

Sdeepenchool-enterprise cooperationcooperation什么意思中文 reached a new level — 46 enterprises named skills competition projects and sponsored scholarships worth 560,000 yuan. Shenzhen Techniciaeducation是什么意思n Collegtechniciane has signed cooperationcooperation是什么意思英语 agreeeducational是什么意思ments wienterprise怎么读th 25 leading enterprises such as JINGdong, Amazon, Asia Pacific, Eaeducationalst China Sea Airlines, Phoenix Digital Media, etc., and established 4 industrial colleges, enabling industrial developmenterpriseent and technical skieducational翻译lls training. The depth and breadth of university-eeducationalnterprise cooperation have been significantly enhanced, laying a solid founcooperation英语怎么读dation for talent training and innoveducation是什么意思ative development of the University during the 14th Five-Year Plan perdeepl下载iod.

Compose the new chapter of international coopdeepl翻译eratienterprise是什么版本on – shenzhen teenterprise翻译chnician institute with the German Siemens company hand in hand, to build large bay area the first Sieenterprise是什么版本mens inschoolterenterprisenational electrical and mechanical engineer certification center, the introduction of the German “dual system” vocational education pattern and resources to jointly developintegration啥意思 international electrical and mechanical engineerdeepesting talent, to explore with domestic characteristics, shenzhen characteristics of theindustry dual educateducational翻译ion new mointegration翻译de. In addition, the jewelry school of the school haindustry什么意思中文翻译s been evaluated by authoritative institutions and awardeschoolboysecretsd as the first CNAS international certification jewelry testing center ofindustry什么意思中文翻译 veducation怎么读英语ocatioschool翻译nal colleges in China.

School party cooschool怎么读perationeducation可数吗 to opeeducational翻译n a newcreate的名词和形容词 adventuenterprisere – lions on strategic cooperation with shenzhen, shenzhen institute of technician will skills students innovative undertaking needs and seamless docking, shenzhen lions entrepreneur resources together to carry out the production teaching fusion, the fuindustry形容词sion, explore necooperation和collaboration区别w model of vocatiotechnician是什么职位nal colleges and social organization coodeepenperation in running schools, set up double fusion and the education and skills education development tindustry什么意思heenterprise是什么版本 new path.

Tacointegrationleenterprise形容词nt cultivation and brilliancointegrationt innovation — During thiseducation skills Festivintegration啥意思al, studentcooperation可数吗s of the school participated in the Microsoft MOS World Championship and won the global champion; Participated in the 10th Doeducationmestic Gold Industry Vocationaenterprise支架l Skills Competition and won theeducation fschool怎么读irst prize in precious metal jewelry making staff group and Student Group. Participated in the second Vocindustry什么意思ational Skills Competition of Guangdong Province, and obtained 5 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze and 1 winning prize, ranking the top of the vocational colleges in guanenterprise和company的区别gdong province, which iscointegration the result of the sincere cooperation between the government, schools, enterprises, industindustry什么意思中文ry associations and other parties to jointly cultivate high-skillenterprise形容词ed talents.

Cultural Educationintegration怎么读 reached a new height — The festival organizedenterprise是什么意思英语 89 skills competitions, with 10,258 teachers and students participating and 2,387 winning awards. 37 forueducation可数吗ms and lectures were held. The “Acadschool怎么读emiciaenterprise怎么读n forum” was helcreate和invent的区别d fortechnician怎么读英语 the first tienterprise是什么意思me,education怎么读 and profescreate是什么意思sor Checooperation英语怎么读n Xiangsheng, academician of the Domestic Academy of Engineering, gave academic lectures. To undertake thenterprise是什么意思e high-end forum of school-enterprise cooperation of Domestic vocational associations, Proindustry babyfessor Zhao Zhiqun, aindustry什么意思中文翻译 well-known scholdeepar of Vocatischool怎么读onal education in China, came to our school to give a special report.

Shenzhen Technician College related person in charge said, through the skills festival activiticooperation可数吗es, skills culturschool翻译e has been further highlighted; Theindustry spirit of craftsmanship and the red spirit have been further promotcooperation什么意思中文翻译ed, effectively inspiring the enthuscreate怎么读音iasm of young students to advocate and learn skills, and strengthenenterpriseing the aspirations of young people to become taltechnician翻译ented and serve their countrindustry babyy with skills.

Youth is in its prime, and it is time to struggle. Looking forindustry的复数waintegration怎么读rd to the future, SIST wileducation怎么读英语l futechnician是什么意思中文rther deepen the integration of industry and education, promote the organic connection of education chainenterprise是什么版本, talent chain, industrial chain and innovation chain, ctechnician怎么读onstantly innoveducation是什么意思英语ate the trainingeducation翻译 mode of high-skilled personnel,educational是什么意思 bravely become the leader of the reform and development of technical education in Chinenterprise翻译a, and steducation是什么意思英语rive to pdeepenlay a leading and exemplary role.

Integratienterprise翻译on of industry and education, School-enterprise Cooperation to create “Deep technician Model”

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