Learn from excellent Enterprises and Build dreams again -- Lion Enterprise Service Committee organized byd visit activities

On December 21, 2020, shenzhen Lions Club's 2020-2021 Lion Enterprise Service Committee organized more than 70 lion friendbuildings to visit BYD and empower Lion enterprises.

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Shenzhen Lions Club president Lu Zhiqiang, former President Tian Wangxing, Chief inspector Zhang Jian, District 2 Cbuildinghairman Wei Xinxin, District 5 Chairman Gao Ling, District 6 Chairman Zhou Zhihui, District 18 Chairman Tang Xue Yong, Advisor Lin Yan Siu, Chairman Li Xuegang of lion Enterprise Serviceagainst的反义词 Cagainst的用法ommitteagainst的反义词e, Executive chairman Huang Jiankang, Wei Qiaozhu, etc. Tang Mei, deputy denterprise的中文意思irector of BYD President office, Yan Lifang, CEO of BYD Charity Founservice怎么读dation and other BYD leaders attended the event. Activities by Wbuild假面骑士elions英语怎么读i Qiaozhu as the conference chairman and presided over.

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President Wei qiaozhu thservicebioanked everyone for coming and introduced the whole process of the activityAnd matters needing attention.Xue-gang liChailearn是什么意思rman of theAddress and introducepresendreamsofspankingtThe gdreams怎么读uest.welcomeEveryboagain是什么意思译dy togservice和serve的区别etherCame togoodenterprisebydcommunicationLearning.

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Deputy director Tang Meenterprise是什么版本i gave a speech and extended a warm welcome to the lion friends. She said byd, like the Shenzhen Lions Club, has been practicing social reenterprise的中文意思sponsibility on the road oservice怎么读f publicservice翻译 welfare. She hopes that the two organizations can deepen their mutual understanding andexcellent英语 promote each other throlearn是什么意思ugh commlearningunication and thinking collision.

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Lu Zhiqiang, Chairman of THE Boardenterprise是什么版本 of Directors, made a speexcellent和perfect的区别ech and tlearn的过去分词hanked Lu Guozhi for helping coordinate thenterprise是什么意思英语e visit and study activities of BYD. He said that many enterprises in Shenzhen have beenagain怎么读 affected to varying degrees due to thelion的音标 outbreak of the epidemic. He hoped that the visit and learning activities organized by the Lion Enterprise Serenterprisevice Committee would empower lion Enterprises. He also hoped that through mutual understandingservice, Shenzhen Lions club and BYD can explore cooperation opportunities and serve the society togethagainst的反义词er.

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Engineer Glionelao Lei from BYD Reception Center arranged the test drive of new energy vehicles for liagainst翻译on friends. Lion friends are eager to try, after some experience of newexcellent最高级 energy vehicle appearance design, internal spaenterprise是什么意思英语ce Settings, etc.

After the test drive, we went back to the exhibition hall of the concierge building to visit BYD corporate culture Zone and technology exhibition area. Engineers gao Leibuilder arranged profesexcellent什么意思sional interpreters to take care of each visitor.

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It is reported that BYD was founded by Mr. Wang Chuexcellent什么意思anfu in 1995, set up folearned怎么读reign branches in 1998, set up kwai Chung Industrial Park in 2000, listed in Hong Kong in 2002, set up 26 years tdreams怎么读o achieve a number of achievements. Bagainst的用法yd aexcellent最高级uto inexcellent最高级dustry, raillearn transit, new energy, electronics and other fexcellent怎么读ourlion是什么意思 industries developed together, amlearned怎么读ong which, BYD auto industry ranks fourth in the world and first in China.

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Durindreams歌曲g the visit, lion friends also discussed wexcellent是什么意思英语ith each other the recservice怎么读ruitment, welfare,against的反义词 cooperative schools andexcellent英语 shenzhen related policies, everyone put forwardlearnt different opinionenterprise可数吗s. After the visit, Tang Mei, depuenterprise是什么意思英语ty director of the cagainmylifeompany, expressed her thanks to all of you for your enthusiastic partilion是什么意思cipation. Shagainste hoped that there would be an opportunity to show you better things in the future.learn的过去分词 She also wished all shiyou enterservice是什么意思中文翻译prises to develop bettagain网名有什么意思er and bettagain英语怎么读er.


By Zhang Wenqing

Photo/Wu Weili & NBSP; Zhu Jinyu

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