Shenzhen Lions Club held a work forum

On November 1, 2021, the Work symposium of Lions Club shenzhen was held in the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. Dong Xiu, Party Secretary and Chairman of shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, Luo Qiwei, d深圳疫情最新动态irector深圳疫情最新消息 of publicity (rights and protection) department of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation and Chen Apingheld的原型, Deputy Director of publicity (rights and protectclub怎么读ion) Department of Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation atforumtended the meeting. Zhang Guojun, Director of Lions Club International and Vice President of Shenzhen Huashlions英语怎么读ishi Foundation; Guo Yongyong, president of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2021-2022; Peng Daojian, First vice President; Nie Xiangdong, secondclub Vice President; Xiao Xingping, former presiclubmandent and chaupheldirman of the Advisupheldory Coworkforcemmittee of The President; Lai Zhuoni, Secretary-workshopgeneral; Huang Shaofclub是什么意思ang, Tang Haozhi, supervisors; Weng Hua, Li Zhou, Li Feng, Zheng Guoping and other 12 representatives of theld的意思是什么he investigation team of The 2019-2020 Huawork是什么意思shan Foundation at深圳疫情tendedlion是什么意思中文翻译 the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Guo Yongyong.

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Guo Yongyong, Chairman of CCPforum读音IT Xiamen, announced the investigation Report on深证指数 the issues relalions怎么读ted to "Huashi Public Welfare Foundation". The investigation group of Shenzhen Lions Club on issues related to the Huashi Public Welfare Foundation organizeheld怎么读的d the investigation, listened to different opinions from all parties, co深圳疫情mpworkplacerehensclubmanively reviewed relevant documents and mateclub怎么读rials, held several meetings for full discussiheld的中文意思on, verified related issues, formed an investigation report and submitted it to the Council; The lion friendworks who reportedheld怎么读的 the problem should be recognilions怎么读zed for theishenzhenr love for the organization and concern for the healthy development of lions Club. According to the investigation report, the Shenzhen Huashforums是什么意思i Fouforum读音ndation did not strictly implement the resolutions of the provisional members' Congress before and after its preparation, which vioforum怎么读lated the spirit oheld中文f the board meeting. The donation of 10 million yuan from the shenzhen Lions Club fund is in conflict with the relevant rules and regulations of shenzhen Lions Club. In prepaforums翻译ration for thelions investigation team tolions英语怎么读 further argues, "China lion public foundation", in the process of relevant personneheld是hold的什么形式l lack of scientific reasoning and didn't fulfill the dulion是什么意思中文翻译ty cautious, leading to the presenclubmedt sforum鞋款式叫什么ituation of the foundation not reached the expected purpose of establis深圳hment foundation, cforumause lion friends questioned, seriously affect the healthy development of the lions cforums翻译luheld过去式和过去分词b in shenzhen, set up the shenzhen Chinlions英语怎么读a lion publ深圳风险等级ic foundation problems. According to the reply of Shenzhen Social Organization Administration bureau to Shenzhen Lions Club, shenzhen Hu深圳地铁线路图ashi Foundation is defined as the internal affairs of Shenzhen Lions Club, which should be resolved through internal governance in accordancheld过去式和过去分词e with laws and regulionsgatelations. He said that thelions翻译中文 Shenzhen Lions Clu深圳b had sent letters on September 26 and Oworkoutctober 28 requesting the club to recommend candidates for the board of directors of the Shenzhen Lions Foundation and to form a new leadership team.

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Participants had heated discussio深圳风险等级ns on relevant issclubues and made suggestions.

Xiao Xinglion是什么意思中文翻译ping, former Prlionsgateesident of CCPIT Xiamen, explaineupheldd the situation of the first advisoryheld的原型 committework的过去式e of ccPIT Xiamen. Sforumhe only expressed the following views on behalf of the former presheldenidents who attended the meeting: 1. "Save" Huashi Public Welfare Foundaheldbacktion as a gift for the 20th anniversary of Shenzhen Lions Club; 3. Establish a new lforum84eadership gclub是什么意思roup; Iv. Draft the succession plan, and setclubmed the conditionsforum鞋款式叫什么 for the board members of huashi Foundation aforumccordiheld的意思是什么ng to thheld怎么读的eforum鞋款式叫什么 Regulations on the Managementforums翻译 of Foundations; Fifth, it is not recoforum是什么意思mmended that theclubman是什么牌子车 former staff of the Foundation be appointed to the leadershiforums是什么意思p group. Xiao Xingping, former president of the Foundation, said that she did not agree with this plions的音标oint; Six, based on the problem, solve the problem, look forward.

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Zhanforum鞋款式叫什么g Guojun, director of Shenzhenlions翻译中文 Huashi Foundation, said that as a new organizatlion是什么意思中文翻译ion, huashi Foundalions的音标tion did have some prclubmed官网预订oblems, and theclub用英语怎么说 lion friends reported their problemclubs through normal channels in order to explore thheld的意思是什么e development of the organization andforums翻译 promote progreslions翻译中文s. He said that the term of the firstheld board of directors of Shenzhen Huasworkshophi Foundation expiwork是什么意思red on May 7, 2021, but the term was not changed as scwork是什么意思heduled due to the impact of the epidemic. By asking the municipal administration of social organizations and aforum84pproval by the competent business unit and transition delay half a year and two main body by the lions club in shenzhen, China lion foundation transition leadiworkforceng group, jointly establish China liclub用英语怎么说on foundation consultative council candidates recommended China lion foundation, by the shenzhen lion lion fund supervisors appointed China, sworkshoptrive for in the last period, China lion foundation genework翻译raforum84l election work.

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Shenzhen disabled persons' federation, chairmforums是什么意思an of the party secretary, Dong Xiu after listen to various speech, as heaclubmedd of the unit puts forwaheldenrd three Suggestions: one, on the basis of the shenzhen administration of social organizations in shenzhen in early 2020 thclubmed官网预订e reply that lion, qualitative lion lion foundation forheld怎么读的 shenzhen shenzhenwork是什么意思 China's internal affairs, shoforum怎么读uld be resolved through internal governance according to regulation in accordance with the law; Ii. Exercising the rights of lionforum鞋款式叫什么s Club as the funder of The深圳风险等级 Lioheld的中文意思ns Foundation, I hope to assumlions翻译中文e theforums翻译 principal responsibilities, fully perform my duties, pworkdayromote the smooth trheld中文ansition of the Foundation, and nominate theworkout recognized members of the Lions Foundheldenation team; Iii. We hope that the Lions Club of Shenzhen can fully realize that the operclubation of the Lions Foundation is of great significance to the long-term development of the Lions Club. For Lions Club shenzhen, the healthy development of Huashi Foundation will be a good platform. If it can achieve the qualification of public fundraising, it will also achieve a leapfrog improvement in the social welfare sework的过去式rviceheld是hold的什么形式s of Lions Club Shenzhen. At preseupheldnt, the most pressing task is to properly handle the transition of the Leadership of the Lion Foundation. With a goal-orientedshenzhen approach, we hope that the lion friends can transform their "right and wroshenzhenng" ideas into "pros and cons" ideas. Only byforums翻译 putting aside our burdens, can we go further, bheldbacketter and faster.

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