Dongping town love to help students become a fashion

Yiyang Daily Dayyiyang client news (Reporter Zhou Yunfeng correspondent Deng Hongyao Zheng Hui) On September 18, Liao Meihua, chairman of Huarun Tea Co., LTD., which focutown怎么读ses on the dbecome翻译evelopment of education in hometown, launched a joint project with Shenzhen Lions Club overseas Chinese Town Service Team and White Deer Temple Charity Foundation, Donated 600 se东平疫情ts of so动平衡一般多少钱lid wood desks and chairs and 1,become是系动词吗000 books worth about 120,000 yuan to Yangl董平in Middle School and Yanglin Primary School, and granted grants to 40 needy students on site. On September 17, clove is gone英文翻译hengxi community awarded a grant of 16,000 yuan to 11 college students. These are two recent cases in Dongping Town of Anhua County.

In recent years, the town has proposed the social education aid work as a "popular project" to do "lfashion翻译成中文ove project", to form the "poorbecomes students and student work are loved someone catchtownsfolk, student activities, someone tube" work pattern, take the "going out, please come in" "wealthy businessman, looking for a person of hometown", take the initiative tstudents英语怎么说o facilitahelp outte the difficulties students, We have cooperated with guangdong Lions Club, Anhua Rural Commercial Bank, Pan-Sea Group and other charity organizations to carry out online education and pair education, lighting up the way for students from postudents'dormitory翻译or families to study, and social charity education has become a fashion. The broad masses of caring people nolove直直播appt only help the students finantownsfolkcially, but also care for them in life, study and emotion, and carry out Thanksgiving education and inspirational education for the students.

[Source: Yiyang Daily]

Dongping Town lovetownhouse to help students become a fashion

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