The first supporting fund for prisoners in the province's prisons, lighting a "beacon" for prisoners' families

Recently, Supervisor du Peng of The Lions Club of Shenzhen and the Tai 'an Service Team camefirstly to Shenzhensupporting怎么读 Prison again to carry out activities related to the "Tai 'an Light Support Fund" project, giving books and notebooks to prisoners, anfamilies是家人还是家庭d providing help to the familielightingsprison什么意思中文 of prisoners in difficulty.

This activity originfundedated ffundedrom the "Light Up" project jointly launched by Shenzhen Prprison breakison and The Tai 'an Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2017, which aims tobeacon推刀 help prisoners alleviate the schooling difficulties of their underage children. Now, this way of helpinfamilies是什么意思g and teaching has gone through five years.

The first supporting fund for prisoners in the province's prisons, lighting a

The children of prisoners have been helped to go to schoolsupporting怎么读

In the summer vacation of 201firstly7, li, a psupporting翻译risoner, recimprisonseived a letter from his daughter, who had excellent academic performance and wabeacons about to enter juniorprovince音标 high school, whprisonich made him both happy and worried. As the main economic source of the family after the Li mou crime in prison, the familprisoner怎么读y will faprovincesll into great diffiprisonersculties, parents illbeacon推刀 income meager, thlighting口e daughter tfamilies怎么读o go to school and the cost of life from wherfirste? He was ifundamentaln deep confusion.

Lateprovince怎么读音r, Li mou heardfamilies shenzhen prison and Shenzhen Lions club Tai 'anprison break serlighting是什么意思vice team cooperation to carry out the "light" profirst nameject, in the prison district police officers to encourage and support, he submitted the application for help.

The first supporting fund for prisoners in the province's prisons, lighting a

After review, Li mou reform performance is good, the family economic situation is really difficultprisoners翻译, Shenzhen prison and Tai 'an service team agreed to include Li Mprison游戏ou into the "lightifirst是什么意思ng" project to help staff scope. Subsequently, tai 'an service team for the li family sent to help thefundraiser money and love. After learning that the family was helped, Li was in tears, hanginsupporting怎么读g heart finalfundinglylighting数据线 put down. "I would lfirstname填姓还是名ike to thank the prison asupporting什么意思nd lions club for helping me solve my family's urgent need. I wifirstlyll reform well and try to reunite with mprovincey family as soon as possible."

In Shenzhen prison, there are mabeacon时槽ny people like Li who halightingserviceve been hprovince怎么读语音elped and helped. Those who meet the conditions for helping and helping wilprovince怎么读音l get some heprovince的形容词lp and assistance after being reviewed and approved by Shenzhen Prison and lions Club. From 2017 to 2020, the Tai 'an Service team provided aslighting数据线sistance to an average of 25 families with difficulties eafundraiserch year, totalilightingroom手机版ng 108 families.

The first supporting fund for prisoners in the province's prisons, lighting a

Family help and education, so that prisoners understand thesupporting什么意思 new life in family

Shenzhenprovince怎么读语音 Prison and Tafirst namei 'an Service team also cooperate to carry out family educatiobeacon推刀n activibeacon时槽多少最好ties. In 2018, Shenzhen Prison and tai 'first青年电影展an Service team jointly hebeacon翻译ld an activity of "Holding Mothers' Hands" to help more than 40 prisoners in difficulty reunite with their mofundamental翻译thers and other relatives in prison.

In 2019, anbeacon公司 activity called "Holding Fathfundeder's Hprovince怎么读语音and" was held, inviting more thaprovince英语怎么说n 30 minor children of prisoners with difficulties to hold hands with their fathers in prison on the eve of Chilprisonarchitectdren's Daprovince音标y.

The first supporting fund for prisoners in the province's prisons, lighting a

In 2020, shenzhen prison and taian service on the basis of summarizing the ebeaconxpprovinceerience over the past few years cooperprisoner怎么读ation, establishment of "taian lamp support fund", is mainly used for ifirst翻译nmates spouse, divorce your spouse lose labor ability cause due to illness, accident of minor children to school difficult, inmates aging parents, who is suffering from serious illness, and so on and so forth lead to help poor families. School supplies were also given to prisoners or their children.

This year, the foundation once again provided funds to 13 families of prisoners in difficulty, and donated abprisoner怎么读out 500 boprisonarchitectoks and notebookfundamentallys to prisoners to encoprovince怎么读urage them to studprison breaky hard and change their lives through knowledge.firstly

The first supporting fund for prisoners in the province's prisons, lighting a

Turn on a lamp to illuminate others and warm yourself

The cooperfirst翻译成中文ation between Shenzhen Prison and Tai 'an Service Team has initially formed a regular and institutionalized mode of help and education, which has beefamiliesn widely recognized by prisoners, their families and slighting接口ocial media. The inmates have written letters to express their gratitude to the Lions Tai 'an Service team for their help.

Tai 'an service team staff Chen said: love is a beacon, illuminate others but also warm their own. In the deprovincedication of love, let them harvest happiness at thlighting翻译e same time, their own heart also harvestefirst named happiness.

Du Peng, supfamilies怎么读英语ervisor of the Shenzhen Lions Clprisonarchitectub, said, "Prisoners should be punisbeacon翻译hed for thfirst翻译成中文eir crimfirst翻译es, but the elderly and children in the family are innocent.lighting接口 After prisoners are imprisoned, their families often lose their main source of income, and thfamilies是什么意思英语eir living conditions alighting翻译re seriously alighting接口ffected. At the same time, there are also outsideprovince英语怎么说rs' criticism and discrimination, which make them encounter economic difficulties and cast a shadow on their mind. We give them a little help where we cfund翻译an and hope to solve some of their practical difficulties. We're going to try to keep this goiprisonerng."

The first supporting fund for prisoners in the province's prisons, lighting a

Wu Yan, a senior police chief and member of the Party Committee of Shenzhen Prison, said,firsthand "lightingI would like to thank the Lions Tai 'an Service team for their great support to the prison and their enthusiastic help to the prisoners inprisoner difficulty over the past five years. With the help of social forces, the prison actively pfamilies是什么意思articipates in edfundsucation and reform, builds a new platform for education and reform, afundednd actively practices the purpose of reform, whibeacon信标帧发送间隔ch has achieved good results."

It is understood that "Tai 'an Beacon Support Fund" is also the first prison in the province to establish the support fund for prisoners, the relevant helpfamilies and educlighting接口什么意思ation organizations havbeacon公司e a cerfundamentallytain socifirst翻译成中文al influence, professionalfamilies怎么读英语, help and education projects close to the needs of prlighting数据线isoners. With the care and support of social organizations, the social help and educalighting数据线tion work of Shenzhen prison has gradually become systfirst翻译成中文ematic and stanfund翻译dardized.

Photofamilies怎么读英语: Si Xinxuan, Shenzhen Pfirstlyrison

Correspondents: Huang Kuanhao, Yufirst怎么读英语 Jun, Tu Zengzhlighting怎么读i

The first supporting fund for prisoners in the province's prisons, lighting up the "light" for the fprisonersamilieprovince怎么读s of prisoners

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