Shenzhen Lions Club and Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Team signed the Framework Agreement on Rural revitalization cooperation in Guangxi

On September 26, 2021, by YueGui collaborative teams, guangxi zhuang autonomous region, the country revitalization of bureau, agriculture and rural areas in guangxi zhuang autonomous region, guangxi zhuang autonomous region, jointly organized by investment promotioclub翻译n buteamsreau,teams手机版 shenzhen lions, assisted in 2021 shenzhen social organizati广西民族大学ons will always boost rural revitalization YueGui collaborat广东海洋大学ion investment fair was held in nanning, guangxi zhuang autonomous region, nanning hotel. The meeting was chaired bysigned Zhu Youkui, deputy director of the Rural Revitalization Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Aut广西民族大学onomous Region.teams

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Vice chairma深圳地铁线路图n of the guangxi zhuang autonomous region people's official chun-ming fang, vice secretary general KuangclubmanBing, autonomous region,广东财经大学 deputy director-general of the agrilions是什么意思cul深圳风险等级ture and rural areas hall Liang Jteambitionihao, social organization association, executive director of shenzhen Allen su and other leaders to attend, President of广东东莞天气 shenzhen lions in 2021-cooperation是什么意思英语2022, Guo Yongyongclubman是什么牌子车, chairman of the secocooperation和collaboration区别nd partition Lin Xiaoyi, chairman of theclubmed fourth division committee chair广东东莞天气man Tang Qing anikayoo fly, the revitalization of aid, A total of 15 lion friends attended theclubs meeting from the service te广西民族大学ams of Happiness, Xianhu, Yitian, Fuai, Hongyang, Fuyong, Xili, hongya and so on.

Kuang Bing, head of the Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Task force and deputy secretary深圳市最新疫情 general of the peframework下载官网ople'slionsgate Government of the Autonomous Region, said that Fang C广西人才网hunming's attendance and witnessing the siclub是什么酒gning of the contract fully reflected the high importance and strong support of the govern广西人事考试网ment oframework3.5怎么安装f the Autonomous Region to the industrial cooperation between Guangdong and Guangxi and the vast number of entrepreneurs. He said Guangxi boasts beautiful mountainsframework是什么意思, clear waters and a good ecological environment, superior resource endowment and brlions的音标oad space for development. Located at the junction of South Chin深证指数a, southwest Chinateambition a广东疫情nd ASEAN economic circle, itframework4.0是什么 is the most convenient access to the sea in southwest Ccooperationhina an深圳疫情d an important link between the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater B广西大学ay Area and the western region. It has become a bridgehead and important fulcrum fclubmedor the implementation of two-way opening-up between China and ASEAN countries. The CPC C深圳天气entral Commisigned是什么意思ttee and The State Council have high expectations for guangxclubmed官网预订i's development. This year, General Secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang respectivelions翻译ly inspected Guangxi and guided the develolions读音pment of Guangxi. Major leaders of Guangdong and Guangxi provinces and regions hosted a guangdong-Guangxi Cooframeworkperation Joint Meeting in Guilin, a广西师范大学nd signed a framework agreement on tsigned数据类型he cooperation between广西人才网 Guangdong and Guangxi during the 14lions读音th Five-Year Plan period, putting forward higher深圳疫情最新动态 requirements for deepening the cocooperationoperation between Guangdong and Guangxi and opening a new chapter of the coo广西师范大学peration between Guangdong and Guangxi during the 14lions是什么意思th Five-year Plan period. Over the广西大学 past 25 years, the cooperation mechcooperation和corporation的区别aniscooperation和corporation的区别m between Guangdong and Guangxi has beframework怎么读en consoliframework3.5怎么安装dated and deepenedcooperation和collaboration区别, a广西大学研究生院nd guangdong and Guangxi have worked together to win the battle against poverty. Recently, the Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Task广西大学研究生院 Forcguangdonge has cooperasigned在c语言表示什么意思ted with relevant departments of the Autonomous region to formulat广西科技大学e the Preferential Policie广东s for Guangdong-Gteams手机版uangxi Cooperation, which will provide greater and broader policy support to enterprises and projects introduced through the Guangdong-Guangxi cooperation mechanism, and will be releascooperation怎么读ed after the approval of the officialteamo standing meeting of the Autonomous Region. Relevant depa广西科技大学rtlionsments in Guangxi are also广西师范大学 making great eflions英语怎么读forts to optimize the business environment a广西人事考试网nd provide better services to create better conditions for the development of enterprises. It is hoped that all cities, counties, relevant departments ateamviewernd entrepreneurs in Guangxi will seize the opportunity tlions是什么意思oclubman furthe深圳疫情最新消息r strengthen exchanges, stri广东海洋大学ve深圳疫情最新消息 for deepeni深圳地铁线路图ng cooperation and produce more fruitful results.

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Nanning city, Baise city, Huanjiang County, Xincheng county on behalf of their respective regio深圳疫情最新动态nal charteam什么意思acteristics and investment policies to do the recommendation. Representatives oteamprof Guangdong Coopers Ecological Group Colion是什么意思., LTD and Shenzhen Zhujia Fresh Agricultulions读音ral Products Co., LTD respectively explained the work carried out in Guangxi.signed翻译

At the meeting, Chairman Guo Yongyong thank广东工业大学ed the Gua广东ngdong-Guangxi Cooperation Team and the relevant official departments of Guangxi for their strong support and help to the Shenclubzhen Lions Clulionsb in carrying out rural revitalization, and also thanked Kuang Bing, deputy Secretary-geshenzhenneral of The Shenzhen Lions Club for com广西大学研究生院ing to guide the revitalization work. Guo Yongyong, president of Lions Club ofcooperation是什么意思英语 Shenzhen, introduced the situation of Lions Club of Shenzhen from the aspects of thclubmane development of public welfare and charity services, awardteamworks, membership composition, spirit of "four out" ateamond so on. He said the rural revitalizationteambition strategy proposed by Genelions是什么意思ral Secredasignedtary Xi Jinpingclub翻译 in the report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has guided the way for public welfare workers to carry out social services. The relationsh广东外语外贸大学ip between Guangdong ateams手机版nd Guangxi has a long history. We live in lingnan and ddasignedrink the water of th广西e Pearl River together. In the next three years, Shenzhen Lions Club will donate no less than 3 million yuan to serve the people of Guangx深圳大学i through a combination of traditional public service projects and customized services. At the same tiframework4.0官方下载me, actively guide members to guangxi for industrial assistance, increase local employment, and carry out multi-channel and multi-directional public welfare and charity services fo广西招生考试院r guangxi rural revitalization.


Wframework4.0官方下载itnessed by Fang Chunming, Vice Chairman, Kuang Bing, Deputy secretary General, Liang Jihao, Chairman guo Yongyong and Su Jiandong, executive Chairman of Shenzhen Federation of Social Organizations, Tang Qing, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club, signed the cooperation framework agreement with Guangdong-Guangxi Cooperation Tea广东外语外贸大学m.

After the meeting, participants held a sumframework4.0是什么ming-up meeting. Tclubmedhe meeting held thalion是什么意思t the assistance activities for guangxi's rural revitalization not only responded to the call of the Party and the state, but also followed the steps of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Commidesignedtframework有必要安装吗tee and the munguangxiicipal goverteamonment, which was of great significance. The project galions翻译thers the common strength of many lions club members and the sframework翻译ervice team, which is more conducive to the sustainable development of the service project, improve the efficienteamscy of the service, and expand the effect of the public welfare. At the same time, it can also ussigned数据类型e the platform set up by the official, let the off广东疫情最新情况icial and the society know more about the situation of the Shenzhendasigned Lions Club, and support the work of the Shenzhen Lions Cl广东东莞天气ub.

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It is reported tha广西招生考试院t in order to accelerate the development of guangxi's rural revitalization charity service projects, Shenzhen Lions Club launched a public fundrframework3.5怎么安装aising campaign for the first time on Tencent 99 Charity Dayframework可以卸载吗, and set upteam a special fundraising campaign for rural revitalization assistance, raising more than 690,000 yuaresignedn in service funds. At the same time, on September 13, 14, arrange NieXiangDunsignedong second deputy Presidclubman是什么牌子车ent, W深证指数enYaoLi d广西民族大学eputy secretary-ge广东东莞天气neral, Tang Qing Wei Chengqing and support development co广西人事考试网mmittee, li li, chairman of travel to baise, guangxi zhuang autonomous region, the investigatio深圳n leye county loglions是什么意思ic sand township RenLong village food processing projects, Tian Yang thalassaemia rescue of a sericooperation什么意思中文ous illness, endowment teach enginteamworkeering assistancsigned怎么读e, difficult people, orphans and the fact that no one raising children, etc.

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