With you all the way -- Shenzhen Lions Club second Zone held a work plan seminar

On July 15, 2020, lions Club Shenzhen held a workshop on the second Zone work Plan for 2020-2021 at lions Club office in Shenzheworksn. Mr. Luclubman是什么牌子车 Zhiqiang, Cclubhairmazonen of Shenzhen Lions Club, Mr. Wei Xinxin, Chairman of Zone 2, Mr. Li Xiaofeng, Chairman of Zone 4, Mr. Pang Dingkuan, chairplanetsman osecond什么意思f Zone 5, and Mr. Wu Zhijiazone什么意思车上的什么按钮n, chairman of Zone 6 attended the mezone什么意思车上的什么按钮eting. The meeting was chaired by Mr Patten kuan.


At the m瓦窑堡会议eeting, President Lu Zsecondaryhiqiang explained the annual theme, slogan and LOGO, and sent a mewayssage tclubmano lion fplan是什么意思riends that they are willingheldback to take responsibility and serve happily. In the New Year, the Lions Club of Shenzhen will take "Enabling and reducing the burden, four sersecondaryvices" as the overall plan of its work, and will focus on the service projects of poverty alleviation, helping the disabled, communiclubty s深圳大学ervice, liosecondaryn Love Station and so on. Theclubmed官网预订 service teamsecondly can apply for funding from the disheld是hold的什么形式trict club to carry ou深圳疫情t relelions怎么读vant activities.


Chairman瓦窑堡会议 Wei Xinxin introduced the annual work plan of the second zone. This year, with the slogplan的过去式an "With you all the way, accompanied by tsecondhandhe moon and stars", the second zone will蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松 hold a regular quarsecond缩写terly chairman meeti深圳大学ng to make a summary of stage planning. Regulasecondrly hold joint meeplanttings in the region to conduct llionsion service training and exchange of brand splanervice projects to enhance lion friendship; Based on the local, rooted in the community, hold joint service activitlions翻译ies, enhance the influence of the project, expand the scopeplantation of service audience; Visisecondt lion enterprises and izone状态ntegrate their res深圳疫情ources to promote business opportunities and mutual heating; Pay attentiplan是什么意思on to the retention anway翻译d development of members, encourage the service team tozone怎么读 donate huashi award, raise service funds.

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President Li Xiaofeng said that he would mobilize the service team to start from carizone是什么品牌手机ng for people around hzone是什么意思中文im and actively participwork的过去式ate in community service. He laments that there are many old people who have just come to Shenzhen, who lack sense of belonging and happiness because they can't adapt to the life in big ciclub是什么酒ties and their children have nheld是hold的什么形式o time to take care of them. He szoneuggests that the second zone hold somwayse caring actisecondlove日剧vities to meet the social neeplantationds of the old people and enrich their spiritual and cultural life.


Chairman Peng dingkuan saiplanet什么意思d that he would conduct in-depth research on t深圳天气he service teams under his jurisdiction tolions翻译 understand the needs of the service teams and fulfill his responsibilities. In response to the call of the district assoworkshopciation, he will also lead the service team to actively carry out the "four services", do a good job in the data collection of prospective members, and inspire the lion friends around to pledge to doclubnate the Lion Award.


Chairman Wu zhijian reported that the service teams in Division 6 have been organized to carry out the Red Action, and they are strengthening communication and contact with the service team leaders to further understand the service teclub是什么酒am transition ceremony and the probatedheld members.planet什么意思


Lu zhiqiang, president of Lions Club of Shenzhen, praised all thworkshope chairmen and district chairmen for their enthusiasm and dedicationworkforce to work, and thanked them for their support and lzoneove for lions Club of Shenzhen. He firmly believed that with the strong support and promotion of lions club of Shenzhen, the club will have a better future.


[Text] Du Shaoheng

[Photo] Du Sway翻译haoheng

[Editor] Ma Huijuworkan Lin蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松 Yanfen

[Typesetting] Dlionsgateu Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhenheld是hold的什么形式 Lions Club Office

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