Education contributes to the Lion’s Love — Shenzhen Lions Club Public Welfare Education Sharing Meeting and the launching ceremony of 2021-2022 Public Welfare Education was successfully held

On August 19, 2021, The Lions Club of Shenzhen Public Welfare Education Sharing Meeting and the launching ceremony of 2021-2022 public Welfare education was successfully held in Baoneng First Space, Luohu Distriwelfare是什么意思ct. Guo Yonpublicizegyong, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club, Peng Daojian, filovealarmrst Vice President, Lai Zhuoni, secrshenzhenetary general candidate, Wen Yaoli, director, Lian Chuhai, Lin Xilove直播破解版aoyi, Tang Xueyong, Yu Xiaoping, Wu Manqiong, Huang Shaofang, supeeducation是什么意思rvisor, Ren Guihua, thelion是什么意思 proposed chairman of the Student Education Servicontributes什么意思ce Committee, Cui Weiying, the prlions翻译中文oposed chairman of the Eclubmed官网预订mergency Committee, Yao Li, the proposed chairman of the Information Technology Committee, and ren Baogen, a wri深圳大学ter and the secretarcontributes什么意思y of the organization Deparwelfare是什么意思英语tment of the Shenzhen Municipal Partclubman是什么牌子车y Committee, Li Xiaofeng, president of Shenzhen Hlove直播破解版ome Decoration Industry Assocontribute是什么意思英语ciation, Wang Haijun, secretary general of Shenzhen Display Design and Research Institute, Liang Chaojie, director of Zhongka Splove直直播apports Science Co., LTD., Yin Yalove直播破解版nming, foupublic404html乱nder of Chuangyu Desilions翻译gn, Zeng Wen, directlovealarmoreducation的形容词 of rehabilitation and so on attended the activity. The actlionsgateivity was chaired by Weducational翻译ei Zhigao, xiong Jun, Wei Zhigao and深圳市最新疫情 Lulu.

Figure 24. JPG

Chairman Ren Guihua saipublicationd that tlion的音标he Commlion的中文意思ittee will continue to uphold the purpose of helping others and serving the society, pay more attention to the physical and mental health of young childrwelfareen, practice the spirit of “fclub怎么读our out”, pay aclub翻译ttention to the commlovelyunity and serve the society.

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Guo Yongyong, president ofpublic404html最新网站 The Lions Club of Shenzhen, swelfare是什么意思英语tressed thlove直直播appe importance of public educa深圳天气tion. Helping students aneducationd assistants for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the comlovelymon focus of the whole society,lovely翻译 and it is the mispublic怎么读sion and responsibclub用英语怎么说ility of every lwelfare翻译ion friend. He hoped that the service teamsclubs will actively sup深圳风险等级port the work of the committee to innovate and target education.

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Leducation是什么意思英语i Xiaofeng, president of Shenzhen Holion是什么意思me Decoration Industry Assocwelfare是什么意思英语iation, said in his speech that he was delions怎么读eply moved to see lions Club’s educatiocontributes翻译nal programs. Shenzhen Lions Club is helping these children get admission tickets to university and learn from Shenzhen Lions Clupublicizeb!

Figure 3. JPG

President Guo Yongyong, First Vice President Peng Daojian, Director Wen Yaoli, Supervisor Huang Shaofang, Chairman Ren Guihlove直播软件安卓下载ua and other leaders took the stage to launch the “202lion是什么意思1-2022 Public Welfare Education” kick-off ball, the official launch of public welfare education! The f深圳oundation of ha深圳风险等级ppiness and kindness, help others qulion的音标i深圳疫情最新动态ckly, gather love, create a better futurlion的音标e. All gueeducation怎么读sts stood up and sang “Grateful Heart” in sign llion是什么意思中文翻译anguage. The atmosphercontributes翻译e was warm and touching.

Next, we will hold thepublic是什么意思 Sharing meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club. The Committee selected seven representative projects frpublic怎么读om hlion的中文意思undredpublicize翻译s of student apublicize翻译ssistance programs over the years: “The Power of Chineslion是什么意思e深圳市最新疫情 culture”, “Bright Heart” public welfare activities, “Rural Reading”, “Straight Seedling Action”, “Autiswelfare可数吗tic Children”, “Glimmer of He深圳地铁线路图art & NBSP; Roadshows were helove直播软件安卓下载ld for student aid programs such as “Dream Voyage” and “Unforg深圳疫情ettable Schools.” Eawelfare怎么读ch project hcontributesas its own characteristilion是什么意思cs, wonderful road seducational翻译how, attracted tlove直直播apphe guests here.

Figure 11. JPG

The first project of teducational是什么意思he road show was “The Power of Sinology” by Jingtian Service Team leader Liu Yumin and teacher Liu Wei. The project proposed the idea of shenzhen Lions Club “Ten Tholoveusand Micro School”, so that children could absorb spiritual nutrition throeducationalugh sinology, and light up themselves and thelionkkir families with the power of Sinology. Through passing on the classiclubscs, love fills the world.

Figure 12. JPG

Liu Meijiao, the leader of the high-tech service teaclubm, shared the “Bright Heart” public welfare actiwelfare怎么读on education project on thlion的中文意思e road, foeducation怎么读英语cusing on the mental health p深圳疫情roblems of rural children, especially left-behind children. With the developmewelfare可数吗nt of society and the strength of the country, rural areas have been removed from the hat of poverty, and children have books to read and education. They no longer simply hopclube to get material help, but more spiritual calove直播软件安卓下载re. The “Brlionsgateight Heart” project empowers rural teachers with the ability to face and solve the psychological problems of rurapublic404html最新网站l children, so that children can grow up healthily and happily.

Figure 14. JPG

Now some children’s posture is worrying, accordipublic404html乱ngeducational to the data provided by the relevant melove直播手机版app下载dical institutions: 38.3% high and low shoulders, 46.1% round shouldelove直播软件安卓下载rs hunched, 23.6% caved back. How to prevent it? How to screen? How to correct? A detshenzhenailed solution was proposed in the “Dire深圳疫情ct Seedling Operation” introduced by Chen Heng, former lealove直播破解版der of the Hong Lai Service Team.

Figure 15. JPG

The “Rural Reading” plove最新版官方下载roject introduced by Wangcontributes什么意思 Feng, the leader of Xcontribute是什么意思ingzhi Service Team, provides rural schools with the edulions英语怎么读cational concept of positive reading, the selection and provision of the best qualitcontributes什么意思y books, a quiet and tidy reading environment, a mature operation system of rural libraries, and continuous services: Reading guidance and new book recommendation, irregular rural lecture hall communication with urban and rural students, every reading creation competition, annualcontributes翻译 readinclub用英语怎么说g summer camp, continuous targeted donation of soclubmancial bolove直直播appoks, continuous rural visits and caring actions, etc.

Figure 17. JPG

Autistic childrenlove are theshenzhen pain in the hearts of many parents ah!lovely什么意思 How they need stlions英语怎么读rengthlion的中文意思 and support from more people! The “Hpublic翻译ome for Autistieducational是什么意思c Parents” project intlion复数roduclionsgateed by wei Zhige, former lea深证指数der of the Elite Service Team, empowers autistic parents. They organize autistic children — Xingxing “Home for Autistic parents” volunteers toeducation怎么读 vislions读音it Xingxing regularlywelfare是什么意思 and offcontribute是什么意思er advice for thwelfare怎么记忆e field of autism… .

Figure 18. JPG

Yin Yanming, fopublicize翻译undlovelyer of Baoneng First Space Creative Domain design, prepublicizesented theclub “a lofty” project for students. From the aesthetic point oflion是什么意思 view, it creates a thlovely翻译ird space for students besides classroom andpublic怎么读 playground, and interprets the design conlionscept in the way of “box collection” space combination.

Figure 20. JPG

Jia Xiping, the leader of the Little Tong Service Team, shared the them深圳疫情最新动态e “Schools that should not be forgotten”, calling attention to the educational facilities in remote mountainous areas and underdeveloped areas, especial深圳疫情最新动态ly the old desks.

Figure 21. JPG

Afpublicizeter the roadsholionelw, the guests sought for fuwelfare怎么读rther understanding and consultation olion复数n the projects they were particularly interested in, anpublic翻译d reached a number of cooperation intentions.

During the aclubmanwarding session, the le深圳天气aders of the meetinglove awarded prizes to 31 co-organized service teams, including Huanggang, Zimelionsng and Yantian, which participated in the 2020-2021 financial Aid program of the Committee.

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Youth wisdom, then wisdom; It ilovealarms better to teach a man to fish than to give him fish. Let the seeds of love bloom everywhere; Tclubman是什么牌子车o warm the child is to warm oneself. Keep the origi深圳地铁线路图nal intention, total service, I help students, I am happy!


Liuwelfare翻译 Meijiao, Zuo Yunfei, Li Kanghua, Shenshi Publicity Committee

[Photo] Wu Shaoyi, Shenshi Publiclion怎么读ity Committee

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan Hu & NBSP; grey

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Cluloveb Office

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