Notice | notice on further strengthening the epidemic prevention and control work

Dear Lion friend,

For the implementation of the central, provincial, municipal epidemic prevention and control work deployment and related conference spirit, in accordance with the "fight within the input, keep a rebnotice作文ound, defend morfurthermore的意思e output"epidemic怎么读音 requirements, combined with shenzhen lions annual general meeting and large service acnotice翻译tivities conducted by the reality, earnestly implement the normalized eworkshoppidemic pcontrollablerevention and control measures, and further standardize the service transition conferences, big activities and so on related work, End bad or irregularities, ensure the health and life safety of the lion friends, according to theworkplace shenzhepidemicencontrol键是哪一个 COVID - 19epidemic和pandemic的区别 pandemic control headquarters office the notice on strencontrollinggthening the recent epidemic prevention and control workfurthermore的意思 of emergency and the disabled persons' fedefurtherration of shenzhen notice on further strengthening thefurthermore recent epidemic prevention and control work of the spirworkshopit, regarding the notify is as follows:

One, clear responsibiworkerlity, implement the main responsibility

In accordance with the principle of "who hosts the event, who is responscontrol的过去式和过去分词ible", tepidemicshefurthermore的意思 persoepidemic和pandemicn in cnoticedharge of the service team onotice用法r special committee that organizes the meeting or event shall be the first person respoepidemic和pandemic的区别nsible for epidemic prevention and control.

Second, strengthen activity management

In accordworkerance with the basic priepidemic怎么记忆nciple of "no event is held unless it is absolutely necessary", epidemstrengthening翻译ic preventionnotice and control work plans should be formulated to strictly implemennotice作文t epidemic prevention and contnoticerol measures. Reduce the scale, shorten the time, control the flow of people, refurtherduce the gathering, the total numbernotice of people on site is controlled within 50, advocate the onliprevention翻译ne and offline combination of hosting.

Cancel the group dinner.

Resolutely canepidemic品牌cel all gatherings.

Iv. Personalepidemic protection.Strengthen the awareness of protectionnotice翻译, less gathering, do not crowd, maincontrol的过去式和过去分词tain social distancing; Adheepidemic翻译re tepidemic和pandemico wearcontrol键是哪一个 masks, wastrengthening翻译sh hands frequently, clean frequently, use chopsticks and othecontrol什么意思r good living habits, self-health monitoring every day.


Dear lions, we have been working tirelessly to prevent and control the epidemic. Please do not let down your vigilance, normalize the epidemic prevention and control work, strictly implement thnoticeablee prevention and controepidemic是什么意思l requirements such as wearing masks, temperature and code testing, and consciously maintain good hygiene habits such as frequent hand washing, fewer gatherings, and "one-notice是什么意思meter noodles". Wifurthermore翻译sh all lion friends healthy and safefurthermore!


Noticcontrol翻译e is hereby given.



       strengthening翻译   &nbsnotice的形容词p;       &nbscontrol什么意思p;                 Shenzhen Lions Clucontrol什么意思b

              &nbsstrengthening翻译p;            epidemics                           August 24, 2021

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