The second training of emergency Committee "First Aid at Your Side" was conducted in Skyworth Group

On August 21, 2021, organized by Zimong Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club and Skyworth Group Party Committee and labor Union, The Emerside是什么意思gency Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club successfully held the "First Aid at Your Side" emer友人a什么意思gency res爱的厘米cue knowledge and skills training activity (the second session) in Skyworth Industrial Park, Bao 'an District. Wu Zhijian, supervisor of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022, Cuiwaste Weiying, proposetraining是什么意思英语d chairman of emergfirst翻译成中文ency Committee, Lai Cuiping游刃有余, Lei Gaoqing and Chen Zheng, proposed Executive Chairman attended thesecond event. The main speaker of the training team is Lei Qingqing, and the teaching assistants are Cui Weiying, Waemergency的形容词ng Cheng, Wu Zhijitraining怎么读an, Lei Tao, Tang Ping, Guo Jianhui, Luo Xiaobi爱的迫降ng, Zhang Jinghua, Lai Cuiping, Liang Jingpin悠然的意思g, Dong Jun, Yang Dehua. 50 skyworth empcommitteesloyemergency可数吗ees attended the trainingemergency stop and graduated successfully.

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Skyworth Group Co., Ltd. is the "Domestic Manufacturing 2025" & Ncommittee是单数还是复数BSP; The first batch of demonstration units, for many years in the forefront of the top 100 domestic electronic enterprises. The company attaches great importance to the cultfirst nameivation of social welfare and diversified staff. For many years, it has successfully organized several "Red Action" and emergency rescue activities with Zimeng Service Team. This activity is the third training activity of emergency rescemergency是什么意思英语ue knowledge andcommittee和commission skills organized by Zimeng Service team in Skyworth Group.

The course in the morning included basic theories of first aid and techniques of trauma rescue. The main instructor, Lei Qingmsecondarying, gave asecondly detailed and vivi友人a什么意思d speech, while the teaching assistants, Wang Cheng and Wu Zhijian de思的笔顺monstrated the correct method of glove removal, arm hemostatic dressing and correct wearing of masks on the stage. Later, Coach Lei Gave a lecture on various types of family firsecondlove日剧st-aid methods: burns, bee stings, pet bites, snake bites, electric shocks and so on. Skwaspyworth students are full of enthusiasm and syour怎么读pirit,first是什么意思 listesecond缩写ning to lectemergency怎么读ures, solid learningcommittee翻译, in-depth di爱的单行线scussion.

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"How do you make training better?" During the break, the coaching team summarized the training in time, put forwaremergency翻译d thei斯德哥尔摩综合征r own suggestions and opinions on the training details, and prepared for the following courses.

In the afternoon,yourself thesecond翻译 course was cardiopulmonary resuscitation technique and airway foreign body infarction first aicommittee是单数还是复数d "Haimlich First Aid method". The instructor, Lei Qing-qing, explained each decomposition step and action in detail first.yours The tsecond的基数词eaching assistant demonstrated and cooperated with each other earnestly.

At the end of the cwash怎么读ourse思的组词, the studen爱的健身房ts entsecond什么意思ered the practical operation examination. The examiners were Cui Weiying, Wu Zhijian, Lai Cuiping, Lei Tao, Tang Ping, Guo Jianhui, Luoemergency英语 Xiao悠然的拼音bing and Zhang Jinghua, and the students were divided into gwashroups.

At last, 50 students passed thetraining theoretictraining翻译al written test.

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Bao Lifang, Secretary of the General Party Branch of Skyworth Group, summed up the harvest of thistraining是什么意思英语 activity. She thanksecondlyed The "First Aid at Your Side" first aid knowledge and skills training o悠然的拼音f Shenzhen Lions Club for popularizing first aid knowledge for employees and reducing potential risks. Can also cultivate the staff's sense of responsibisecond的基数词lity to others, strengthen the spirit of helping others. Skyworth employeewasheds cherish this course very mucemergencyh and hope to have more o爱的厘米pportsecondlyunities to cooperate with The Shenzhen Lions Club to create a public welfarsidee mov游刃有余ement and shoulder corporate social responsibility.

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President Cui wemergency怎么读eiying twas怎么读hanked Skyworth and Zimeng service team for organizing this activity, acommitteesnd encouraged thyourselfe students to游刃有余 actively participate infirstname填姓还是名 the training in the future and learn to help each other斯德哥尔摩. This year, Shenzhen Lions Club plans to carry out 100 first aid publicity activities to enteemergency是什么意思英语rpriwaspses andsecondary communities, aiming to enhfirst青年电影展ance the awarenesidess of disaster prevention and mitigation, pocommittee和councilpularize the knowledge and basic skills of dealing with various disasters and accidents, and improve thwashe ability to avoisecondhandd disasters and save themselves, hoping to make a modest contribution to the improvement of shenzhen's emergency rescue abilwaspity.

At the end osecondlove日剧f the activity, Chairman Cui weiying and Secretary Bao Lifang awarded the certificate of completio斯德哥尔摩n to the scommittee中文意思tudents. This certificate represents that through oncommittee造句e day of learn爱的理想生活ing, the traine爱的浪漫史es have a certain understanding of proaidfessional rescue and basic practice. To become a qualified emergencfirst namey rescue vol斯德哥尔摩综合征unteer,training they need to carrycommittee是什么意思 outfirst是什么意思 more professional training and psychologiwash怎么读cal training. From the det思的笔顺ermined悠然 expression of the students, we know that there will be爱的理想生活 more and more volunteers to jwasn'toin the popularization of first aid knowledge team, together to jointly protect the life online, maintain the dignity of life. Congratulations to shenzhen Lions Club Emergency Committee on the successwashington of the second "First Aid on Your Side" training!



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