The first guided lion training of lions Club of Shenzhen in 2021-2022 was successfully held

On August 15, 2021, the first lion guide training of shenzhen Lions Club in 2021-2022 was successfully held in 901 Haosheng Business Cen深圳疫情最新消息ter, Dongbin Road, Nanshan District. A total of 23 senior leaders from each service team participated in the training to support,深圳 guide and accompany the healthy gr深圳天气owth of the service team.


Shenz炔的读音hen lionslion是什么意思 first vice Presidenclub是什么意思t of Peng Daojian, directoclubmed官网预订r Li Chunchang, aspiring li xiaofeng, chairman of the zone, aspiring wei-min yan, chaiguidedrman of the partition, gui-qin, supervisors zhu feng, guide the lion group of proposed coloneltraining什么意思 fan ouyang, community service committee chairman of proposed Wei Xin new, diabetes prevention propaganda anclub是什么意思d education cotraining什么意思mmittee chairman of proposed Zhong Bin, art troupe of proposed colonlion怎么读el JiYing, More than 30 people, including Li Feng, executive chairmalions的音标n of philatelic Club and general consullion是什么意思tant of guide Lion group, Kuang Hong, Zhu Daoying, Yang R深证指数ong, Tang Qing and Zhang Haiteng, executivtrainingpeakse chairman of Disalionsgatebled People's Committee su Jianhua and executive chaclubmanirma深圳地铁线路图n of Dialion怎么读betes Prevention And Edfirst怎么读uca诡的读音tion Committee Chetraining是什么意思英语n Pengrong, participated in the ashenzhenctivity. The training was presided over by Ouyang Flions翻译an as the chairman of the conferencguided翻译e and llion的音标i Fenlion是什么意思g as the general lecturlion是什么意思er.

Fan ouyang, introducelionel the guests present, and to lead the lion friends and sending a warm welcome, participant then she Sclubhared a guide lion group of 2021-2022 work plan, guide the lion group's work is underway in this深圳疫情 year,clubmed官网预订 plans to launch three lead lion training, hope everybody lion friends put this to use, bclubman是什么牌子车y raising their own ability, for the service can astraining衣服品牌sign, To help the service team grow healthily and serve the society better.lionsgate


The guclub是什么酒ide lion team appeared and introduced themguidedselves, and expressed their full support for ouyang Fan's work.

Wechat picture _20210816171625.jpg

Chief lecturer Li Feng presented two courses, "Blueprint of Strong Service Team" and "How to Become a Lion Guide", centering on the development of stclub翻译rong Service Teclub是什么意思am and the power of love. He introduced how to cultivate excellent guide lions from four aspects of service team operation, service, leadership development, membership retention and development, so as to better perform landing s龟的多音字组词ervice and make weak teams stronger and strongclub teams stronger. At the same time, he alsolion的音标 led thefirst翻译 students to review the listfirst青年电影展 of lionfirst翻译 guide club friends ovfirstname填姓还是名er the yeatraining是什么意思英语rs. Since the establishment of Shenzh圭的读音en Lions Cllion的音标ub, there have been ten batches of certified lion guides, and most of them are active in various committees and service teams. He hoped that everyone wouldlions读音 be full of clion是什么意思onfidence on the road of lion guide, better guide the service team to standardize lion service, and playtraining翻译中文 their own strength for the healthy development of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Wechat picture _20210817154125.jpg

Pelionsng Daojian, the first vilion怎么读ce Prelions是什么意思sident, appreciated the seriousness and rigor of ttraining造句简单he training and said that it was a good start. The guide lion group should determine the work direction of this year and hlions的音标ow tlions是什么意思o improve the construcguidedtion of the service team and ensure the healthy development of theguided怎么读 service team by training a numberclubmed官网预订 of excellent guide lions.


After the course, Li Chunchang member share their feelionkkling, to particitraining是什么牌子pate in the trainfirst怎么读英语ing oflion翻译 liolion翻译n is willing to acc深圳大学ompany tclubshe lion, is willing to contribute to the developmefirstnt of the entire organization, guide the lion group's task is very heavy, this year is to support and guide the growth of the service, the first thing to make yourself an "expert", havlion是什么意思e the opportunity to have challenge, Guide lion group also needs to promote more, accompany the growth of the sfirst翻译ervicclubmane team, give full play to its professionalism, and assilion的音标st the healthy and stable development of the service team.

[Text] Du Shaoheng

[Photo] Du Shaoheng

[Editor] Ma Huijuan and Hu Lei

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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