High-tech Service Team: the seventh captain’s team meeting and the eighth regular meeting of 2020-2021 will be held

On May 11, 2021, the 7th captain‘s Team meeting and the 8th regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions High-tech Service Team for 2020-2021 was held in the conference room of Tianspring Water Co., LThigh是什么意思D., 8th floor, Bcaptainonthebridgelock A, Bank of China Building, No. 5015 Caitian Road, Futian District. Shenzhen Lions Club former president Lin Tao, Geneservice是什么意思ral affairs Director Deng Yi, supervisor Chen Qunhao, mentor Bi Yongtao, high-tech service team leader Chen Ying, second vice leader Wang Wenxian, former leaders Ma Huada, Li Humeeting是什么中文意思a, Shan Huachun, Wen Yanmei and oregularizationther 20 people attended the meetimeeting怎么读英语ng. The meeting was chaired by Gu Lihua as the chairman of the conference.

Figure 2. JPG

Former team leader Li Hua summarized the sertechniquevice activities of “Bright hearteamviewert” (psycholoseventh是什么意思gicteamworkal nursing skills trameetingining for rural teachersseventh) in Ruyang, Henan province. Through thiservice翻译s activity, Gaoxin gold Medal service project — “Bright heart” activity was fureighthther improved and recognized. After this activity, the ruyang county official saw the effect of the “Bright heart” activity, took the initiative to reregular的名词quest the “bright heart” service actmeetingivity for three consecutive years and onceteams会议 a year, and signed a service activity cooperation agreement.

Figure 13. JPG

The “light” activity is high and new global service and sichuan university alumnservice翻译i association of entrepreneuteamrs a large bay area of guangdong’s third joint service activities, whichseventh是什么意思 indicates teighth什么意思hat the “light”teamo of high and new service service activities by the original “solo”, tregular什么意思o joint the team to participate in, to positive recservice翻译oeighth基数词gnition and actively participate in other social institutions.

Gu Lihua lion sister reported for sichuan Hongya lion love service team leaderservice的名词 Liu Zhao lion brother seriously ill treatment fundraising, a total of 94,000 yuan raised funds; Li Hua shi jie explained the fund use plan, installment and installment, special funds for special use.hight

Figure 9. JPG

Mr. Sierra Lion introduced the preparation of the activity “Heteamolp by Your Side” on May 15. Deng Yi, Director of Generalhigh的名词 Affairs, introduced the preparation of gaozhou Financial aid program in June; Captain Chen Ying introduregular翻译ced the basic situation of Dalian Changhai Disabled Project; Liservice的名词n Tao, former president and Bi Yongtao, mentor also made suggestions for theregular的所有形式 developmteamviewerent of hi-techhigh Service Team.

After the meeting, we celebrated the birthdays of Chen Qunhaservice的名词o, Wen Yanmei and Zeng Hanfeng, wishing the three friends a smooth work, a happy family and good luck!


By Liu Meijiao

Photo/Cseventhepeoplehen Dasheng

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