Hongya Service Team: held the seventh regular meeting of 2020-2021

On February 28, 2021, the seventh regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Hongya Service Team for 202meetingtencentcom0-2021 was held in Huangcheng Square, Futiteamsan District. Thheld的意思是什么e meeting was attheld过去式和过去分词ended bteamworky tang Quanhui, chairman of medical and Health Committee, Xu Yuanhu, Executive Chairman, Zhao Nianzhen, Executive Chairman, Womenmeeting的音标 and Family Development Committee, Yao Chen, executive chairman, Sheld的意思是什么tudent Services Committee, Li Li, third Viupheldce captain, Guo Jianhui, secretary, Zheng Xinxin and more than 10 others. Lions li wh, first secretary of the party branch in shenzhen, shenzheregularizationn lions pheld中文arty brancteamviewerh secretary and former President of tian wang,service和serve的区别 chief financiseventhmonth是什么意思al officer NieXiangDong, chairman of the fourth section kevinbales, zhi-hui zhou, chairman of the zone 6, goregular的名词od DE corps captain Yang Yongping,held的中文意思 Mr Service captaimeeting是什么意思中文翻译n Hu Jiaqi, oct service first vice captain Zheng Biru, secreta红岩读后感ry wang jinsong to attend the meemeeting的音标ting. The meeting was chaired by Dong Xiaoying, Lregular是什么意思英语in Xiuheldenlong, CAI Weihua, Lin Xiulong and Lin Xiulong.


At the beginning of the regular meeting, Captain Li Li reviewed and summarized the work of the first half year. In the past six mheld怎么读的onths, Hongya Service team has held 6 regular meetings, 13 service activ红颜知己ities, 8 lion friends care activities, 2 league and Party building activities and many district meetings. Among the annual goals, we have achieved 100% retention of members and raised 1.21 million yuan, among which 36 Chinese lion awards and Chinese Lion Awards have been pledged. Captain Li Li said that Hongya Service team will continue to wheld怎么读的ork ameetingyou是什么意思ccording to the standard of excellent service team, and strive to upgrade to excellent service team!


During the interaction session, theld的中文意思he leaders of the district council, the lion club, the lion club and the guests spoke highly of the work of the Homeeting的音标ng Ya Servicteams会议e Team, and hoped to carry洪崖洞 oteamut more joint service activities in the future and work together on the road of public welfare.

At the end of the regular meeting, Zhao Yanping, the lion sister of hongya Service team, sent eheld的中文意思laborate birthday gifts and cakes to the lion friends who had birthdays in January andregularly February. The lion frieregular什么意思nds sang birthday songs together to send good wishes to the lion frteamsiends, which pushed the atmosphere of this activity to theregular什么意思 climax.


By Xinxiu Zheng

Photo/Hongmeeting翻译 Ya Service Team

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