Notice | on further notice for epidemic prevention and control work

Service teams, fellow Lions:

As the COVID-19 situation is still complex and changeable, in order to further comprehensive epidemic prevention and cpreventionontrol, effectively contain the spread of the epidemic, and ensure the health and safety of lion friends, thwork的过去式e requirements for further epidemic prevenepidemic和pandemic的区别tion and control are hereby noepidemic品牌tified as follows:

1. Strictly follow the requirements of the state and relevant departments on epidemic prevention and control, further improve epidemic prevention and control and work safety, improve tcontrol歌曲he work safety mechanism under the condition of normal epidemic prevention and control, and make every effort to ensure the safety of life and property oworkdayf lion friends.

2. It is not necessary to stay in Shenzhen, leave China or go to hicontrolledgh-risk areas in China.

3. Before the epinotice是什么意思demic stabilizes, reduce unnecwork翻译essary community services and public activities; Trfurthermorey to avoid going to crowded,controlling poorly ventilated public places.

Iv. Cooperatnoticeablee with communitworkplaceies in vaccination afurthermore的意思nd nucleicepidemic是什么意思中文翻译 acid testing;

5. Strengthen self-protection in public places, reduce stay time, check travel card anwork的过去式d health code, pass by green code, and keep a safe distance of more thaepidemic和pandemic的区别n 1workday meter with others.

Sixth, take good personal and family protection, wear anotice mask when going out, wash hands frequently, drink plenty of water, develop heawork的过去式lthy living habitfurther是什么意思s, pay close attention to fever, cough and other symptoms, such syepidemic怎么读音mptoms should be timely seek medical treatment nearby.

Please abide by the relevfurtheringant regulations, do not be pcontrolledaralyzed, do not slack off in epidemic prevention and protection, supervise and remind each other, and worknotice的形容词 together to win the baworkouttfurthermoretle of COVID-19 prevention and control as soon as possible.



Shenzhen Lions Club
June 25, 2021

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