Careful study and Solid Performance of duties -- Shenzhen Lions Club held the fifth Board of Supervisors in 2021-2022

On March 10, 2022, the fifth Supervisory Board meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2021-2022 was held at No. 6 Cotton Avenue, Futiaduties的意思n Fresolidworkse Trade Zone. The supervisors attending theheld怎么读的 meeting discussed the rclubelevanheld中文t documents of the 20th Member Congress incarefully什么意思翻译 detail, and summarized aheldbacknd reviewed the achievements of the work of the Board of Supervisors this year.


Tian Xingwang, supervisor of Shenzhen Lions Club, Deng Yi, Deputy supervisor, Zhou Zhihui, secretary gensolidworks怎么卸载干净eral of tclub怎么读hduties翻译e Board of Supervisors, Tang Haozhi, Zhu Feng, Du Peng, Wang Haiyan, Yu Hui, Wu Zhijian, Hduties翻译uang Shaofang, Zhang Zheqin, 11 supervisors attended the meeting, which was presided ove读帖三要素r by Tian Xisolidworks2020安装教程ngwang.

In order to fulfill the supervision duty and ensure the elelions翻译ction work of the 20th Member congress is reasonable and compliant, thcarefullye sup深圳疫情ervisors attending the meeting carefully studied thclube election related documents, and put forward supplementary suggestions for some contents based on the actual work of Shenzhen Lions Club.

Then, Tian Xingwang, the head of the Boasolidrd of Supervisors, led us to review the woheldrk of深圳 the Board of Supervisors in this year, and summarized good expeheld是hold的什么形式rie深圳风险等级nce and good practices to lay a foundatiduties翻译on for better supervision.


Mr. Tian expressed his gratitude to the participants and stressed the following requirements for the next step of supervision: first, to strengthen the responsibility and improve the effectiveness of supervision as an imporlions翻译中文tant starting point to promote the healthy development of Shenzhen Llions翻译中文ions Clucareful怎么读音b; Second, face up to the questions raised by lion friends and feedback the survey results objectively and fairly based on facts; Third, discipline for the election of new members should be strictly enforced to provide a strong guarantee for the elec深证指数tion of new members.



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