Charity Pengcheng Goes New — Exclusive interview with the President and Chief Coordinator of Shenzhen Lions Club 2022 Charity Gala

Since its establishment 20 years ago, the Shenzhen Lions Club has been adhering to the concept of “helping others and serving the society”, and adhering to the dedication spirit of giving heart, contributing, attending and paying money. The love spread to every corner of Shenzhen. Under the guidance of the competent unit of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, under the leadership of the Domestic Lions Federation, standing on a new journey and a new starting point, with a culture of inclusiveness, inheritance, cohesion, innovation, dedication and growth, Shenzhen Lions Club actively responds to the call of the country and commits itself to community service, medical and health care, education, assistance to the disabled, assistance to the weak and needy, disaster relief and reconstruction, rural revitalization and other aspects. Demonstrates a high sense of social responsibility.

On June 10, 2022, the annual charity gala of the Shenzhen Lions Club kicked off with much anticipation. The theme, special commendations and mysterious items of the gala have all been eagerly awaited by the Lions. Each piece of auction carries the public welfare feelings of the lion friends, and each holding of the card is a true portrayal of the selfless dedication of the Lion friends. With the countdown to the charity gala, the reporters of the Public Publicity Committee interviewed the chairman Peng Daojian and the President Chutan Feishi who worked hard for the charity gala.


Chairman of Visiting Conference: Peng Daojian

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Reporter:The 2022 charity gala is coming soon. Could you tell us about the preparations for the gala?

Peng Daojian:The Shenzhen Lions Club 2022 Charity Gala will be held on June 10 at the Baoandia Meilan Hotel in Shenzhen. Previously, March 26, April 29 and May 23 were scheduled, but the dates were postponed repeatedly due to the epidemic. Every time, the hundreds of lions in the preparatory team have to re-examine the site, catering and other issues, and re-report the epidemic prevention and control to the relevant departments. Thanks to all the Lions in the preparatory team for their efforts.

I will serve as the chairman of the party, and Nie Xiangdong, Lai Zhuoni, Xu Qiubin, Tan Fei, Li Zhou, Zhao Hui will serve as the vice chairman, Chen Xusheng, Wu Jinzhi, Li Xiaofeng, Fan Guangyu, Lian Chuhai will serve as the executive chairman, Tan Fei as the general coordinator, Zhao Hui, Fan Guangyu as the deputy general coordinator, Ma Huijuan as the executive secretary, Su Zhuangbin as the executive deputy Secretary-General, And the captains of the service teams participated in the preparation of the party. The preparatory Group consists of 11 working groups including auction group, auction site tracking group, fundraising group, sponsorship group, Party group, conference group, etiquette group, reception group, finance group, picket group and publicity group to cooperate with the preparatory work of the party. At present, everything is going well in the preparatory work, and I believe that on June 10th, we will give you a surprise presentation.


Reporter:What has been done so far in terms of preparation and publicity, and how effective has it been?

Peng Daojian:The most important part of the party is fundraising, so we did a lot of work in the early stage, calling on the Lion friends to pledge the Chinese Lion Award and actively contribute the lots. In addition to the publicity and call at the level of service team, division and special area as in previous years, we also used the way of live broadcast for the first time to gather the chairman, general coordinator and team leader of the preparatory group together. Share and introduce this charity party with the lions in front of the camera, and hope more lions can participate in this activity. To encourage the Service Team to pledge Chinese Lion Awards, 70% of the total amount of Chinese Lion awards pledged will be directly allocated to the service fund account of the Service Team to support the service activities of the following year. Up to now, 1,142 Chinese Lion prizes have been pledged and more than 80 pieces have been auctioned. And those numbers are growing all the time. Among them, the Chinese Lion award pledged by the Yitian Service Team reached 400%, the Chinese Lion award pledged by the Main Association Service team reached 300%, the Chinese Lion award pledged by the Mingjia Shanpin and Shangbu Service team reached 200%, and the Chinese Lion Award pledged by the Yantian, Di Wang, Huanggang and Happiness Service Team reached the Chinese Lion Outstanding Service Team Award. Thank them for their efforts!


Reporter:I can see that in addition to the increased preparatory work caused by the repeated postponement of the date, we have also done a lot of work in publicity. As the president of the Conference, what would you like to say to you?

Peng Daojian:This charity gala is progressing step by step and can be held successfully in June, thanks to the strong support of the leaders of the Lions, the efforts of the general coordinator Tan Feishi, the hard work of the leaders of the preparatory groups and the enthusiastic participation of the team members. I also want to thank the chief organizer Huang Weiqiang and the Lions who donated money and materials. I believe that with your support, The 2022 Charity Gala will be a wonderful, perfect and complete fulfillment. Here, I sincerely invite all the Lions from the service teams to actively participate in this party. Let’s meet on June 10th. Be there or be square!


Visit General coordinator: Tan Fei

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Reporter:As the general coordinator of this year’s party, do you have anything to share with the lion friends in advance?

Tan Fei:I would like to thank Mr. Peng Daojian, president of the Conference, for giving me the opportunity to be the general coordinator of this evening party. This is the second time I have been the general coordinator. Compared with previous years, there are still big differences this year. For example, in the auction, in order to make the lion friends more focused, the middle of the performance has been adjusted, the program is more compact and wonderful, so that everyone can participate in the auction in a continuously high mood. In terms of the time control of the party, the whole preparation team has been committed to completing the whole process of the party more smoothly. The length of the party is nearly one hour shorter than that of previous years, saving time for the lions attending the party.


Reporter:The charity auction is the highlight of the evening. How are the preparations so far?

Tan Fei:Charity auction is one of the sources of service funds, and it is also a reflection of the kindness of the Lions. The charity donation made by the Lions actively moved the whole preparation team. In terms of the collection of lots, we have received more than 80 pieces of high-quality lots donated by Lion Friends and loving people up to now. The auction team keeps improving on screening and quality control, striving to bring more surprises to the Lion Friends participating in the evening party, and raise more service funds for the development of various service projects in the New Year.


Reporter:Was there anything memorable in the build-up to this year’s charity gala?

Tan Fei:For the preparation of this year’s charity party, the leaders of our 11 groups are the district chairmen, and each district chairman is responsible for 2-3 preparatory groups, leading the leaders and members of the preparatory groups to prepare for the party together. From the launch of the plan in March to the actual implementation in June, we have undergone three changes, which is equivalent to preparing for four charity parties. Every time the time changes, the most difficult thing is that the members of the preparatory group, such as the chief director Du Pengshi, change the place and redo the design of the whole link and stage. Members of each preparatory group shall hold preparatory meetings and assign work according to the site; Just to see the venue, four times; Preparatory meetings were held at each venue, and everything was arranged and prepared according to the venue. However, due to the delay, the venue was changed again and we started again. The original plan was to hold the charity gala in March, and the preparation began in January. After six months, I saw the centripetal force and the spirit of “coming out in four directions” of the Lions. During these six months, I was very moved by the positive cooperation with the work and the full effort to promote the preparation without any complaints. Thank you for your strong support and the hard work of each group. The success of an evening party cannot be achieved by one person. It requires the preparation groups to discuss, clash and rehearse for many times to realize the interlink and seamless connection. I believe that the 2022 Charity Gala will be successfully completed. I hope that more Lions will take an active part in the gala and share the joy of its success.


Every year, the Shenzhen Lions Club invests tens of millions of yuan in social services, making a positive contribution to building a harmonious society. Most of the money was donated by lion friends and caring entrepreneurs, as well as the “Hold a Sign for Love” at the Charity Gala, the annual gala of the Shenzhen Lions Club. The wonderful charity gala could not have been achieved without the hard work of the chairman and the general coordinator of the conference, as well as the active efforts of the Lions in the preparatory group. It is precisely because of these loving lions that the charity gala was full of harvest and presented with love. On June 10th, we are waiting for your participation in Antia Meilan Hotel. We are looking forward to your “Holding a sign for Love” and witnessing the success of the party together!


Gao Rui, Reporter of the Public Publicity Committee

[Editing] Ma Huijuan Hu   grey

【 Typesetting 】 Du Shaoheng

Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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