Notice on holding Shenzhen Lions Club 2022-2023 Cadre Training

Dear Fellow Lion,

It is scheduled to hold the 2022-2023 Cadre Training of Shenzhen Lions Club in Dongguan Houjie International Hotel from August 19th to 21st, 2022 (Friday-Sunday).

I. Participants:2022-2023 Council, Committee, Captains of Service teams, First, Second and Third Vice-Captains, Secretary, Finance.

Ii. Hotel Address:Dongguan Houjie International Hotel (at the intersection of Dongfeng Road and S256 Provincial Road, Houjie Town, Dongguan, Tel: 0769-85088888)

Iii. Training Arrangement:

Due to epidemic prevention and control, the training was conducted in two batches.

(I) Time: All day of August 19 and morning of August 20.

Participants: Council, committee, team leader, secretary.

Specific arrangements:

We will meet at the Good World parking lot of Xiangmihu at 7:00 am on the 19th, start on time at 7:10, take the bus, sign in at 8:30, start the class at 9:30, start the training group according to the position, continue the training on the morning of 20th, return after lunch at 12:10.

(II) Time: The afternoon of August 20 and the whole day of August 21.

Participants: The first, second and third vice-captains of each service team, finance.

Specific arrangements:

We will meet at the Good World parking lot of Xiangmihu at 9:30 am on 20th, start on time at 9:40 am and arrive by bus, have lunch and check in at 12:00 am, sign in at 13:30 am, start class at 14:00 am, group training according to position, continue training on 21st all day, return at 16:30 am.

Iv. Cost:780 yuan/person (including 1 breakfast, 3 meals, 1 night standard room, etc., free lion service manual). If you need a single room, you need to make up 300 yuan/person/night.

The fee can be paid by cash, wechat Pay or transfer to the Shenzhen Lions Club account.

Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club; Account number: 79130155260000178; Bank: Shennan Middle Road Sub-branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.

V. Clothing requirements:Red Lion Costume + T-shirt of the year.

Vi. Registration Method:

Please reply the secretaries to the staff of the office with the information of the service team attendance list, accommodation (sheet or standard), transportation method (self-drive or transportation point), etc. Please also ask the financial staff to pay the training fee for the service team to participate in the training of the Lions before August 17th (12:00 noon) (welcome to use Huasi online). No credit card payment or cash payment is allowed on site.

Vii. Registration Contact Person:

1. Board of Governors: Hu Lei 25689756

2. Zone 1: Yang Xin 25688590

3. Second Zone: Du Shaoheng 25688980

4. The Third Zone: Li Jiangping 25688576

5. Zone 4: Li Xiaojun 25689752

6. Zone 5: Lin Yanfen 25688195

7. Zone 6: Lai Longsheng 25688570

8. The Commission:

1-10, Li Jiangping 25688576

11-20, Du Shaoheng 25688980

21-30, Li Xiaojun 25689752

31-39, Lai Longsheng 25688570

9. Financial contact: Li Cuifang 25688190

Viii. Epidemic Prevention and Control Measures

In order to ensure the safety of the lion friends, the participants must wear a mask, take their temperature and register, and provide 24-hour nucleic acid green code and travel green code. Any lion who presents a red or yellow code or has been to a high or medium risk area shall not participate in the training.


The training is the first major training in 2022-2023. Please attach importance to this training and arrange your working time to attend this training.

I hereby inform you.



Annex: 1.

Notice on holding Shenzhen Lions Club 2022-2023 Cadre Training news 图1张Annex 1: Regional Service Team Structure of Lions Club Shenzhen 2022-2023.xlsx


Notice on holding Shenzhen Lions Club 2022-2023 Cadre Training news 图1张Annex 2: Shenzhen Lions Club (2022-2023) Cadre Training         Service Team return form. xlsx


Notice on holding Shenzhen Lions Club 2022-2023 Cadre Training news 图1张Annex 3: Shenzhen Lions Club (2022-2023) Cadre Training         Committee receipt statistics sheet. xlsx


                Shenzhen Lions Club 2022-2023

                  President Peng Daojian

                        Conference Chairman and First Vice – President Nie Xiangdong

                        Executive Chairman Chen Xusheng, Li Chunchang, Jin Qian  

                August 14, 2022

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