China Shenzhen Lions Club 2022

In accordance with the requirements of “Notice on Improving the Quality of Members and Strengthening the Examination of new members’ Membership” of China Lions Federation, to inherit the Lion culture and do a good job in lion service training for new members, Shenzhen Lions Club of China guided Lion Club held two lion service training sessions for new members in the year 2022-2023 on October 29, 2022 in the conference room of the office of Shenzhen Lions Club of China. The training was divided into two sessions in the morning and afternoon, and more than 150 new members actively participated in the training.

Lions Club of Shenzhen China 2022-2023 President Peng Daojian, First Vice President Nie Xiangdong, picketing Chief Lian Chuhai, Deputy Secretary General Yu Xiaoping, Deputy Secretary General Li Chunchang, Zhang Zheqin, Regional Chairman Huang Shaofang, Li Yi, Lin Xiaoyi, Wu Zhijian, Regional Chairman Wan Xiaoyun, Jia Xiping, Zuo Qing, Liu Jun, Zhang Wenqing, Wu Xiaoyan, Wen Zhiyong, Chen Gang, Zhang Yanchen, The Secretary General of the Board of Supervisors Wen Yaoli, the Supervisor Zhao Hui, the special Assistant of the President Huang Weiqiang and Qian Lin, the Director of the Teaching Department of the Organization and Construction Committee of the Lions Association of China, the director of the Lions Guiding Troupe of the Lions Association of Shenzhen, the director of the Lions Guiding Troupe of the Lions Association of Shenzhen, the director of the Lions Guiding Troupe of the Lions Association of Shenzhen, the director of the Lions Guiding Troupe of the Lions Association of Shenzhen, the director of the Lions Guiding Troupe of the Lions Association of Shenzhen, the director of the Lions Guiding Troupe of the Lions of Shenzhen, the director of the Lions Guiding Troupe of the Lions of Shenzhen, the Chairman of the Financial Construction Committee Li Xuefei, the Chairman of the Disability Committee Su Jianhua, the director of the Art Troupe Kuang Hong, Deputy Leader of the Lion Guide Group Qi Kelin, Zhu Daoying, Li Deccan, Fei Jun, Qi Ying, Zhen Yongqian, Executive Chairman of the Diabetes Prevention and Education Committee Li Xiufang, Executive Chairman of the Lion Friends Care Committee Chen Yongping, Secretary Zuo Diqun, Lion Guide Fan Liangming and so on attended the training. The training was chaired by Ouyang Fan and presided over by Li Decan and Qi Ying.


Ms. Ouyang Fan introduced the leaders and delivered a speech. She congratulated the new members on becoming members of Lions Club Shenzhen China. The Lions Club is a big family full of charm and love. While practicing the concept of “We serve”, the Lions have attended the training to learn the culture and knowledge of the Lions Club and continue to improve themselves. I hope you will gain a lot from this training.

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Nie Xiangdong, the first Vice president of the club, gave a speech, warmly welcoming the new Lions to join the club, and shared the scene when he joined the club 11 years ago. He said that the new members are the new strength of the Lions Club. He hoped that the new members would participate in the service and learn more, learn more about the history of the Lions Club, and in this process, gain happiness, grow and realize self-worth. He looked forward to joining hands in the road of public welfare.

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Deputy Head Chickering vividly and interestingly shared how to quickly learn the movements of the Lion song. He guided the Lion Troupe team to the stage to demonstrate the movements of the Lion song in person, and invited the new members to the stage to interact with each other. Through two exercises, the new lion friends skillfully mastered the standard movements.

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Chairman Li Feng presented a wonderful course titled “Lions Culture”. He trained the Lions from three aspects: international Lions Club, Chinese characteristics and the charm of Lions Club. He focused on explaining the five major cultures of Lions Club, including diversity and inclusiveness, democracy and community, respect and appreciation, inheritance and companionship, communication and etiquette, and shared the connotation of the “Four Out” spirit of Lions Club. Chairman Li Feng asked the question “Why did he join the Lions Club?”. The new Lions responded enthusiastically.

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Li Chunchang, the Deputy Secretary General, introduced the lesson “The Organization Structure of Lions Club and the Duties of its Cadres”. She introduced the organization structure and duties of Lions Clubs International from the Service team to the Chinese Lions Federation, to guide new Lions to know more about Lions Club.

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During the sharing session for new members, they all benefited a lot and agreed with the training very much. They not only had a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the culture and structure of the Lions Club, but also gained the friendship among Lions during the interaction between classes and other learning processes.

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President Peng Daojian made a concluding speech. He thanked the Lion Guide group for the training and the wonderful courses brought by the lion guides. Mr. Peng shared his 12 years of experience on the Lion Road and his experience in various positions. The training for new members is one of the key trainings of this year. He told the new Lions to attend the training more, to have a deeper understanding of the Lions Club, to participate more in the service, and to better integrate into the service team and the big family of the Lions Club. He looked forward to working with all the new Lions on the road of public welfare.

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【 Text 】 Du Shaoheng

[Photo] Yang Xin and Lai Longsheng

[Editor] Office Ma Huijuan Hu Lei

【 Typesetting 】 Du Shaoheng

Lions Club Office, Shenzhen, China

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