Lift Dream New sailing — China Shenzhen Lions Club held the 2022-2023 annual Education launch Ceremony and the first precision Education Brand Project Road Show Competition — District Club News — News Update — China Shenzhen Lions Club

After the autumn drizzle, the autumn air is fresh and vigorous. In the brand-new conference room of the office of LIONS Club of Shenzhen China, the one-day launch ceremony of LIONS Club of Shenzhen China 2022-2023 Education and the first Precision Education Brand Project Roadshow Competition was successfully held. Peng Daojian, President, Nie Xiangdong, the first Vice President, Tan Fei, the second Vice president, Tian Xingxing, the former president, Zhou Wenpei, Secretary General, Xu Qiubin, Chief Financial officer, Chen Xusheng, Chief Executive Officer, Yu Xiaoping, Deputy Secretary General, Li Chunchang, Tang Xuyong, Zhang Zhiqin, Chairman of Lions Club of Shenzhen, Huang Shaofang, Jin Qian, Li Yi, Lin Xiaoyi, District Chairmen Li Qing, Zhou Jian, Su Bing, Jia Xiping, Zhang Wenqing, Wu Xiaoyan, Wen Zhiyong, Li Wei; Secretary General of the Board of Supervisors Wen Yaoli; Supervisors Wang Danya, Li Li, Li Xiaofeng; Special Assistant of the President Huang Weiqiang and Tang Qing; Head of the Teacher group Jiang Xiezhen; Chairman of the Committee for Financial Assistance Students (hereinafter referred to as the “Committee for Financial Assistance Students”) Zang Wei; Executive Chairman Wang Xiangyun, Yu Hui, Liu Meijiao, Liu Minna, Huang Yaowu, Dong Haoqing, He Zhiguo, chairmen of various committees, representatives of the service team, and journalists from China Shenzhen Business Daily, Hong Kong Business Daily, Lo Hu Financial Media, Deep Lion News Agency, Lion Club attended the event. More than 160 people attended the event. Activities by Zang Wei as the conference chairman, Meng Chun presided over.

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Before the event began, guests warmly welcomed the jury, supervisors and statisticians of the first Roadshow Competition. The Executive Chairman of the Committee introduced the Leaders and guests. President Chong Wei delivered a welcoming speech. She extended warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and guests attending the event. She said affectionately, “There are so many people in this world. How lucky we are to come to Lions Club because we share the same dream of charity. Warm each other, stick to the original intention, bear the sacrifice, pass the love.”

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The big screen shows the 20-year history of the Shenzhen Lions Club in China. From 2002 to now, more than 200 photos have been taken to show the progress of the service teams on the road of public welfare education and their contribution to the future of the motherland. The guests and lions at the scene carefully watched the long history of the Shenzhen Lions Club, as well as the inheritance and innovation, and were deeply moved and could not help applauding warmly.

In her speech, the second Vice President Tan Fei gave full affirmation to the work carried out by the Committee of Education Education this year, and was full of expectations for the road show competition of the precision Education brand project. He expressed the hope that through the “Huashan Sword Discussion”, more vibrant brand projects will be selected for inheritance, and through the precise education of brand projects, to ensure the effective use of public welfare resources and the sustainable development of public welfare undertakings. He wished the roadshow a complete success.

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President Zang Wei showed the annual work plan of the Committee through a flash mob and introduced the annual key work objectives. She said that she will lead the team to build the Shensi student brand project and empower the service team to accurately study students. The team members of the Financial Aid Committee made a collective appearance.

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Chairman Peng Daojian, Second Vice Chairman Tan Fei, former Chairman Tian Xingxing, Secretary General Zhou Wenpei, Chief Financial Officer Xu Qiubin, Executive Deputy Secretary-General Yu Xiaoping, Deputy Secretary-General Li Chunchang, Deputy Secretary-General Tang Xueyong, Secretary-General Wen Yaoli, head of the Board of Supervisors Jiang Xiezhen, Chairman Zang Wei and Senior Lecturer Wu Zewei all lit up the stage together. Lions Club of Shenzhen China 2022-2023 Annual Scholarship launch Ceremony and the first precision Scholarship Brand Project Road Show Competition was officially launched.

The host read out the rules of the road show competition and the scoring criteria, and made a detailed introduction to the scoring table. Under the evaluation principle of “fairness, fairness and openness”, the competition is composed of 11 lead judges, 11 deputy judges and 12 randomly selected public judges. The scores will be calculated according to the project scale, social influence, replicability, sustainability, innovation and on-site presentation, as well as the comprehensive scores of on-site questioning and interaction. The scores will be counted under the supervision of two supervisors. The score is announced on site. Xu Qiubin read the jury’s commitment on behalf of the jury.

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The 9 shortlisted service teams will be conducted in an orderly manner according to the drawing results of the exchange meeting on October 27. After an intense and wonderful roadshow, the “Spring Multimedia Classroom Project” initiated by Hongli Service Team stood out and got 87.64 points and won the championship. The “Youth Spiritual Growth and Companionship” project initiated by Yee Shan Service Team scored 85.96 and won the second place. The Bright Heart project initiated by the high-tech service team scored 83.99 and won the third place. 6 other projects: “Spring Breeze Library” initiated by Shajing Service Team, “Education Scholarship and Gardener hand in hand” initiated by Happiness Service team, “Lion Love Sunshine · Build Dream Green” initiated by Lion Love football Service team, “Sunshine Talents” initiated by Earth King Service team, “Phoenix and Shell Service team initiated physiological health and health education public service service, and” Flying with you “initiated by Future Service team Won the “Excellent Precision Project Brand Award”.

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President Peng Daojian, First Vice President Nie Xiangdong and Second Vice President Tan Fei presented trophies to the first, second and second place teams, and awarded awards of 30,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan respectively. Secretary General Zhou Wenpei, Chief Financial Officer Xu Qiubin and Senior lecturer Wu Zewei presented the “Excellent Precision Education Brand Award” to the other 6 shortlisted projects participating in the road show. Deputy Secretary-General Tang Xueyong and other leading Lions awarded 26 service teams “Excellent Project Participation Award”; Secretary General Zhou Wenpei and Executive Deputy Secretary General Yu Xiaoping presented “Outstanding Contribution Award”, “Companion Award” and “Love Award” to the Lion Friends who donated money and materials to the Committee.

President Peng Daojian spoke highly of this activity in his summary. He pointed out that this first precision education brand project Roadshow competition is a bold attempt of precision education and precision public welfare. He hoped that all service teams could learn from each other, learn from each other, grow together and promote each other through the roadshow competition, try diversified joint services, and constantly optimize and improve service quality.

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After more than a month of careful preparation, the Committee of Financial Education Committee held 8 online and offline preparation meetings to collect excellent student programs online and offline. A total of 36 service teams applied for precise student programs, and 9 projects were selected and selected to participate in the road show. The aim is to select brand student programs openly, integrate resources and complement each other’s advantages. Publicity and promotion, so that the service teams pay more attention to the brand construction of innovative students, for accurate students to lift the dream, to the new.

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