Central District Service Team: The Third Regular Meeting of 2021-2022 – Business Activities – News Feed – Lions Club of Shenzhen, China

On September 16, 2021, the third annual meeting of LIONS Club Central District Service Team of Shenzhen, China (2021-2022) was held in the health themed restaurant in Shenye Garden, Futian District. Eighteen people attended the meeting, including Xiao Xingping, former President of Shenzhen Lions Club of China, Li Li, Deputy Secretary General, Xie Yan, President of International Exchange and Cooperation Committee, Wang Xiangbo, leader of the Central Service Team, Xie Zhouling, first Deputy leader, Pan Bin, Secretary, Wang Xiaoying, Finance Director, and Mo Jianfang, General Secretary. The meeting was presided over by Hu Xin, with Li Xiaohong and Hu Jianjun as executive chairmen.

Before the regular meeting began, Xiao Xingping, the former president of the Lions Club, trained the Lions Club members on the Code of Conduct. The Lions said they benefited a lot.


The chairman of Huxin Conference introduced the Lions and expressed warm welcome and thanks to all of you for coming.

Captain Wang Xiangbo summed up the ceremony. The entrance ceremony, member appearance, award presentation, handover ceremony and performance program were all innovative. The scene was solemn and lively. The guests and the Lion friends witnessed the progress and growth of the Central District Service team and won unanimous praise. The success of the ceremony could not have been achieved without the joint efforts of all the Lions of the CFS. He expressed his gratitude to all the Lions of the CFS, the caring people and the guests attending the meeting for their support and kindness.


Ms. Mok Jianfang, General manager, introduced the activities of China Merchants Street Office to help the disabled. She planned to hold a Mid-Autumn Festival event at the Vocational Health Center of China Merchants Street on September 17, and donated 49 boxes of mooncakes to the disabled friends and staff of the center. She conveyed the gratitude of the disabled friends and staff of the Occupational Health Centre to the Lions of the Central District Service Team. She expects every lion friend to take an active part in this year’s activities. This year, she plans to carry out six activities to help the disabled.


In the spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Central District Service Team plans to hold a “Lion Love Post” Mid-Autumn Festival event at the Oncology Day Care Centre of the China Shenzhen Hospital of the University of Hong Kong on September 18. Lions, medical staff, patients and their families will be invited to make handmade ice skin mooncakes together. She thanked the HKU Hospital volunteers for their consultation services and urged the Lions to sign up for the event.


Xie Zhuling, the first vice captain, made a speech and thanked all the Lion friends of the central Area Service team for their participation and efforts. Every activity participation, every bit of personal growth, will lead the central District service team towards a better, more outstanding goal!


The meeting ended in a happy and harmonious atmosphere, and the executive Chairman Li Xiaohong and Hu Jianjun rang the bell to adjourn. After the meeting, the Central District Service team held a warm birthday dinner for the lion friends who had a birthday in September. We exchanged lion affairs, enhanced lion friendship and shared a good time.


Article/Photo   Wang Xiaoying

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