Hongya Service Team: Held the fifth Captain’s Team Meeting and Regular Meeting of 2021-2022 – Conference activities – News Feed – Lions Club of Shenzhen, China

On November 20, 2021, the Fifth Captain’s Team Meeting and regular Meeting of LIONS Shenzhen Hongya Service Team 2021-2022 was held at 1801, West Block, Haiyan Building, Nanshan District. Eighteen people attended the meeting, including Yao Chen, Chairman of Shenzhen Committee of China Lions Fund, Tang Quanhui, chairman of Medical and Health Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club of China, Li Li, the last captain of Hongya Service Team, Yang Yongguang, the first vice captain, Guo Jianhui, the second vice captain, Zhao Yanping, the former captain Xu Yuanhu, Secretary He Jianping, Dong Xiaoying, finance director and Li Zheng, picket officer. Bao Jigang, a public welfare activist, investment management expert and chairman of Shenzhen Wukong Investment Management Co., LTD., attended the meeting. Li Li chaired and presided over the meeting. Choose one.

During the meeting, the team leader discussed how to perform the duties of the team leader and the emergency mechanism when Captain Tang Yong was away from Shenzhen, China on business. The meeting unanimously decided that the first Vice Captain Yang Yongguang would perform the duties of the team leader when the team leader was away from Shenzhen, China. Yang Yongguang, the first vice captain, promised to take on the burden and serve well according to the captain’s annual plan.

The special guest, Mr. Bao Jigang, shared with the Lions how to invest and finance during the epidemic period, and answered the perplexities and doubts raised by the Lions about investment and finance.

At the regular meeting, Chairman Li Li informed that the “dongguan millions donation” carried out by Hongya Service Team last year had been affected by the positive development of the service team’s activities due to the invoice issues, and communicated with the District Council about the progress of solutions, as well as the recent situation of lions and the next work arrangement. The second vice captain Guo Jianhui shared in the case of the account was frozen, Hu Dianjun lion brother to eliminate difficulties, fundraising to carry out first aid activities in the side.

In terms of conference affairs, Guo Jianhui, the second Vice Captain, Zhao Yanping, the third Vice captain, Dong Xiaoying, the finance minister, and He Jianping shared their feelings of participating in the Lions Affairs Seminar of Shenzhen Lions Club of China 2021-2022. Li Shizi, as a member of the teaching group, participated in the seminar and taught the second Vice captain.

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In terms of service activities, Hongya service team completed three first aid events in the side from November 17 to 19, namely, Dazu laser junior ambulance training service project. On November 25, Hongya service team plans to carry out a first aid at the side of Dazu Laser Technology Center building — Dazu laser junior paramedic training.

Dong Xiaoying made a financial report.

Zhao Nian Zhen Shi sister made a summary speech, encouraged everyone to learn the knowledge of first aid seriously, in the critical moment, “save a life is better than to build a seven-level floss”.

After the meeting, the participating lion friends celebrated the birthday of the lion friends in October. Everyone got together and enjoyed the lion affairs and feelings.

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Article/Photo courtesy of the Hong Kong Service Team

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