China Shenzhen Lions Club to donate epidemic prevention supplies to the emerging community and China Shenzhen Lions Club branch and the emerging community Party Committee co-construction exchange activity – District Club news – News Update – China Shenzhen Lions Club

On November 23, 2022, Shenzhen Lions Club of China donated epidemic prevention supplies to Xinxing Community and the joint exchange activity between the Party branch of Shenzhen Lions Club of China and Xinxing Community Party Committee was held in the conference room of Xinxing Community Party and Mass Service Center in Luohu District. He Qiwen, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xinxing Community, Wang Yewei, Deputy secretary of the Party Committee, Han Lu, deputy head of the Party committee; More than 10 people attended the event, including Peng Daojian, President of Shenzhen Lions Club of China (2022-2023), Zhou Wenpei, Secretary General, Huang Shaofang, Jin Qian and Lin Xiaoyi, representatives of various service teams and Party members of Shenzhen Lions Club of China. The event was presided over by Comrade He Qiwen. The event was sponsored by the Lions Club of Shenzhen, China, and jointly organized by six service teams including Longcheng, Yishan, Tongxin, Shell, Phoenix and Happiness. The event donated tents, iron horses and emergency lights and other epidemic prevention supplies to the emerging communities, with an investment of 27,000 yuan.

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He Qiwen, Party Secretary of Xinxing Community, briefly introduced the basic situation of Xinxing Community’s jurisdiction and Huangbei Street. He said that the Lions Club of Shenzhen China knew that the nucleic acid site materials in the emerging community were damaged and missing, and they sent the needed materials as soon as possible. We are very grateful to the Lions for their timely assistance and caring for the community. It is a great honor to have the office of the Lions Club of Shenzhen China located here. I hope that the Party branch of the Lions Club of Shenzhen China and the community Party Committee can strengthen the joint construction and exchanges and deepen the cooperation.

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Secretary General Zhou Wenpei shared his understanding of the five months ‘work in the Shenzhen Lions Club. Based on the community, the club has made some achievements in various fields, such as helping the disabled, helping students, revitalizing the countryside, helping the poor and helping the poor, etc. As a good helper of the official functional departments, it has also been respected by the society. At present, the epidemic is frequent in Shenzhen, China, and the frontline workers in the community are working very hard to solve practical problems for the community. It is the bounden responsibility of the Lions Club of Shenzhen China to make a small contribution to the fight against the epidemic. It is also a vivid practice of the Party Branch of the Lions Club of Shenzhen China to practice the concept of “people first, life first”. He hoped that the Party Committee of the new community and the Party branch of China Shenzhen Lions Club could further build and share, complement each other’s advantages, explore diversified service projects together, give full play to their respective advantages, and make greater contributions to the community and residents.

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Peng Daojian, Chairman of the Shenzhen Lions Club, said that he had worked in community work and understood the difficulties of community work. Especially at the critical stage of epidemic prevention and control, the Lions and Party members of the Shenzhen Lions Club not only donated money and materials, but also participated in many voluntary work of epidemic prevention and control, making their contribution to the epidemic prevention and control, demonstrating the mission responsibility of social organizations. He invited the emerging community and the Shenzhen Lions Club of China to jointly conduct activities, learn together and seek common development.

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After the simple donation ceremony, all the attendees took a group photo.



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