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On November 20, 2022, the second regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Stamp Club 2022-2023 was held in Shenzhen Yilian Technology Co., LTD., Bao ‘an District, China. Tian Xingxing, former President of Shenzhen Lions Club, Huang Shaofang, Chairman of Zone 1, Li Xiaofeng, Supervisor, Wu Yuqiong, President of Philatelic Club, Zhu Qingqing and Zhang Guoping, Executive Chairmen, Zhang Yushan, Leader of Shenzhen Luohu Bureau of China Post Group, Huang Lixin, special Lecturer of China Philatelic Corporation and Lecturer of Shenzhen Philatelic Association of China, Liang Xiaoqing, Post Office of Luohu, More than 30 people attended the meeting, including Ms. Liu Jinlian, chairman of the Red Action Committee of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, China, members of the Philatelic club, guests and philatelists. The meeting was chaired by Zhu Qingqing and presided over by Zhang Jian.

Before the meeting, the lions brought their own specialty dishes to share with everyone. President Zhu Qingqing prepared the stove, President Zhang Jian took out the prepared dough and prepared dumpling filling, and everyone started to make dumplings together. The atmosphere was quite lively. After a busy meal, the table was filled with all kinds of rich food and wine. We taste the taste of home, feel the warmth of home, full of happiness, laughter reverberated in the yard for a long time.

On behalf of the Lions Club of Shenzhen, China, Mr Tin presented certificates of appointment to the President of the Philatelic Club, Ms Wu Yuk-qiong, and the Executive Chairmen, Mr Chu Ching-ching and Mr Cheung Kwok-ping.

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Mr. Tong Xin, Vice President of the China Lions Association Philatelic Club, introduced the guests and introduced the current situation and working arrangement of the philatelic clubs in the representative offices of the Association. The Yunnan Representative Office will set up a stamp collecting club in early December. Meanwhile, the 19th China National Stamp Collecting Exhibition, which has been postponed for two years due to the epidemic, will be held in Kunming in early December. We sincerely invite you to attend these two grand events and strengthen the friendly exchanges with other places.

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Mr. Zhu Qingqing, Executive Chairman of the Philatelic Club, reported the financial situation for the year 2022-2023.

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Wei Qiao-zhu, chairman of the Peace Poster Committee, introduced the recent work of the Peace Poster Committee. The committee plans to make the award-winning excellent peace poster works into a stamp album, combine stamp collecting with the peace poster activities, and spread the Lion culture among the people.

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The former president of Tian Xing Xing delivered an important speech, pointed out that the activities of the philatelic club should be combined with the party building work, suggested that “follow the stamp to travel” activities follow the party’s footprint design route, review the history of the party.

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Mr. Huang Lixin, special lecturer of China Philatelic Corporation and lecturer of Shenzhen Philatelic Association of China, presented a wonderful cultural feast “Under the Lion Mountain”. The stamps on Lions Club and peace posters were issued from domestic and international aspects, as well as the stamps of important historical moments issued during the 20 years since the establishment of Shenzhen Lions Club of China. Take you through the history of Lions Club International and Lions Club in China and appreciate the unique charm of the four worlds.

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President Wu Yuk-chiong briefed the Philatelic Club on its recent work. Under the epidemic situation, philatelic club should care more about members, let everyone feel the warmth of the collective, at the same time, also hope that everyone abide by the discipline of members, do a good job.

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On behalf of the Philatelic Club, President Wu Yuk-chiong thanked Mr Chu and Mr Zhang Jian for their meticulous efforts in ensuring the smooth running of the regular meeting. I would like to thank the experts of Philately Corporation for their expertise. I would like to thank all the guests and the Lions for their participation. I hope that the Lions will continue to support the work of Philately Club and grow happily together in the family of Philately Club.



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