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On November 19, 2022, the third Council Meeting of the Shenzhen Lions Club of China for the year 2022-2023 was held at the Shenzhen Lions Club Office in Shenzhen, China. The meeting was attended by 33 directors of the Shenzhen Lions Club, including Peng Dao-jian, the president of the Club, Tan Fei, the second Vice president, Zhou Wenpei, the secretary general, Xu Qiubin, the Chief financial officer, Chen Xusheng, the Chief Inspector, Lian Chuhai, the Executive Deputy Secretary General, Yu Xiaoping. Weng Hua, Chief Supervisor, Wen Yaoli, Secretary General of the Board of Supervisors, Zhao Hui, Li Xiaofeng and Lv Guiqin, Special Assistant to the President Huang Weiqiang and Qian Lin, and Director-General Ma Huijuan attended the meeting. Vice Secretary-General Li Chunchang was the chairman of the meeting, Chairman Jia Xiping of Division 6 and Chairman Xian Zhihui of Division 7 were the executive chairmen, presided over by Jia Xiping.


As required by Article 47 of the Working Rules of Lions Club of Shenzhen, China, this group was applied by the Women and Family Development Committee and nominated by President Pang Tao Jian. As Chairman of the Committee, Mob member Lau serves as Executive Chairman. Yu Lixia serves as Executive Chairman. The meeting considered and adopted a motion to change the chairperson and Executive Chairperson of the Commission on Women and Family Development.

In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Shenzhen Lions Club of China, the Sixth Council of the Shenzhen Lions Club of China 2021-2022 has decided to produce the 20th Anniversary Album of the Shenzhen Lions Club of China. In accordance with the Bidding Management Measures of Lions Club of Shenzhen, China and other relevant requirements, and after the third Council study of Lions Club of Shenzhen, China in 2022-2023, it is decided to invite bids for the design and printing of the 20th Anniversary Album of Lions Club of Shenzhen, China. The meeting deliberated and adopted a resolution on the bidding for the “Lions Club Shenzhen China 20th Anniversary Album”.

Deputy Secretary-General Yu Xiaoping said that as of November 18, 2022, the office of Lions Club in Shenzhen, China has received 132 applications for the second batch of new members, including 132 new members from 56 teams. The meeting reviewed and approved the second batch of new membership list.


Tan Fei, the second Vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club of China, presented the service activities from July to November 2022. In order to make the service process standardized and orderly, and the service content and form keep up with the pace of the district Council, he put forward requirements on how the service team should standardize the service activities. First, the service funds should be used 100% for the service activities and directly used for the recipients; Second, the activity area in principle is Shenzhen, China; Third, declare the service activities and fundraising activities of the service team in advance; Fourth, it does not advocate overseas service activities; Fifth, the service activities shall not involve religion; 6. Any service activities without approval shall not be carried out in the name of LIONS Club of Shenzhen, China or its affiliated organizations; Seven is timely submission after the event. Tan Fei, the second vice president, stressed that the following will actively build a new development pattern with services for the disabled, national strategy, medical and health care, and harmonious community as the core of the four areas, mobilize the service team to actively carry out various service activities, promote the inheritance, update and innovation of service projects, strive for better results, and serve more people in need.


Chief Financial Officer Suh Chu-bin briefed on the implementation of funds and the collection of dues from July to October 2022. He pointed out that with the active promotion of the governors, the expenditure of administrative funds and service funds has been within the budget so far. In this natural year, 70% of the total revenue of the previous year was spent on public welfare, and the requirements of the annual audit on public welfare expenditure were fulfilled ahead of schedule. He stressed that projects that need to spend service funds must be declared in advance to defuse risks and hidden dangers.


The Chairman of Zone 4, Mr. Lin Xiaoyi, proposed in the free speech session how to guide the new Lions to better understand the service process of the Lions Club. He hoped that the specialized organizations could strengthen the relevant training and penetrate into the service team to provide standardized guidance for the service team and improve the service efficiency.


Secretary General Zhou Wenpei shared his thoughts on the four months working in Shenzhen Lions Club from three aspects: the background, current situation, existing problems and strengthening measures of the club. He stressed that only by standardizing the lion’s business process and making communication and coordination clear can we make our service more efficient. He pointed out that the Board of Directors is the core level of the Lions Club and decides the direction of the club’s development. Therefore, the board of directors must make precise decisions, and implement them strongly. With a sound supervision mechanism, the Club will be able to achieve a stable and long-term development, which will satisfy the authorities, the public and the society.


Chief Supervisor Weng Hua expressed the supervision opinions. He praised the meeting for the efficient adoption of various topics, the rigorous reporting of financial data, and the energetic and energetic spirit of the board members. He said that the Board of Supervisors will continue to communicate and coordinate around the annual work plan of the Board of Directors, and jointly create a good atmosphere for the healthy development of the Lions Club in Shenzhen, China, so as not to be offside, not to be absent, not to be in a good position, and constantly improve the professional and standardized level of the board of Supervisors.


In his concluding speech, President Peng Daojian thanked the directors, supervisors, special assistant of President, special working organizations and all the Lion Friends for their joint efforts. Up to now, the lion affairs work has been progressing smoothly and orderly. He urged everyone to keep vigilant against the epidemic and strengthen prevention and control awareness. He hopes that all of you will remain true to your original aspiration of public welfare, fulfill your duties and contribute to the steady development of the Shenzhen Lions Club.




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