Dream Together in the Name of Love — China Shenzhen Lions Club launches the 7th “Sunshine Talents” Guilin Education Program – District Club News – News Update – China Shenzhen Lions Club

On November 11, 2022, the 7th donation ceremony of “Sunshine Talents” Guilin Scholarship Program of Shenzhen Lions Club of China was successfully held in the multi-function Hall of Science and Technology Building of No. 18 High School in Guilin. The activity donated 150,000 yuan to 30 students from low-income families in Guilin No. 18 Middle School, donated a batch of Shenzhen hand letters worth 50,000 yuan, and invested 200,000 yuan in service funds.


This activity was sponsored by the Lions Club of Shenzhen, organized by 5 service teams including Diwang, Zhuhui, Huayue, Nature and Poai and Guilin No. 18 Middle School, and co-organized by 17 service teams including Xinxing, Huatian, Dadi, Zhengdao, Huatian, Yishan, Mingjia Shanpin, Changchang, Xixiang, Yantian, Shande, Jingfeng and Chunfeng. It was greatly supported by the government of Guilin and the Education Bureau of Guilin.


Yuan Hongbo, Secretary of the Party Committee, Huang Sihong, President, Liu Shirong, Vice President, Zeng Chao, Director of Academic Affairs, Li Xiushan, Director of Political and Educational Affairs, Peng Daojian, President of Shenzhen Lions Club of China, Tian Xingxing, former President, Chen Xusheng, Director of General Affairs, Yu Xiaoping, Deputy Secretary-General, Wu Zhijian, Chairman of Zone 6, Zhu Hongwei, Chairman of Zone 10, More than 70 people participated in the activity, including representatives of the organizing and co-organizing service teams, people of love, teachers and students of No. 18 Middle School. The donation ceremony was presided over by Mr. Liao Ronghui as the team leader and overall coordinator of the “Sunshine Talents” student aid project group, with Mr. Li Sumei as the chairman, Mr. CAI Qingsong as the executive chairman and Mr. Meng Chun.

Liao Ronghui, the leader of the “Sunshine Talent” project team, introduced the leaders and guests. First of all, he systematically introduced the “Sunshine Talents” scholarship program of Shenzhen Lions Club of China in Guilin, and explained in detail the form and mode of funding. He pointed out that the “Sunshine Talent” program in Guilin has been launched for seven years, and has helped more than 100 students from low-income families with excellent character and academic performance to pursue their dreams. In the future, the program will continue to be inherited and carried out from generation to generation. Finally, he wished the assisted students to work hard and win the prize of Toad Hall in the college entrance examination.


Conference President Li Sumei delivered a speech. Based on her own experience, she introduced the significance of Guilin’s “Sunshine Talents” service project. She said that the program helps and guides students both materially and spiritually, and gives them wings of hope. Students not only improve their lives, but also get washed mentally. In terms of social impact, it can spread positive energy and mobilize more social forces to invest in the cause of public welfare education. She also pointed out that to help others is to help oneself, through the process of helping others to grow, this is a great spiritual power, she called on everyone to work together to pass on this power. Finally, she hopes the students will study hard in their limited time and life to get into the ideal university.


Student representative Zhang Moukang spoke on behalf of all the students. He expressed his sincere gratitude to the Lions Club of Shenzhen, China for the financial support given to the students. He vowed to strive hard, study hard and get excellent results, live up to the love of Lions, and serve the motherland, the society and his Alma mater in the future, and become a useful man for the country and society.


On behalf of the Party Committee and administration of the school, Principal Huang Sihong extended a warm welcome to all the leaders, guests and friends of Lions attending the ceremony, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the Shenzhen Lions Club for its great support and selfless dedication over the years. He said that the “Sunshine Talents” program of the Shenzhen Lions Club injected new momentum into the financial aid work of the No. 18 Middle School of Guilin and opened up a new mode of financial education. We look forward to the joint efforts of both sides of the “Sunshine Talent” program to continue to light up the hope for outstanding students in the future. It is understood that this year, 16 senior students sponsored by Shenzhen Lions Club in Guilin No. 18 Middle School have achieved excellent results, more than 60% of the college entrance examination scores of over 600 points, one of them was admitted to Tsinghua University with 671 points.


Peng Daojian, President of the Shenzhen Lions Club, said that the “Sunshine Talents” student program is a brand service project of the Shenzhen Lions Club. Under the leadership of the Shenzhen Lions Club and with the strong support of more than 100 service teams, the “Sunshine Talents” student program of the Shenzhen Lions Club has achieved remarkable achievements. Since the first one was launched in Guilin in 2016, a total of seven sessions have been held, with 162 funded students. He hoped that the subsidized students would become self-reliant, study hard and become useful to the country and society. He also called on more caring people in the society to pay attention to the students from low-income families and help them grow into talents. Finally, he expressed his gratitude to the Guilin government, competent departments and No. 18 Middle School for their great attention and strong support to the “Sunshine Talent” program. At the same time, he highly praised and affirmed the earnest, responsible and persistent service attitude of all the members participating in the program.


President Peng Daojian and project team leader Liao Ronghui donated the check and pennant to Principal Huang Sihong. Principal Huang Sihong also presented the pennant to the Shenzhen Lions Club on behalf of the school. Thirty student recipients took the stage to receive donations. In order to thank the service teams for their support of the “Sunshine Talents” project, the project team presented pennants and certificates of appreciation to the captains and representatives of the service teams hosting and co-organizing the project.

In the afternoon, Liao Ronghui, the team leader of the Land King Service Team, led some Lions to visit the families of the students to learn about their families and study conditions.

After the end of the student aid activities, the night has already fallen, a line of fiery red figures began to hurry home, the mountains of Guilin staring at this scene, do not want to leave, because they know that these figures will come again next year. These small fiery red figures, although as weak as fireflies, but if together, can break mountains, can stop the sea.

In the name of love, build a dream together. With the fertile soil of love, the Lions Club of Shenzhen, China, helped the young plants of hope to grow up and held up the hope of tomorrow for the students. The club composed a beautiful song of praise for students who never forget their original intention.



【 Text 】 Lai Longsheng

[Photo] Lai Longsheng

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Hu Lei

【 Typesetting 】 Li Xiaojun

Lions Club Office, Shenzhen, China



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