The lion Club of Shenzhen has launched its spring Bank in Zhanjiang Harbor in Spring

The lion Club of Shenzhen has launched its spring Bank in Zhanjiang Harbor in Spring

On May 18, 2018, the day just dawned, Tian Xingw深圳大学ang, the 2017-2lions英语怎么读018 president of Shenzhen Lions Club, led 23 lion friends and caring people深圳天气 to gatherclubmed官网预订 in front of xiangmi深圳市最新疫情 Lake Resort. It has taken me eight hours to finish tspringboothe journey in naozhoudao in Spritsming.

This activity by shenzhen lion lotus,shenzhen bright pupil,湛江吴川机场 tiande, love, Lord wilclubmed官网预订l berth, hua yuclubmanan, Ming nonyl, the south China sea, such as 9 service hosted, to Meng Gang elementary schitselfool, Hong Kong east elementary school, s深圳地铁线路图outh primary school, nangang, tan nbankruptorth primary school, primary school donated electronic equipments, nan fung elaunched是什么意思lementary school desks andlaunched翻译 chairs, electric fans, sports facilities,lion怎么读 sports supplies, bolion复数oks and other supplies, We donated 2 resettlement rooms for outstanding poor students. Hharborview是什么品牌uang Lisheng, chairman of the 19th District of Shenzhen Lions Clspring面试题ub for 2017-2018, donated 10,000 yuan. Shenzhen Brilliant Times Communication Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Haiba Catering Management Co., Ltd. also gave strong support to the event, with a total service fund of 260,000 yuan.

At 9:00 a.m.lion是什么意思 on May 19, lion friends came to Menggang Primary School to hold a donation ceremony. As soon as they arrived at school, the children liclub用英语怎么说ned up to wear red scarves for the lionslion的音标.

The donation ceremony wa湛江划入广西的可能性s presided over by Meng Chun深证指数. At the donation ceremony, Chen Jia板框压滤机njun, leader of Lianhuashan Sebank怎么读rvice team, and Sun Mingxia, leader of Liangtong Servispringmvc的工作原理ce team, gave speeches respectively. It is in the spirit of spring that we have decidlion的中文意思ed to extend our silionncere support to yitsashou微博ou in the near future.战将 It is hoped that the students can improve their learning environment and have a comprehensive physical and mental declubman是什么牌子车vellion是什么意思opment through this program. At the same time, she wished thlions英语怎么读e children to cherish the heart of gratitude, cherish the good life, study hard, and repay the school!

President Tian Weng delivered a warm speech, thanking the teachers for their hard work and education, and the lion friends and entrharbor怎么读epreneurs for their generous contributions to the construction of the school. We hope that it will湛江划入广西的可能性 continue in Ammoniac Harbor in spring. I wish深圳风险等级 the c坂口健太郎hildren in Ammoniazhoudao to grow up healthily in the near future, bear in mind that "the country is strong wheharborview手表多少钱n it is young" and become the backbone of the countclubmed官网预订ry soon. President Tian Talked with the three childrenharbor是什么意思 about their dreams when thlaunched是什么意思ey grow up. Theharbor是什么意思 children said they wantclubmed官网预订ed to be a teacher, an astronaut坂口健太郎, a star, etc. President Tian also tashenzhenlked about his childhood drbankingeam, encouraging the children to study hard and be firm in their dreams.

After the dit'sonation ceremony, the lion friends visited tharboredhe two rooms aitsnd the six schoolaunched是什么意思英语ls, checked the update of the classroom facilities of each schooclub怎么读l, and had a deep exchange with thlione principal, so as to continue the educational activitiebanks bett湛江天气er next time.

The 2017-2018banker chairman of the Shenzhen Lions Club Tian Xinharborview是什么品牌gwang, the chairman of the first division Dai Jiits翻译hong, The leader of the Lianhua Mountaispring漏洞n service team Chen Jianjun, Brigits翻译ht Jeremy Service team captain深圳地铁线路图 Sun Mingxia, Mingren service team captain Zhou Yanjie, Huayuan service team captain Luo Guanqbankingi and the sitservice team lion friends a total of 24 people participated in the activities.

[Text] Wang Jiapeng

[Photo] Wang Jiapeng

[Editor] Ma Huiju湛江吴川机场an Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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