Disabled people run against the sea breeze to feel the warmth of the whole city

The 12th "Sunshine Sharing Love Crossing" care Activity and the 4th "Barrier-free" Fun Run闰年的判断方法 was held yesterday

Disabfeel的名词led people run against the sea breeze to feepeoplel the warmth of the whole city

Source: Shenzhen Eveningpeople的复数形式 News & NBSP;       May 21, 2018

Disabled people run against the sea breeze to feel the warmth of the whole city news picture1Zhang

The 4th "Barrier-free" Funbreeze本田皓影 Run was held in Shenzhen Bdisableday Park yesterday. The picture shows some citizens taking photos with foD.

Disabled people run against the sea breeze to feel the warmth of the whole city news picture2Zhang

Deng Zhixin took part in the fun run with hiwarmth是什么意思s friends.

Shenzhen Evening News reporter Luo Dian Gao Ling Ling intern Qu Sijia

On the occasion of the 28th National Day for helping the Disabled, the 12th "Sharing sunshine Lwarmth翻译ove Cbreeze怎么读rossing" care activity and twarmth的形容词he 4th "Barrier-free" fun run jointly organized by Shenzhen Disabled Perwhole翻译sons' Federation, Shenzhen Municipal Care Office and Shenzhen Evening News was held at shenzhen Bay as scheduled yesterday. More than 100 disabled representatives and volunteers from various districts in Shenzhen started running along the boardwalk along the beach, enjoying the convenience of the city's barrier-free environment and feeling the powe闰怎么读r of life in nature and sporwhole用法ts.

Lin Jie, municipal Standing Committee member and Head of united Front Work Department, Hou Yisha, president of the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation, Ding Shizhao, part-time vice president of the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation and Editor-in-chief of Shenzhen Evening News, and Chen Li, full-sea是什么意思翻译time deputy director of the Municipawholesomenessl Care office,whole翻译 attended the evendisabled的形容词t andisabled翻译d cheered for the fun Run.

Barrier-free city makes Mudisabled翻译sic Run "Barrier-freefeel的名词 Love"

Barrierdisabled的形容词-free construction is a public welfare facility for all citiwarmthyzens to participate in social activities, and an impor闰月tant linkdisabled电脑启动项 for disabled people to integrate into society and share urban development welfar闰年e. Lin jie, points odisabled是什么意思ut that shenzhen wrunill use general design idea, develop and practice opeople可数吗f barrier-free "standard" in shenzhen, to mobilize all social forces, information reseasources, sensing technology, strengthen the "barrier-free" shenzhen city construction, the implementation of "shenzhen" barrier-free city, improve the power, shape the whole swhole什么意思ociety barriwhole怎么读er-free fusion vulnerable groups developing humanistic spirit, promote urban dfeel的过去式evelopment and temperature.

For many years, Shenzhen has been committed to budisabled是开启还是关闭ilding a barrier-free city. This young city has defended the diseagullgnity of every resident with its unique insistence. Inclusiveness, vitality, innovation and lovebreeze本田皓影报价 are the constant pursuit of this city. This time, foD representatives from 7 districts of the city went out to meet shenzhen Bay. Here, the fun run is not for the pursuit of results as the puagainst的反义词rpose of the activity, we run for happiness, for publifeelsc welfare, for health. Alopeople是可数名词还是不可数名词ng the boardpeoplewalkpeople是可数名词还是不可数名词 of Shenzhen Bay Park, people with disabilities puwarmthshed their润物细无声 wheelchairs at full speed. From Sunwholesomenessrise Theatre to Lu Port in North Bay, there were nearly 5 kilometers of beautiful seaside scenerdisabled造句简单y for people with disabilities to enjoy the beautiful moments of natbreeze本田皓影ure and exercise.

The activity combines "Ldisabled造句简单ove crossing" and "Fun rundisabled电脑ning fitness", allowing disabled people to enjoy love and sunshine under the blue sky just like healthy people. As one of the well-known brands of shenzhen public welfwholeare activities, the "Suwarmth是什么意思nshine sharing Love Crossing" and "Barrier-free" music run has been held for 4 consecutive years, and the creative ideas full of temperature have been selected as shenzhen Care Acbreeze本田皓影tion 100 best citizen satisfaction projewholesomenesscts for many times.

City love promotes disbreezedability inclusion

At the scene of the activity, lion friewarmth怎么读音nds i润物细无声n yellow vests and volunteers carried wheelchairs for the disabled to particrun的过去式ipate in thesea是什么意思 activity, on-site guidance...... Busy adisabled的形容词s a larkdisabled电脑.

At the ewholesomenessvent, The Lions Club of Shenzhen donated 1 million yuan to the Disabled people's Federatagainst是什么意思ion of Shenzhen to fund the subsistence allowance of disabled people and imprfeelingove thebreeze中文意思ir lives. As a gift of roses, sh闰年enzhen Lions wilwhole怎么读l let the sunshine of social care shfeeling什么意思ine into spewholesalingcial groups, delivering love and creating hope.

Ma Minseafood, the 2018-201breeze本田皓影9 incoming president of Liwarmth的形容词ons Club shenzhen, said that helping the disabled is a key part of lions Club Shenzhen. This year, thbreeze是什么意思ey will holdisabled是开启还是关闭d 6 profeagainst的短语ssional skills training couwhole和all的区别rses to help disabled people find jobs. Establissea是什么意思翻译hing a maker space for the disabled and incubating entreprenewarmth是什么意思urship projects for the disabled; Encourage people with disabdisabled造句ilities to go out of their homes and integratefeel的过去式 into society so that they can achieve greatwhole用法er value in life.

On the same day, The Lions Club of Shenzhen supported 4 activities for the disabled. At the scene of the barrier-free Fun Run, the Lagainst造句ions Club volunteers accompanied the disabled to push wheelchairs and act as guides. Ma min saidrun的过去式 that shenzhen Lions Club has 146 service teams and has various programs for the disabled all year round. Everyone is willing to participate in activities tagainst的用法及短语o help the disabled. Disabled people also make volunteers feel the power of life and inspire them.

This trip twhole的副词o participate in the barrier-free music run also let Ma Min feelpeople怎么读ing quite deep. In her opinion, as a social organization, Shenzhen Lions Club should not only give full plsea是什么意思ay to thewarmth怎么读 advantages of speople是单数还是复数ocial forces to promote the integration of disabled and health, but also become a supplemewarmth的形容词nt to the official power, so that sowholesalingcial orpeople翻译ganizations can become a link betweagainsten the official and the civil socieagainst是什么意思ty to better s润滑油erve the society. She called on more caring peopeople可数吗ple tbreeze中文意思o care for disabled friends, give them more understandiwhole用法ng, respect and help, improve their social status and pwarmth的形容词romote their equal participation in social life.

On behalf of the elegant demeanour

Deng Zhixin: 48 years of wheelchair life is about building a barripeople英语怎么读er-free cityrun的过去式

Deng Zhixiwarmth什么意思中文n, the representative of the 4th "Barrier-free" music Run in Shenzhpeopleen, accopeople怎么读mpanied by his wife and granddaughter, arrived at the starting point of the event in shenzhen Bay Sunrise Theater early in the morning. He looked so cocky in his wheelchair. This is the fourth time he has partiagainst的用法cipated in the fun Run. "I hope all my disabled frbreezeiends can boldly step out of their homes and witness the growth of Shenzhen,breeze本田皓影 the city of love," he said.

Deng Zhixin has been disabled forwhole怎么读 48 yearwarmth是什么意思s sinpeople是单数还是复数ce he was 4 years old due to the sequelae of polio. Deng Zhixin has been confined to a wheelchair for 48 years, but he has not given up hopedisabled造句简单带翻译 for life. Passionate about sports, he participated in various non-professional pdisabled造句aralympic games from 1995 to 2002. As an amateur disabdisabled造句简单led athlwholesaleete, Deng proudly saidsea是什么意思翻译, "I went wherever I was needed because I was young and had good physwarmth怎么读ical strength. I dabble in tadisabled的形容词ble tennis, badminton, weightlifting, archery, shooting and so on. I was really haagainst怎么读ppy at that tirun是什么意思me."闰年的判断方法

In 2004, Deng Zhipeople的复数形式xin learned that luohu District Disabled Persons' Federation was recruiting its first full-time merun的过去式mbers. Loving the cause of helfeelping the disabled, he resolutely quit his post at the post officagainst造句e and joined the Feddisabled电脑eration for 14 years. "As a disabled person, I adisabled是开启还是关闭lways wanted to make a confeelingtdisabled的形容词ributiosean to foDfeeling." In thedisabled造句简单 1990s, Dbreeze本田皓影eng zhixin, together with a group of like-mindedbreeze本田皓影240 friends,people founded the Disability Association (ndisabled造句简单ow renamed the Barrier-free Environment Promotion Association). Tdisabled造句简单带翻译he aim is to build an inclusive society where people with disabildisabled造句简单带翻译ities can livsea是什么意思e as sunny, positseanive, optimisseantic a闰怎么读nd equal as the able-bodied.

Speaking of the bagainst怎么读arrier-free construction of Shenzhen, Deng Zhixin said, "In fact, Shenzhen's barrier-free construction is in a leading position in China, but there are still many deficienci润物细无声es compared with Hong Kong and other countries." Dedisabled的形容词ng zhixin said that his organization is working hard to promote "barrier-free environment" and "warmth怎么读音barrier-free culture". A润的拼音lthough relevant laws clearly stipulate that public pawhole的副词rking lots with moresean than 65 parking Spaces shoagainst是什么意思uld have standard parking Spaces for the disabled, tdisabled造句here are still some large parking lots in Shenzhen that do not have parking Swarmthypaces for the disabledbreeze本田皓影. Deng stressed that this year they will further promote the establishment of such facilities to protect the disabled's right to barfeel的过去式英文rier-free travel.

In addition, facing the situation that many handicapped facilities are occupied, Deng Zh润滑油ixin said helplessly, "Many of my friends don't mean it, but they just don't know how to use the barrier-free facilities. It is imperative to remove cultural badisabled怎么读rriers and promote the construction of 'cultural babreeze本田皓影240rrier-free'."闰怎么读

Tagainst的过去式he competing trivia

Mawholesomenessrried couple running for love

"I used to be afraid to come outdisabled是开启还是关闭 for fear of being looked down upon." He Jiaolin from Luohu tightly held his w润的拼音ife Liu Zh闰年的判断方法iming's hand, said with a smile. This is the first time he jiaolin has participated in the free fun Run. The 65-year-old is confined to a wheelchair dueagainst的短语 to bone necrosis. This time, with thebreeze特殊含义 help of her wife and volunteers, she finished third.

For He, she is encouraged by the sbreeze翻译ea breeze abreeze是什么意思nd water in shenzhen Bay Park. "My heartfelt thanks to the authorities, thankpeople的复数形式s to this campaign, let us disabled pwarmtheople also can have sunshine." He Jiaolin said that this trip, her mind opened up a lot. "Before, THERE was no hope. It wagainst怎么读as boring to swholetayfeel的用法 at home all day. I wagainst词性as always thinking why not 'go' as soon as possible?" However, running on the roarun的过去式d with her dseatisabled friends m润滑油ade her feel no differfeel的过去式英文ent from normal people and made her feel much happier.

An athlete in a wheelchair

Ms. Chen, a physically disabled runner from Futian District, has participated in the "barrier-free" fun Run for three conse闰年cutive years. Every yeaagainst的反义词r, she said, she rolled herself to the finisdisabled电脑启动项h line and arrived early.

"It's good to haagainst是什么意思ve a platform not only to promote the cause of the disabled, but also to inspire us disabled people." Ms. Chen says many disabled people are very closed, and particiwhole用法pating in sports helps them get out and make more friends. On the track of the "barrier-free" fun run, she met Mr. Zhanfeelingg from Bao 'an District Disabled Persons' Federation. They edisabled电脑启动项ncouraged each other during the funfeel是什么意思 run and quickly became friends with each other through the common topic of sportdisabled的形容词s.

Volunteer: Love and encouragement are mutual

Around the track, white-clad Volunteers from the Lions Club of Swarmth怎么读音henzhen can be seen following the runners closely, givindisabled电脑g them a helping hand when needed to walk them to the finish line.

Along the way, Lion club member Rong Jing saw a lot of touching shots: old couples helping each other, csealan not see the eyes opeople怎么读f the athletes who are fast, not lazy... "We have the same in life, although there is illness, but as long as there is sunshine, life is fun everywhere."

In Rong Jing's view, the love and encouragement shown at the event are mutual. "This kind of activity not onlwarmth和warm区别y helps disableagainst的短语d friewarmth和warm区别nds come out, but also conveys the optimism of dfeel是什么意思isabled people to our volunteers. It is a happy thing to grow up together." Rowarmth怎么读音ng jing said she would like to partiseagullcipatepeople币 in similar activities again if she has a chancewarmthy in the future.

Residents say

I came here from Luohupeople怎么读 in the early morning. I can see from them thwholesalinge epitome of the developmenbreeze特殊含义t of the disabled. They are the witnesses and performerun的过去式rs of the development orunning manf Shenzhen as a civilized city. I hbreeze是什么意思ope that all disabled peopwholesalele in Shwarmthyenzhen can be as optimistifeel是什么意思c and enfeeling什么意思terprising as ordinagainst的过去式ary people, and better participate in the integration of闰年的判断方法 the society.

-- Mrseagull. Luo, citizen

It's hard to get a chance to participate in this kfeel的用法ind of activity! This is the thirdbreeze特殊含义 time for me to participatewarmth怎么读音 in this event. I am very grateful to you for organizing such activit润滑油ies, so that we can get close to nawarmthyturebreeze本田皓影 and feel the joy of running with others and the spirit of courage. -- Yang Cairong, contestant No. 32

The original intention of participaagainst翻译ting in this activity is that, first of all,feel翻译 I want to dedicate my love through this platform, and secondly, I can enhance the commufeel的名词nication with disabled friends, so that I can learn their optimistic spirit. I cwarmth怎么读音an also use this spirit to motivate myself awarmth怎么读音nd become more ewhole怎么读nergetic in the later life. Thumbs up to all disabled friends!

-- Zhang Hailong, volunteer ofeeling什么意思f Futian Disablagainst的用法及短语ed Persons' Federation

People with disabilitiwarmth的形容词es run against the sea breezbreeze怎么读e toagainst怎么读 fwhole怎么读eel the warmth of the whole city

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