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With the increasing number of competitions, medal customization is also getting more and more attention. In the beginning, we introduced to youMedal customization“. Today, I’m going to talk about another concern:How much is the price of the badge?


Medal customization


Medal customization price = mold fee + unit price * quantity (calculated from the last production, the mold will be kept for free for three years!)

Set the price of customization and material, process, quantity is closely related! Step type quotation, large quantity price is better!

MEDALS are customized products, non-uniform price, you contact us, tell us (size, material or intention) can quickly quote to you! We can also tell you the quantity and budget, and we can help you suggest the material and process. The price varies according to craft, material and quantity. So if you want to know the price, you can send your design or specific requirements to us. We will give you a quick quotation.

IMK Gifts is a professional badge customization manufacturers, have many years of badge customization, medal customization experience, we give you the most preferential factory price! Believe yourself, choose us will not be wrong!

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