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Badge customizationThe difficulty in the process is not to find suppliers, but the badge design draft and badge scheme decision. In the badge customization process, but often easy to ignore the following several problems, resulting in the finished product does not meet expectations.


Badge customization


1. Badge positioning is not clear

From the beginning, many users were not clear whether their company needed to customize a commemorative badge or just wear the suit badge and suit badge on the suit collar. This is a key issue because commemorative badges are commemorative and have many different manufacturing processes and requirements, unlike those on the collar of a suit. Fine, fine, high, strong, to ” And in the production process is also quite exquisite. Whether the badge is aimed at the upscale or the general public should also be considered.

2. The size of the badge is not accurate

Why is the badge size inaccurate? This is because most customers do not understand the expression form and wearing style of badges. In fact, the main thing is that badges, no matter where they are worn and no matter what kind of occasion they are used, cannot be separated from the company. Because of the size, specification and size of the badge, it is not accurate. If it is too big, it will be very ugly and indecent. If it is too small, it will become a little dot, which can’t express anything.

3. The number of badges is not accurate

The number of badges is not accurate, do not know the number of orders of badges, it can not be fundamentally effective control of the production costs of badges, badges, badges, the price of badges, in badge procurement on the price of badges can not have an advantage. This is because of the cost of making the badge. — Pricing power depends entirely on quantity. The larger the number, the cheaper, on the contrary, the smaller the number, the badge customization price is much higher.

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