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Mobile phone hanging rope is hanging on the mobile phone is a kind of decoration, sometimes also convenient to carry, pr蓝牙rdaevent loss and other practical functions.

Common type: shortMobile phone hang rope, incoming light flashingMobile phone hang ropeA long rope hanging around the neck
Mobile phone hang ropeProduction: small mobile phone lanyard actually need a lot of processes, the following example of ordinary mobile phone lanyard production proceslanyardhole是什么意思s and raw matmobile怎么读erial prephonemesparation.
The firstmobile吉祥cn materialsmobile是什么意思 needed:
1.Ribbon: general production of mobile phone lanyard materials are nylon,ppPolyestmobileprohubs美国官网ermanufacturer中文, high elastic cotton, general specifications are wide4mm,5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm,10mm,mobilelink12mm,16mm,manufacturer疫苗20mm,25mmAnd so on.
2.Accessories: general accessories are metal hooks, document clips, etc., plastic aircraft buckle, buckle, safetyphone怎么读语音 bucklephonetic是什么意思, etc.
4.Assembly: after printing, cut well according to the specified size, add string, plastic buckle, glue or press mmobileemumaster是什么文件etal sheet tphone是什么意思中文翻译成为o package. After inspection, a lanyard was ready for shipment.

3.Printing: general mobile phone lanyard and other pmanufacturer疫苗opular fashion text and figures, etc.
Mmanufacturer什么意思中文obile phone hanging rope is mobile phone decoration
The scopemobilelink of uslanyard loope of mobile phone lanyard is not onlphone13y mobile phone, there are many products and indulanyard海词stries camanufacturer什么意思中文n be used, such as[1]:cdMachines, toys, radios, flashlights, games,UPlalanyards什么意思te,mp3,mp4, learning machine, intercom and so on. Any product that needs to be portable can be used.

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