Phone lanyard of choice

The choice of mobile phone lanyard: the lanyard can not choose too thick, too thick words simpchoicely can nophone13t wear in, the lanyard can not choose tlanyard photo翻译oo fine, othchoice是什么意思中文翻译erwise it is too easy to break. Blanyard海词e sure to choose a sulanyard photo翻译itable lanyard for your phone according to the weight of your phophonene and the size of the lanyard hochoicele. Because it is mainly to solve the probphone怎么读lem of installation, here will not introduce the choice of lanyard, here I take thin line as lanyard as an exampchoice的动词le, ask you tochoice翻译 demonstrate.
Place the phone lanyard alanyard海词nd phone on the table.
Take a close look at your phone and find the lanyon of your phone. The lanyon of the Mi 2S is right here. It’s small, but it’s alanyard looplso pretty obvious, usually in the lower left corner of your phone
When you find it, remove the case and set it aside
Before the mophone怎么读bile phone lanyard is worn, take tlanyardhe wire to pass through the lanyard hole, in ordelanyardr to prevent clogging, so that the rope can be worn more smoothly
Hold the end of thelanyardhole是什么意思 rope through the hole
Thlanyard pull handleen use wire to hang the rope from the plastic pillarchoice和choose的区别 inside
Press on the phone case, work dchoice怎么读英语one,choice is not very simple
Don’t make the rope too soft, or it wonphones接口是什么意思‘t be easy to get in

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