How does the rope match the jade pendant? Rope knot method to share

How does the rope match the jade pendant? Rope knot method to share

A good color of water is good pendant, there is no good rope can not wear; If randomly matchhow是什么意思ed with a rope, not only can not highlight the bknot是什么意思中文翻译eautpendant中文翻译y of the pendant, buhow是什么意思t also will be dark, it is a pity the peknottingndant; If the rope is too complicated, even if the rope is expensivejade软件 and the pendant is matched, it also appears to be overwhelming. A good horse with a good saddle is the absolute tmethodologiesruth.

K goldmatch的用法 necklace and lanyard

For small pieces, in 2cm*2cm penknotty人与猪dants, or even smaller, color is better to play a K gold buckle, with a K gold necklace tohow wear more beautiful; If it isropeway larger than this ratio,matchmaker plus some thickness, it will appear that the chain does not match the pendant. The pendant is tjade怎么读oo heavy, and the chain wijade软件ll exert strong pressujade本田什么车re ojade软件n thdoes后面的动词用什么形式e skin, strangling the neck.

Block degree is big, most stiropesll wear with rope.

Color of the lanyard

Color wajade软件怎么分析xrdter good pendant, with black rpendantlistope wear beautiful.

Imperialhow green, yellow greenpendants pendaropent with black rope had better.

The apple-green pendant lookshowever什么意思 good on red string

Should each person choose different interest to colorific, be like: somebody likes plum red, somebody likes blackish gdoes后面的动词用什么形式reen, the person of this year uses redrope是什么意思英语 rope, dot chdoes是什么意思ooses mulrope翻译ticknotolored rope, wait a moment.

The simplicity of the rope

(a) good color water, no big carver pendant

1, the more simple, the better, simple rope, highlight the beauty of jade material.

2, can be compiled several pineapple knot, highlight the simple anpendant killd elegant jade.

3. Use small beads with a diameter of about 4cm of icejade软件怎么分析xrd to make hanging rmatchesfashionopes. Separate the beads with 2-3 snakeknots, and feel smooth when wearinghowareyou是什么意思中文 them. Especially in summer wear coorope怎么读l, not skin allergy; Spring and autumn wear in cashmere, sweater outside will not produce pull.

4, with amber (beads or path path) woven into the chain, through two different materials (jade and blood) color ddoes怎么读ifference highlights the beauty of jade.

(two) color waterropeway什么意思中文 general but good carver pendant

When weaving a romatchesfashionpe, I often use small beads, pathways, small bottles, small joint heights and snakeknots to separate them. The weaving of the line and beads comes up with some pattemethodicallyrns, which should not be too complicated. The rope becomes too fancy, and the exquisite pendant is not promishare微博nent, and it becomes too ovehow怎么读rwhelming.

(3) carved pieces of cyanine and iron dragon raw materials

Itmethodically is best to use the chain made of black agate beads. The pattern of the chain should be decided according to the size and shape of tmatchesfashionhe pendant. The collocation of agate and thshare微博e pendant of these two materials is simple and charming.

(4) Purple philippe pendants

1, with black rsharedope plus a green beads, strpendanticong contrast.

2, with amber (blood or gold) chain, beads and beads between the two kjadeevo大便not.

(5) Huang Fedoes和do的用法区别i pendants

I have tried black rope, rehow怎么读d rope, ice chain, roperope是什么意思英语 effect are not good, whow是什么意思ith yellow fei beads woven chain is a good choice.

(6) Hjadeiteetian jade pendants, pendants and brands

1. Chains woven with ambehowr (beads or pathways) match well with Hetian jadknots是什么单位e.

2, with Indian rosewojade英文名od beads and hetian jade also complement each other.

(sevenpendant) stalls, tourist attractions to buy bricks hanging

Had bethow怎么读ter buy hang rope incidentally when hanging, act on the principle of economy, save cost, important is not the matching problem of hanging rope and hanging rope, however vogue and mood are cheerful just be the most important.


Perforated pendants, lanyardjade本田什么车s, scissors, lighters

Hanging r杀人蟹ope knot method

1, fire roast rope, while hot wire pinch fine, can make it through the hole

2. The rope ends pasknots是什么单位s through the pendant hole together

3, according to personal preference to leave the appropriate lengthjadeite of binding length such as 1cmknot是什么意思

4. Open the end of the rope andknots tie a knoropeway什么意思中文t around the other side

5. Tie a knot around the other side

6. Reverse the knot again

7, so a stjaderaight and reverse knot, until the length of the rope head

8. Handle the end with a lighter

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