Real people! Selling work card lanyard is a chilling experience!

&.; &.; &.; &.; Share with you a real person who sells work card rope!

&.; &.; &realme.; &.; I am a small person in charge of DONGGUAN IMK GIFT Co Ltd Ribcardsbon Weaving Craft Factory. I mpeople是单数还是复数et a very smart customer, verychilling time sophisticatchillingworthed, but also very chilling.chilling time.

&nexperience的意思bsp; &.; &nbslanyardhole是什么意思p; &nbcardssp; She came to my store three times. The quantiexperience歌曲ty of inquiry is different each time.

&.; &.; &nworkbsp; &.; The firsexperience的动词t inquiry asked about a wexperienceork permit lanyard wiselling sunsetth 50,000 pieces of three styles. One difference is that the lanyard hascard herringbone. There was a batch of computeexperience的动词r cars coming into my factory, so I made an offer and said we could do it. A fewreally怎么读 days later, the customer came over to say that he wanted to make a sample of three colors, and asked how much tpeople后面用is还是arehe sample cost, I only quoted 100, but a few day蓝牙rdas later, did not say the sample, how to return a call? I asked her, and she said, wait.

&.; &.; &.; &.; The second inquiry is the same work permit lanyard, which is also a zigzag car, and the acworkplacecessories are the same, but trealityhe number has reapeople可数吗ched thousands. I made another offer, but a few days passed, and the order went nowhere. Howevercardib新歌wap完整版mv, sucards怎么读语音ch a guest, do sales know, her list is not small.

&.; &.; &.;chillingo所有游戏 &.; Third inquiry

The same is the work card lanyworkoutard, but this trealizeime there are only 500, or three. Oh,realistic my God. Why are they getting smaller and smaller? Don’t understancard智能锁官网d, don’t think much, just hexperiencesave a list to do. After this quoted price, the next day to arrange pr蓝牙rdaoofing, itselling rate is simpworkly yo. Half-finished product comes out, takes a car, oh, mrealizey God, this colanyardmputer car doesn’t work with a herringbonerealmegt line?

&.; &.; &.; &.; There is a problemreally是什么意思

&.; &.; &.; &.; I found the master who knew the business, and tchilling怎么读hey confirmed that this waselling是什么意思s not a flatreally是什么意思 car.How to do?

So I talked to the customer, and the customer replied that she had already agreed with the customer over there, you have to think of a way. And the point is, she finally said, “My client has a lot of these orders, I’selling sunsetll make them for you.” That’s true. Haven’t we had thcardoree inquiries? So I confirmed with her again, and she again gave me a verbal promchilling是什么意思ise to do all the orders for me in the fselling怎么读uture. So I decided to makreally是什么意思e this list. But I found a lot of car clothingreally怎么读 shops do not have this kind of car, finally there is only oneselling expense way. Let’s get in another clothes mpeople是什么意思achine. It cost thousands. Just hundreds of ropes, I hope you can give me more orders to do.

The goods were shipped and theselling中文翻译 order completed. After more than a monworksth, Icard halanyard海词ve asked him twilanyard pull handlece, such a work card hanpeople怎么读ging rope need to order, but sometimes she does not return me, sometimes coldly retupeople是可数名词还是不可数名词rn 1: do not yo. How sad the heart is. After that, I asked a few times, but they didn’t answer me.

The small list that hangs rope for you of this working card, I paid how many painstaking efforts, paid hpeople怎么读英语ow many tickets, you say well at the beginnpeople可数吗ing, have a lot of list of yo! Why is the list changed wselling翻译hen it’s given to you?

It’s really chilling! Strongly callrealmegt on buyers to abpeople怎么读ide by the commitment! Safeguard seller’s rights and interests!

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