Certificate lanyard heat transfer processing

Certificate lanyard thermal transfer printing technology is widely used in electrical appliances, daily neheatcessities, building materials deheat是什么意思中文coration, etc. Because of its cotransferringrrosion relanyardsistance, impact resistance, aging recertificate是什么证书sistanctransfer用法e, wear resistance, fire prevention, outdoor use for 15 years does not chtransfer是什么意思中文翻译ange color and other properties, almost allheating goods are made out of this way. Let’s take a look at the heat traprocessing是什么软件nsfer printing lanyard processing.


Ceprocessing是什么意思中文rtificate rope thermal transfer printing is to print the pheatatheathenstern to the heat-resistant adhesive pacertificate是什么意思per, through heating, pressuheathrowre, incertificate和certification区别k layer pattern printed to the finished matericertificate是什么证书al on a technology. Even if it is a multi-color pattern, because the certifheatwavesicate蓝牙rda lanyard transfer operation is only a process, so the customer can shorten the printing paheatsinkttern operation, reduce the lotransferss of materials (finished products) caused by printing errors. The multi-color pattern can be made into a picture by using the thermcertificate怎么读al transfer film printing of certificate hanging rope, without clanyard 翻译olor matching, simple equipment cancertificate什么牌子 also prilanyard海词nt realistic patterns.


For example, open the phone case, the inside can see theathrowhe dense labtransferwiseel with bar code. Many label requiremtransfer是什么意思ents can withstand the test of time, lonlanyard pull handleg-term deformation, do not fade, not due to contact with solvent wear, not because of hiheatinggh tempprocessing编程语言erature defoheathensrmation and discoloration, stransfer是什么意思o it is necessary to use a special material printing medium and printiheat是什么意思中文ng materials tlanyards什么意思o ensure these characlanyard海词teristics, gcertificateeneral inkjet, laser printing technology is unabllanyards什么意思e to achieve.


The pattern of the ceprocessing编程语言rtificate rope, whether monochrome or multicolor, is transferred to the ribbon at one time, so the color of the LOGO does not have much to do with the printing coheatwavesst (only the differenclanyard 是什么意思e between plate making). Thermal transfer prilanyard 是什么意思nting lanyard technolprocessing是什么软件ogy islanyard 翻译 particularly suitable flanyard pull handleor printing full collanyardhole是什么意思or images or colorprocessing翻译ful complex patterns.


The above is aboprocessing编程语言ut the document lanyard thermal transfer printing processing, I hope to help you.

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