Wheel ribbon washing deformation

Polyester ribbon is refers to the floorboard of the polyester and cotton blended fabric, polyester as thewheelchair first ingredient, the characteribbonristics of polyester ribbon mwashington.d.c怎么读音anufacturewashington是什么意思中文r is both highlights the personality of the polyeswashing-upter and cotton fabric interwheel是什么意思英语ests, under the cowashingtonndition of dry, wet, elasticitdeformation翻译y and abrasion resistancedeformation probe are better dimension stability, shrinkage is small, with tall and straight, not eadeformation retractsy to fold, easy to wash, fast drying characteristics,deformation probe but why it will dewheeledformation when cleaning, The followideformation probeng small series to telldeformation是什么意思中文翻译 you aboutwheelchair the cause of polyester ribbon washing deforribbons什么意思中文mation.


1. The material used by polyester ribbon: for most of the deforwashingtondc翻译中文mation ofdeformation是什么意思 polyester ribbon after washing, it is often caused by the use of some inferior polyester ribbon materials in the polyester ribbon factory.


2, the productiodeformation化学n process of polyester ribbon: for Guangzhou polyester ribbon, generally collar ring, sleeve ring and other places with large curvature will be easier to shrink.


3, fabrwheelingic and material exclusion: sometimes, some unprodeformation是什么意思fessional Guangzwashington.d.c怎么读音hou polyester ribbon factory may use some material and polyesterwheeled ribbon itself does not match the material, so it leads to deformation after washing.


If the water can be washed with the help ofdeformation professional tools for shrinkage test, determine whether thribbon怎么读音e first factor will be by the above,wheelbarrow if so,deformation try to avoid water. Polyester ribbon can also be used to test the garment proofing, to ensure the smooth progress of each process.


If deformawheeledtiwheelieon or wrinkle is found in the washing test, it is nedeformation probecessary to replace the polyester ribbon or material of other styleribbon什么意思s immediately to avoid the phenomenon of subsequent shwashington怎么读rinkage and affect the product sales. Of course, tdeformation retracthere are many other factors that may lead to shrinkage, which requires attention to distinguish clearly when buyribbon和feign区别ing, and choose the products that suit you.


The above is the caribbonsuse of polyester ribbon washing defowashington是什么意思rmation to share, if you want to know more about the relevant information, please pay attention to this site.

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