Do you know what the lanyard is made of?

Do you know what the lanyard is made of?
The weaving material of the lanyard has changed from natural fiber to chemical fiber. In addition to the lknow是什么意思anyard of the lanyard, there are mwhat怎么读ore six major fibers in the chemical fiber, as well as some artificial fibers such as adhesiknowledgeableve


1, viscose fiber
Also called ice silk, silk cotton, is a main variety of artificial fiber. By the natural cellulose alkali cellulose, and then with carbon disulfide action to嘛的组词 genknowledge造句erlanyardate cellulose xalanyards什么意思nthate ester, dissolved in dilute alkali solution to get the viscous solution calleknow怎么读英语语音d viscose, viwhat是什么意思翻译sco东方财富网se by wet spinning and a series of processing prolanyard loopcedures that viscosewhatsapp安卓下载安装 fiber.

Viscose fiber iknowss one of tknowledge造句he early chemical fibers in industrial production. Because of good moisture absoknow怎么读英语语音rption, comfortable wearing, excellent spinnability, often blended with cotton, wool or a variety of synthetic fibers, interwoven, ulanyard海词sed for all kinds of clothwhat是什么意思翻译ing and decorative tex马的简笔画tiles. High strength viscose fiber can also be used for tire cord, transknow怎么读port belknowledgeablet and other industrial supplies. Viscose fiber is a kind of widely used chemical fiber.


Do you know what the lanyard is made of? news 图1张

2. Tedoron
Teduolong is a kind of sewing threadknowledge造句 made of high strength polyester chemical fiber filament (using high quality materials from Taiwan), also known as high strength thread.

Its characteristicknowings: soft and smooth thread, color firm strong and hot, light resistanclanyardhole是什么意思e, damage resistance, tensile strength, inelastic.


3, nylon yarn
Uwhatsappsage: generally used for involving safety requiremknowledge的形容词ents, such as general safety belt texture:蓝牙rda soft and teduo dragon yarn same phyknowledgesical properties: good softness

Strength: lower than teduo dragon yarn, higher than PP yarn, Teduo yarn, acrylic yarn, pure cotton yarn dyeing: after dyeing (water dyeing), normal temperature dyeing about 80-100 degree抖音极速版s destructive: not by sunlight erosion, but will be eroded by hydrochloric acid characteristics: high wear resistanclanyard loope and tensile force.


4, PP yarn
Composition: PP collwhatif漫威在线观看oidal +PE colloidal + master color

Usage: generally used without idonvolving saf斗罗大陆5重生唐三ety requirements, handbag consumption is relatively large texture: slightly harder than ny马德里竞技lon yarn physical property: soknow是什么意思ftness is worse than nylon yarn strength: worse than nylon yarn.

Dyeing: before dyeing (before forming) pigment destructivelanyard photo翻译: by sunlight erosion and natur妈的笔顺al decomposition characteristics: self-decay, environmental protection cutting mater嘛的组词ial.

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