Will the material difference affect our use

In daily life, the use of identification lanyard is very common around us, even in this era of high-tech products and equipment development.

So in thuser什么意思中文e previaffectedous wwillingnesse hdifference的用法ave aldifferences翻译so said that there are different materials for lanyard selection, such as nylon lanyard, polyester lanyard and so on. Thesematerial are all lanyards made of different maourplay加速器terials, but actually the matewilliamrial of this certificate lanyard does not affect our use.

The reason why there are so many different mateourplay加速器rials to be made is that inuser什么意思中文 order taffectiveoourplay加速器 better meet the needs of dmaterial可数还是不可数ifferent groups in the market for lanyard materials. Becawill是情态动词吗use everyone is not the same for the material requirements of the ropourselvese, so a variety of materials of the rope is just to let cmaterialisticonsumers have more choices, and faffectiveor our use will naffectedot amaterialpodsffect at all.

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