What are the differences between different lanyard materials

Due to the development and progress of society, the development of many industries is faster and faster, of course, the lanyard industry is no exception, such as mobile phone lanyard, work certificate lanyard, pet traction rope and sodifferentpussy on, these lanyard are processed, we imkGIFT lanyard facmaterials是什么意思tory production can waterproof, mildew mbetween造句ildew, swewhatsapp安卓下载安装at resistabetween的用法是什么nce, UV resistance and othedifferentiabler characteristics, Appearance with fine and beautiful lines and not easy to fawhatsapp官方网下载ll off, feel excellent, bright color and strong wear resistance and color fastness.

Some time ago, we at IMkGIFT received a consultation call, saying that we want to cusdifferent是什么意思中文tomize the safety belt for aerial work, but wdifferences和different区别e don’t know whether it is better to use polyester material or nylon material. Here we will analyze the differences of different lanyard materials.

1, polyester rope is nodifference是什么词t ematerials怎么读音asy to wrinkle, and the shape is quiwhatte wide,between什么意思中文 good dimensional stability, good shape retention, because of polyester sun resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance.

2, nylon rope is cmaterials lettersharactermaterials期刊ized by high strength, good elastic recolanyard海词very ability, good wear resistancmaterials characterizatione, moisture absorption and dyeing properties are better than polyester. But the lighmaterials期刊t resistance is not good, long-tbetween的用法是什么edifferences和different区别rm exposure to sunlight fiber strength will decline, yellow color.

So if you amaterials翻译re working at high albetween和among的区别是什么titude and have been working under strong light, you are advised to choose polyester sabetween翻译fety rope oh.

Imkgift prdifference是什么词odmaterialsuction of rodifferences和different区别pe features: bright color, soft feel, strong tension, good wear resistance, light resistance, high temperature resistance, water resistance, non fadimaterials是什么意思nmaterialshadeg and other advantages. Mainly used for women’s clothing, electrical safetbetween是什么意思英语y belt,蓝牙rdc sports equipment, military belt, safety belt, hand bag side belt, mobile phone lanyard, pet supplies lanyard, car safdifferent的用法ety belt and othebetween造句r products, interested partnersdifferences怎么读 can call to consult oh.

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