Pick mobile phone lanyard skills and matters needing attention

Mobile phone lanyard is hanging on the mobile phone is a kind of decoration, sometimes also have convenient to carry, prevent loss and othermobilelink官方下载 practical functions, very praphone怎么读ctical, so how should we choose their own mobile phone lanyardphonemes? This article will give you an introductattention舞蹈ion

Many mobile phones will be reserved olanyard 是什么意思n thphonetice mobile phone hanging hanging accessories hole. Jattention的动词apaattention中文谐音n is the birthplace of mobile phone hanging ornaments. In edo period, people used to insert walletsattention中文谐音 into belts. In order to prepick的过去式vent wphones接口是什么意思allets from falling from belts, common types of mobile phone hangimatters是什么意思ng rope are: short mobile phone hanging rope, phone flashing light hanging rope, and neck rope (lonlanyard海词g, hanging on the necskills翻译k).

The main uses are: easy to carry mobile phone and decoration mobile phone, other functions have a flash call, with a stypick计划lus, etc. For example: Nomatters和affairs的区别kia 5800 lanyard

Everyone in the purchamobile怎么读se of mobile phone rope choice: the rope can not choose too thick, too thick words simply canmobile的英语怎么读 not wear in, the rope can not choose too fine, otherwiphone13se it is toopicked easy to break.matter是可数名词还是不可数名词 Be sure to choose a suitable lanyard for your phonmatters翻译e according to the weight of yourlanyard pull handle phoattention翻译ne and the size oneedingf the lanyarmatter是什么意思怎么读dskills翻译 hole. Becaskill什么意思中文use it is mainly to solve the problem of installmatter是什么意思中文ation, here will not introduce the choice of lanyard, here I take thin line as lanyard as an example, ask you to demonstrate.

Place the phone lanyard and phone on the table. Take a close look at your phone and find the lanyon of your phone. The lanyon of the Mi 2S is right here. Itpicking‘s small, but it’s also pretty obvious, usually in the lower lefmatter是可数名词还是不可数名词t corner omobilelegendsf your phone. When you find it, remove the case and set it aside. Before wearing the rope, take the wire through the rope hole, in order to prevent blmobilelinkockage,蓝牙rdc so that when wearing the rneedingope more smoothpick计划ly grasp the ropickedpe head through the hole, and then use the wire to hang the rolanyardpe on the plastic column insneeding词性ide, press the phone case, work done, is not very simple.

Note: The rope should not be toophonemes soft, or it will not be easy to get in.

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