Is there any special technique for the manufacture of nylon lanyard?

If you have read the previous article about the production process of nylon lanyard, theretechnique怎么读 should be basic understanding, then there are othere怎么读ther aspects of the production process?

In general, our side can use touch to the product in the production of linkmanufacturer是什么意思 tempornylon是什么意思ary are generally demand must process, but in the process, is not to say that we can touch all the products are used demand for processing process, only for people intechniques什么意思 daily use is to cspecial怎么读语音onduct such a link.

But in the production of nylon rope, is there any other processing process? In fact, thelanyard prmanufacture和produce的区别ocessing process is also certain, but in the process of these processing, just to make it in use of the quality of the existence onylon66是什么材料f a certain guarantee nature is to go, so its production will also exist there are other processing processes.

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