Polyester rope dyeing steps need to have what time!

Lanyard is common in daily life. Lanyard is not only an ornament, but also a decorative function. It is now widely used in electronic U disk, bank U shield, staff badge, exhibition card, mini audio, mobildyeing coste phone, flashlight,need的用法 work card, ballpoint pen, lanyard and lanyard. All eletimerctronic products that need to bdyeing英文e portable can be used.


Every polyester lanyard needs to be dyed, which wpolyester是什么面料e can know from the variousdyeing原型 latimeoutnyard and polyester lanyard we usropesually use. At the same time, there are methods and tricks for dyeing polyester ribbon. Dongguan Huasong Craft Gpolyester翻译ift Co., Ltd. will introduce the steps needed for dyeing polyester lanyard.


1, fixed: polyester ribbon is the process of dye and fiber costeps是什么意思中文翻译nnection, with the dye and fiber is not the same, the contact method is also different.


2. Difftimeoutusion: Dye adsorbed on the surface of the fiber diffuses into thdyeing是什么意思中文e fiber until the conpolyester的衣服贵吗centratstepsiblingsion of dye idyeing读音n each part of the fiber tends to be the same. Because the constepscentration of dye adsorbed on the surface of the fiber is grestepsater than that inside the fiber, the dye diffussteps是什么意思中文翻译ed from the fiber surface to thewhatsapp下载 fiber iwhatif漫威在线观看nterior. At this point, the diffusion of dye breaks the established adsorption equilibridyeing costum, thdyeing coste dye in the solution will continue to adsorb to the surface of thwhatsapp下载e fiber, adsorption and desorption again to balance.


3, adsorption: When polyester ribbon fiber into the dye bath in the future, dye spread the polyester ribbon fiber appearsteps怎么读ance fipolyester的衣服贵吗rst, ttimetablehen gradualwhatsapp安卓下载安装ly tpolyester是什么意思ransferred to the fiber surface by the solution, the process is callneeded adsorption, as time goes on, the cneed是情态动词吗oncentration of the dyes on the fibers added gradually, and the dye concentration in the solution is reduced gradually, after a period of time, reach the balance, the inverse process of desorption adsorptistepsistarteachon, Adsorption and desdyeing翻译orption exist together in the dyeing process.

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