What information do the customers need to prepare for the tag rope customization

  In order to better make the customer’s necessary badge lanyard, the customer must provide relevant materials to the manufacturer before ocustomization是什么意思rdering the badge lanyard. So what material does the cus安逸花tomer actually have to provide? The actual following:

(1) Manufcustomers翻译acturing regulacustomer是什么意思英语tions: customers to provide the necessary processing technology and its basic idea (heat transfer process, screen printing icustomer是什么意思英语nk, etc.).

② Specicustomization绝地求生fications: the customer must provide custocustomer是什么意思mized rope specifications (length * width * thicknbadlyess).

③ Total number: the customer provides the exact total nactually怎么读umber爸的笔顺 that must be customized.

④ Design drawings: the custo八大行星mer shall provide customized lanyard design drawings (CDR or AI format) as re八段锦国家体育总局口令版quired.

Materactually造句ials: lany爸的笔顺ard materials (polyester cloth, polyester, etc.) that must be customized provided bycustomization怎么读 customers

⑥ Spare parts: customers must provbadgeridcustomizations是什么文件e customized lanyard spare parts.

In addition, the source code of logo (CDR or AI format) should be provided ifcustomizationtool the customer requires the company logo to be printed on the rope.

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