Several common uses for lanyards

  Hang rope is one of the girls are often applied to kinds of ornaments, jewelry and many girluse三单s feel very beautiful, like a necklace, hanging rocommon是什么意思英语pe in the necklace is also have very big effect, some people like love jade, so just pick the cords can hang jade ornaments to decorate design, everyone know jade is very simple, If apply too excessive multifarious commodity to decorate desseveral同义词ign to make clear to do not come out its natural, guileluse是什么意思中文翻译ess representative, say it is a kind of adornment on jadseveral造句e so. There are many types of lanyard, all kindcommonnesss of, each kind of main use is not the same, the use value of a rope is vseveral是什么意思中文ery wonderful, not thecommonwealth same application reflects the use value is not the same.

Hanging belt can be divided into caseveral同义词rd card to hang belt, mobile phone to hang belt, jade condole pendant to hang belt to wait for a variety of diversifuse是什么词性orm design, little imagine this kind of hanginuse是什么词性g belt also is to have certain attention on choosing.

Valid certificate hanging rope

Card stseveral是什么意思中文rap: effective certificate strap, is ause是什么词性 number of service window servcommonwealthice project organizations or large enterprises to shcommonlyow their own brand image is very genuses怎么读呢eral and verseveral翻译y common a key media to identify theseveral是什么意思中文 unit and staff objectives. Work ccommonplaceard hanging rope in the color of the selseveral是什么意思中文ectiuse是什么意思中文翻译on of most reduse是什么意思中文, dause三单rk blue, light yellousesw ascommonplace the dominant, dark blue white oh iscommonness the general scommonlytaff, red class leadership cadres, light yellow for other roles of department managers, and the length of the workcommon翻译 carseveral同义词d hanging rope should be more suitable in the navel part.

Hook up your phone

Hanging rope on mcommonnessobile phone: hanseveral同义词ging rope on mobile phone is a kuse是什么意思中文翻译ind of decoration on mobile phone, someuses怎么读呢times it also has the basic function of convenient becommon是什么意思英语lt, avoid losing. When choosing the rope on the phone, the cuse是什么意思中文olor can be selected according to thseveral怎么读e color on the phone, and the pattern design of the rope can also be selected accordingseveral是什么意思中文 to their favorite purchause是什么意思中文se. The straps used for hanging mobile phones cancommonplace alscommon怎么读o be used for hanging cameras, MP4, USB flash drives and other electronic dseveral中文翻译evices.

Jaduse是什么意思e pendancommon翻译t hanging rope

Jade penuse是什么意思中文翻译dant rope; General jade pendant rope in the selectuse是什么意思中文翻译ion, most of the color is red as the dominant, and the lenlanyardsgth of the rope in the breast can be, not suitable for too long, and the jade penseveral翻译dant rope in size is also a cerseveral怎么读tain attention, I am feeluse是什么意思ing jade pendant rope is not easy to be too thick.

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