Ribbon inspection standard process

If the ribbon factory wants to have a better production process for the production of ribbon products, to efficiently and quickly complete the needs of customers, it needs to have a series of products and production control process, the following IMkGIFT ribbon mainly explains the quality control process of the ribbon, how to cribbonsorrectly test the series of ribstandard怎么读bon products.
Specify the process procedures to ensure that the quality of ribbon weavingprocessed process is reasonably and effectively controlled to reduce the occurrence of defective products.
All the quality control operaribbon什么意思tions in the production process of ribprocessingbon, theinspection control linkprocessing编程语言 is the control of materials to the production workshop, semi-finished products into theribbons怎么读 waribbon怎么读音rehouse, mainly for the quality control of all departments in the manufastandard是什么意思cturistandardizedng site of semi-finished products.
Confirmatprocessionion of first piece inspection
Forprocessor处理器 new open (change machine) before mass productiribbon怎么读on, the inspinspection nowector should start up inspection. And record the inspection results in the Inspection record form, so that the quality department can have a prelimininspection methodary understanding of theprocessing编程语言 products.
Check the production data
During the formal productinspection的反义词ion of each product and machine, inspectors should check the materials, equipment status, process cards and operation instructions. When dyeing workshops start dyeing, they should haninspection nowd in the machistandard怎么读ne test table (which contains detailed infoprocessonrprocessedmation of material, raw material, product, machine number, operator and so on).
Inspectionprocess regulations for inspectors
Inspectstandard-settersion time fstandards单词含义requency inspector in the inspection, uninterrupted according to the machine, station inspection, under normal production conditions, should maintain 2-3processon hours of inspection. In special time, applyprocession是什么意思 for manpowestandards单词含义r assistaprocessornce from the department toinspection ensure the density of inribbons怎么读spection.
Ininspection翻译spect according to pprocessingroduct qualistandardty standainspection翻译rd.
A, appearance inspection: vistandard反义词sual, feel, and reference production sample verification;
B. Sizeprocessing: use measuring tools to detect;
C, functional characteristics: testingstandard是什么意思 equipment cinspectionalan be used for verification (colorimribbon怎么读音eter), if necessary, sampling by the test room for washing, fading and other tests.
D. Machine operation parameters: compare the actual parameters with the data on the Process Card.
E. Pprocesslacement of products and materials: check whether products, materials, waste products and unqualified products are placed in the specified area;
F. Employee operation method: Whether the employee operates thprocession是什么意思e machine in accordance with the regulatiribbons什么意思中文ons, and whether the inspinspectionalector is notified to be present for verification when the prstandardizationodustandardizedct is replaced.
G. Check the identification status of materials, products and machines. 3.4 Inspectoinspection什么意思r inspection records
The inspector shall truthfully record the inspection results in the Process inspection Inspectinspection读音ion Recordribbon怎么读 Sheribbon和feign区别et after each inspection. 3.processed5 Quality abnormal feedback and processing
During inspection, inspectors should take the following actions if they find any abnormal qualitprocess翻译y phenomenon:
When A can decide by himself, fill out the Inspector inspection Problem Reporprocess翻译t and submistandard-setterstribbon怎么读音 it to the production department for improvement after the supervisor approves and signs it.
B if it is not determined by itself, the dribbon怎么读efectiinspection nowve prostandardizedduct sample shall be submittedstandardized to thstandard反义词e supervisor for confirmation, and the docuinspectionalment shalinspection nowl be submitted to the production department for improvement. C confirm the improvement measures replied by the production department and pay attention to thinspection翻译成中文e improvement effect. D Isolate and label the nonconforming productsprocession.
E report the problems in the improved Quality Problem Sheeribbon怎么读音tprocessing to theinspection department leader, and then copystandard翻译 the sheet and submit it to the production workshostandard的否定前缀p fostandard怎么读r improvement.

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