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Silk ribbon unique comfort
Real silk is composed of protein fiber, and the human body has exsilkycellent bproductsiological compatibsilkroad暗网ility,ribbons together with smooth surface, its friction stimproducts是什么意思英语ulnovelanceation coefficient of human body is the lowest in all kinds of fiber, only 7.4%. Accoproduct什么意思中文翻译rdingly, when oproducts是什么意思中文ur delicate skin and smooth and exquisite sproducts是什么意思中文ilk encounter, it with its peculiar soft simpproductsle sense, accosilk系列的网盘有吗rding to the curve of human body, conproduct是什么意思中文siderate and safe caress each inch of our skin.
Silk proteproduct什么意思in fiber is enriched in many amine groups (-CHNH), amino (-NH2) and other hydrophilic groups, and because of its porosity, easyproducts是什么意思英语 to water diffusion, so it can absorb water in the air or send out water, and maintaribbons什么意思中文in a certain amount of water. At norsilkmal temperatures, it helps to reproducts怎么读tainproducts moisture and prevent skinspecialized自行车官网 from drying out. Wearing in summer, but the sweat and heat discharged by the human boproduct是什么意思中文dy quickly dnovel和fiction有什么区别ispersed, make the person feel cool and matcimkgifthless. It is precisely because of this performance that the real silk fabric is mnovel什么意思中文意思ore suitable for direct contact with human skin. Therefore, we can directly wrap a chic dress with silk scarves in the hot summer, which is not only beautinovel复数ful but also comfortable.
Sspecializationilk has not only good heat dissipation performance, but also good warmth retention. Its insulation is due to its porous fibrous structure. Insilk完整版百度云盘 oneribbons silk fiber there are manynovels vernovelsy small fibers, and these tiny fibers arproductse made up of still smallersilk是什么面料 fibers. Therefore, the silkspecialty that appears to be solid is actually more than 38% horibbonllow,silk是什么面料 and there is a lot of air in these gaps, which prevents heat emission and makes silk have good warmth retention.
Sound absorspecialty中文意思ption, dust absorption, heat resistancribbone
Real silk fasilk是什么意思bric has taller gapproducts是什么意思 ratespecialty, have very good sound-absorbing sex and insnovelty翻译piratory sex consequently, divsilkide outside making dress so, still can use at interior decoration, wasilkit like cloth of real snovel和fiction有什么区别ilk carpet, tasilkypestry, curtaiproducts翻译n, walnovel翻译l. Decorate a room withspecially silk adornment, can make thribbone room noribbon负载均衡策略t only spotless, and can keep indoor quiet. Because silk has hygroscproductsopic, put wet performance and protect wet sex, inspiratory sex and porous sex, still can adjust indoor temperature and humidity, aspeciallynd can suck out harmful gas, dust, microorganism. Additional, thribbon和feign区别e heat denaturation of real silk fiber is small, more heat resistant. It is heated to 100℃, only 5~8% or so emproduct是什么意思中文brittlemproduct什么意思中文翻译ent, and most ofribbons怎么读 the synthetic fiber thermal variability than real silk 4~5 times.
The burning temperature ofsilk百度云资源链2021 silk is 300~4novelty00℃, which is refractorysilkroad暗网 fiber, whilnovel和fiction有什么区别e the burning temperature of sspecial怎么读语音ynthetic fiber is 200~2600C, which is flammable and fusible. Accordingly, use silk fiber to serve as tproducts翻译he raw material of interior decoration, notribbons怎么读 only can have sound-absorbing, vacuuming, heat preservation effect, still have flame retardant function.
Silk ribbon has anti-ultraviolet function – silk protein tryptophan, tyrosine can absorb ultraviolet, so silk has better anti-ultraviolet function. Ultraviolet light is very harmful to human skin. Of course, silk in the absorption of ultraviolet radiation, their own chemical changes, so that silk in the sun’s irradiasilk是什么面料tion, easy to yeribbons什么意思中文llowing.

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