Silk screen ribbon ribbon packaging technology analysis

We have talked about a lot of silk screen products related knowledge, product pictures, the following imkGIFT ribbon to take you to understatechnologynd the knowledgeanalysis是什么意思中文 of silk screen.
Speaking of siltechnology和techniquek screen printing technology is inseparable from printing, printing is through a certain way to printribbon怎么读音 dye or paint on the fabric to form a pattern pattern. Fabric prribbons什么意思中文inting is also known as fabric local dyeing. When the same dye is used in dyeing and printing, the properties of the chemical auxiliaries uscreenshotsed are simscreenocr是什么软件ilar, the coloring mechanism of the dye is the same, and the fastness requirements of the dye on the fabric are the same in the process of takinanalysis的各种变形g. However, there are many diffepackaging可数吗rences betribbon怎么读ween dysilk资源自取微博eing and printing, mainly reflectedsilkworm in:
(1) Different processing media. Dyeinscreensaverg prpackaging designocessing using water as medium, in general, do not addpackaging是什么意思 any thickening paste or just add a small amount as a migration agent, printing processing,technology的形容词 neesilk百度云资源链2021d to add the paste and dyestuff made printing paste together, insilkroad暗网 order to prevent the outline of decorative pattern is not clear osilkr flower shape distortion and could not reach the requirements of design,silkworm and aftescreeningr drying to prevent printing dye migration.
(2) Different post-treatment processes. Dyeing processingscreenplay post-processing is often washing, soaping, drying and other processes, the process of dyeing, the dyeing on the fabric hasilk是什么面料s a longer duribbonsratpackaging是什么意思中文ion, dye penetration can be fully spread to fiber,analysis翻译 so don’t neesilklabo百度云2021d other special procesilklabo百度云2021ssing, and afteanalysis的各种变形r drying of printing paste can form a layer of filmribbon, it prevents the dye diffusion within the fiber, Sribbons什么意思中文ometimes it is necessary to use steam to transfer the dye from the paste to the fiber (that is, to increase the diffusion rate of the dye) to complete the colsilk是什么面料oring process, and thanalysis翻译en carry out the conventional washing, soaping, dpackaging是什么意思中文rying and other processes.
The color method is different. Dyeitechnology翻译ng is rarely done with two different types of dyes (except when dyeing blended fabrics), and the printing of colorful pattesilk资源自取微博rns, sometimes with otechnology怎么读英语ne type of dye will not meet the reqscreensaveruirements, so printing is otechnology是可数名词吗ften used in different types of dyes for common printing or printing with the samribbons什么意思中文e paddle. In addition, ttechnology是可数名词吗here are many differences between prscreentogifinting and dyeing, such as different quality requiremenpackagingts for half products, the same shade of color, the amount of dye used for printing is much larger than dtechnology是什么意思英语yeing, so sometimes to add a solvent to help dissolve.
There apackaging什么意思中文翻译re many ways to print patterns on fabric with dyepackaging什么意思中文翻译s oanalysis动词形式r paints, but the main ones are as follows.
(1) Dtechnology怎么读irect printing: the method of printing flower patterns of various colors directlyanalysis的各种变形 on the fatechnology和techniquebric is direct printing. In the printipackaging读音ng process, the color paste of various colors dpackagingoes nopackaging什么意思中文翻译t hiscreenplaynder and destroy the effanalysis软件ect. About 80-90% of printed fabrics are made this waypackaging翻译. The method can be uribbon负载均衡策略sedpackaging is an totechnology和technique print white flowers and flowers all over theanalysis是什么意思中文 floscreeningor.
(2) discharge ptechnology怎么读英语rinting:silkroad暗网 dyed fabrics with ground color withanalysis动词形式 color printing containing chemicals that can destroy the ground color, suchscreenplay chemicals aresilky called discharge agents. Chemicals resistant dyes can also be added to tscreen是什么意思翻译he pull-oribbons怎么读ut paddle. Such discharge prinanalysis的动词ting can get two effects, namely white and color.
(3) anti-dyeing printing: first printed on the faanalysis的动词bric can prevent dye dyed anti-dyeing agent, and then rolled danalysis动词形式yed ground color, pranalysis动词形式intedtechnology翻译 pattern can prevent grsilk是什么意思ound color dyed, this method is anti-dyeanalysis的复数ing printing, the methodribbons can gribbon怎么读音et three effects, namtechnology翻译ely, anti-white, anti-color and partial anti-dyeing.
The method usedribbons什么意思中文 to print patterns is affected by many factoscreenrs, such as pattern requirescreeningments, panalysis是什么意思中文roduct quality requirements, and the level of cost. Therefore, once a pattern is selected, it is necessary to conanalysis动词形式sider the simplest method and the lowest cost to print on the premise of guaranteeing quality.
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