Basic knowledge of common fiber raw materials in ribbon factory

1. Definition: Fiber is a natural or synthetic fine filamentous substance. Textile fiber rcommonwealthefers to the fiber used to weacommonplaceve cloth.
2, textile fiber characteristics: textile fiber hmaterials怎么读音as a certain length, fineness, elasticity, strength and otheribbons怎么读r good physical properties. Also hasfactorybean goofactory-producedd chefactory-producedmical stability, such as: cotton, wool, silk, hemp and other natural fibers are idealraw是什么意思 textileraw和jpg有什么区别 fibers.
3, textile fiber classification: natural fiber and craw格式怎么打开hemical fiber.
① Natural fibers include plant fibers, animal fibers and mineral fibers.
A Plant fiber such as cottonfiberead, hempcommon, fruicommonwealtht fiber.
B Animal fibers such as wool, wool wool and silk.
C Mineral fibres such as asbestos.
② Chemical fiber includes regenerated fiber, synthetic fiber and inoribbonrganic fiber.
A Regematerials怎么读音nerated fiber such as viscose fiber and acetate fiber.
B Synthetic fibers such as polyamide, polyecommonly的意思ster, acrylic, spandex, vinylon, polypropylene, etc.
C Inorganbasically翻译ic fibfibersol-2抗性糊精er such as glass fibercommonplace, metafactory-producedl fiber, etc.
4, common textile fiber textile properties:
(1) Wool: hygroscopic, elastic, good performance, moth resistant, suitable for aribbon负载均衡策略cid and metal binding dyes.
② Silk: hygroscopic, brfactorybeaneathable, shiny and good wfactory什么意思中文翻译怎么读earing performance, suitable for acid and direct dyes.
③ Cotton: breathable, hygroscopic, good performance, mbasic怎么读oth resistance, suitable for direct reduction of azo, alkaline media, vulcaniknowledgeablezation, reamaterials characterizationctive dyes.
(4) viscose fiber: hygroscopicity, good air pfiberhomeermeability, bright color, wide source of raw materials, low cost, nature close to natural fiber, suitable for dyes with cotton.
Polymaterials怎么读音ester: fabric, stiff, cool, good shape retention, wear resistance, size stability, earibbon和feign区别sy to wash and dry,materials怎么读 suitable for disperse dyes, diazo disperse dyes, soluble VAT dyes.
⑥ nylon: good wear resistanfactory中文意思ce, poormaterialshade air permeability, suitable for acid dyes, loose dyes.
⑦ acrylic fiber: good fluffy, fur sense, suitable for disperse dyeribbons什么意思中文s, cationic dyes.
Knknowledge可数吗owledge analysis and characteristics of ribbon mabasic编程语言traw是什么意思中文erials
Webbing summary – Textile raw mbasic的名词aterial typesmaterials什么意思中文

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